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Second Life is a 3D virtual world created by its residents.

The world is divided in parcels, owned by different people and with different themes. Star wars is one of them.

To connect to Second Life, you need a viewer, available for Windows, Mac or Linux.

Second Life jargon


An attachment is an item attached to the player's avatar.

Exemple of attachments: lightsaber, blaster, combat system, but also hairs, skirts, cloaks, etc.


A HUD (Head-up display) is a type of attachment which only appear on the player screen.


Second Life is free to enter, and everyone can build his own stuff for free, but it requires time and skill before having a home made good looking avatar. Also some Combat Systems are not free.

Second Life has an inline money, called Linden Dollar or L$, which can be converted to USD at a variable rate (about 260L$ for 1 USD). Players can trade object or service inline using this money. It's possible to buy a good looking SW character equipment for the equivalent of 10 USD.

The L$, beeing linked to real life money, is not used as roleplay money.


The first person view is called Mouselook on Second Life. It allow to aim accurately and to turn quickly. Most blasters require to be used in Mouselook for the aim, and many people prefer it for the melee combat, even if not mandatory.


Instant Message (IM) is a real-time private conversation window between two or more avatars.


Primitives, or Prims are elements of building of Second Life. They have geometric forms, like cube, sphere, torii, cylinders, etc and are assembled to make objects and buildings. As the number of prims is limited on a sim, the amount of allowed prims is a element of pricing a rent.


URL (Internet address) pointing to a location of Second Life, designed to be used in Web browsers.


Second Life Time, aligned on the US Pacific time-zone (PST). Also follows the San Francisco Daylight Saving shifts. This time is used for reference to events on Second Life, as it's displayed on everyone's viewer.

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