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Scrathio Scurazz-Shifto, now widely known as Scrathio the Beguiling is a Darth in the order; Dark Lords of the Sith.


((A condensed version of a biography of Darth Scrathio the Beguiling))

The Early Years[]

Scrathio, born Scrathio Scurazz-Shifto, Grew up on the dark and dreary world of Umbara, located within the Ghost Nebula. He lived a poverty stricken childhood in one of the lower castes on his homeworld, making him one of the 'undesirables' of his species; having such a poor quality of life did not necessarily prove a bad thing for Scrathio, as from a young age he was taught many of the tricks and lies of Umbaran society something which would provide invaluable in his future life. Scrathio had to start young if he wanted any hope of reaching the higher castes of his society, so at the age of 15 he began a life filled with crime, deceit and treachery something which the rest of the galaxy came to see as 'Unorthodox'.

Force Sensitivity[]

Now aged 30 years, Scrathio hit a time in his life where he would most certainly reach a high. Working hard for three straight years, Scrathio had pushed himself out of the lower castes into one of the more recognised ones; he had ruined jobs, families and even lives but it was worth it. He knew that he was destined for so much more than the life of a worker, his passions had guided him this far and they would not let him down now, this determination kept Scrathio going, a determination which would be present for as long as he lived. The natural abilities of an Umbaran did help him of course, but they helped everyone so Scrathio decided there must be something else at play, something with more power; this is when he discovered the force...

Force sensitivity was something Scrathio had always hoped for, he would be worshipped among his peoples for such a trait and he knew it may be the only way of him exiting the prison of which he saw his own home world. Now he could afford a test, he could actually leave. With a little help from lady luck of course...

17,000 per cell is what the test for concentration per blood cell read, a number of which Scrathio was most pleased with. A count this high had turned him from a citizen into a god, Umbarans saw force sensitivity as a gift one whiched many of them would worship, this new tool had provided Scrathio with the opportunity to climb and he would take it.


At 50 years old Scrathio had risen as close to the top as one of his kind could get, many said he had soared as high among the birds as possible, others in the lower castes had turned him into a beacon of hope of which would guide them to a better future. Indeed Scrathio's ambition was accomplished but strangely he kept going, his passion for greater power fueled him; he began plotting the downfall of the governing body of Umbara so he could become the ruler of his home world, a craving which would not go unnoticed...

The Government of Umbara had heard of the new 'threat' and Scrathio was soon brought before the Rootai council. He had only done as many Umbarans before him had, lied, cheated and progressed but somehow they saw this as a crime. He would have been scentenced to death had he not have been such a Hero to the people, so instead exile was seen as a more suitible form of punishment as it would protect the interests of the Goverment and their followers. Scrathio was dragged out of the ornateley decorated ceremonial hall, screaming oaths of revenge that he would one day return and become the rightful owner of Umbara, before being cast upon an old, rusty mining ship and being cast into the far depths of the galaxy.

Becoming Sith[]

Left to float for weeks on end in space Scrathio had began to run thin on the supplies his 'makers' had so kindly left him, many would have died by now, either through insanity or fear of being attacked by space pirates. However once more Scrathio had proven lucky, either that or the anger that had been fuelling him had made death turn away and reconsider fate. Scrathio had left his home world (This being one of his original goals.) and had the rest of the galaxy right at the tips of his fingers. Scrathio did have a plan for if he was ever marooned in space and he knew his force sensitivty would help him; when Scrathio was young he was constantly reading stories of legendary cloaked figures who could manipulate the people of the galaxy into doing what they had always wanted. Scrathio knew that the Sith were out there and he also knew that one of his kind had succeeded in their ranks in the distant past. Scrathio had seen the Sith as being his only hope of survival and it just so happened he knew where to find them...

- Flashback -

On his homeworld rested an ancient ruined academy, which remained disused for the short period of time that was Scrathio's childhood. He was a curious boy, interested in what he could learn from relics of the past, and to feed his curiousity Scrathio would sometimes venture into said academy to hunt for items that could teach him of past goings on. Most of the time Scrathio's hunt for treasures did not provide anything worth keeping; but there was this one time where he had ventured deeper into the academy then ever before, he knew that fear should've turned him away but for some reason this time it didn't, it was almost as if the academy wanted Scrathio to find out more about the Sith. That day Scrathio discovered a malfunctioned terminal which remained active even though there was no power to it, Scrathio viewed this terminal interested in what he may find. On the screen was a flashing number, at first it looked like a code but no... In the end Scrathio came to the conclusion that it was a coordinate and memorised it for that glorious day when he would finally be able to leave his home world. Scrathio had memorised this number for all of his life, just like he had the faces of many the people he had met or known and today he would finally be able to use it. Slowly Scrathio inputted the code into his navcomputer. It beeped three times before displaying an orb which it had so beautifully labelled Vjun. Before Scrathio even thought to read the description of the world he had already set the vessel to these coordinates and jumped to hyperspace.


Vjun was a dark world, almost lifeless and constantly corroded by acid rain. As Scrathio left his mining vessel, he was filled with an emotion he had not felt since his childhood; fear was choking him trying to rip all that was good out through his throat. Scrathio instantly knew he was in the right place, the ruins that lay around him resembled an academy, very much similar to the one on his homeworld however these were not deserted. Cloaked figures could be seen in the alcoves above where he stood, leering at him as he scanned his surroundings. Scrathio found the structures rather impressive considering how long ago they must have been built and one in particular did begin to catch his eye...

"The large temple like structure could be seen among all the piles of rubble, not too far out from where I was standing; somehow it was luring me towards it yet at the same time it appeared to be turning me away."

— Scrathio recounting his story of the Sith temple.

Scrathio appraoched this temple fear making him shake uncontrollably as he did so, yet he did not even once reconsider his presence here. The high towers surrounding the temple loomed over him as he gradually made way to the grand door which separated him from his destiny. A lone figure waited at the door, like a poorly placed bear trap, a dark aura surrounding him. This figure seemed somewhat more powerful than all of the others and this is possibly the reason why Scrathio felt so drawn to him.

Dark Lord Mortis[]

The figure and Scrathio talked outside the temple enterance for quite some time, in these hours that passed they both learned a great deal of one anothers lifestyles and natures. The figure, who Scrathio later learned was a Dark Lord of the Sith had a strange effect on Scrathio and this was the day Scrathio would begin his transition from exile to Sith.

Dark Lord Mortis: "Ah greetings Scrathio, I have been expecting you."
Scrathio: "How do you know my name? We have not met before."
Dark Lord Mortis: "Have we not met, not even in your dreams, your nightmares? Us Sith know many things, something which you will learn with time."
Scrathio: "Are you giving me the option to join your ranks?"
Dark Lord Mortis: "Not an option Scrathio, more a request. You see if I were to let you go now someone as gifted as yourself will most likeley be a threat to the Sith empire; I would have to have you killed."
Scrathio: "Then you give me no choice."
Dark Lord Mortis: "Indeed."
― Dark Lord Mortis speaking with Scrathio at the enterance of the Sith temple on Vjun.

Dark Lord Mortis left Scrathio with little choice but to join the order, however it was up to Scrathio's word if he got in. Dark Lord Mortis became an inspiration to most of Scrathio's works and would be later thanked for offering him entry into the Dark Lords of the Sith. Who knows why Mortis knew so much about Scrathio, maybe it was the temple that lay in ruin on his homeworld that provided the Dark Lord with so much knowledge to why Scrathio had came here. Only time would tell.

Life as a Sith[]

"They took me in as nothing, I had nothing, I was nobody, these sith made me what I am. They now have my anger, my emotion and my strength from this I grew, I shaped, I formed....I awakened; the force freed me from my own imprisonment."

— Darth Scrathio the Beguiling talking about his acceptance into Dark Lords of the Sith

Scrathio had been accepted into the Dark Lords of the Sith and was now able to build upon the force abilities he was born with. This was the final stage of Scrathio's known life and undoubtedly the best recorded.

((All now real events in SWRP))

Dromund Kaas[]

Shortly after becoming an initiate to the Dark Lords of the Sith, Scrathio was told that the order had begun opening the surface of their new base of operations, Dromund Kaas. With next to no time to get used to the ruined planet of Vjun, Scrathio was ready to depart to what would serve him as a new home during the first stage of his training. Vjun was where he had started and he would not forget that, but if he was to ever progress Dromund Kaas was the way forward.

Scrathio's ship hissed as it came to land on the dark, dissolved world of Dromund Kaas. The skyline reminded him very much of his homeworld but the dark beasts that roamed the surface, killing all they laid eyes upon were like nothing he had ever seen before. All the vegetation was dead and Scrathio's trusty blaster soon malfunctioned on the surface. It was a wonder how anything could survive on such a planet, Scrathio had obviously underestimated the Sith. On this new base of operations did Scrathio meet a mysterious woman who helped him right through most of his Initiation, Darth Ptas.

Darth Ptas[]

Darth Ptas was the first Sith who Scrathio had begun to both understand and associate with. She taught him the basics of survival as a Sith, something which Scrathio was thankful for in the later stages of his life. Darth Ptas provided Scrathio with the correct kit, she taught him how to use a lightsaber and how to properly communicate and manipulate other beings in the galaxy. Without this kind of support in the early stages of Scrathio being a Sith, he would of simply not been able to survive. However with Darth Ptas there was always a price, always something Scrathio had to do in return she was cruel to him, yet he respected her for it. Sadly after Scrathio's return from a deep cover mission on Zonama Sekot Scrathio began to fall out of touch with Darth Ptas, she had grown bored of him and constantly busy, Scrathio took this as if he was being used; leaving her behind him, Scrathio sought out other members of the order who would help him progress.

Darth Destius[]

"The Sith is the balance state between the two, the Perfect Equilibrium....unless one's hubris overcomes one. Or of course, unless becomes too settled and content, leading to a deep sleep of inaction."

— Darth Destius to Scrathio as they spoke over their thoughts of the Sith code

Darth Destius was a great man, a leader, a figurehead to Scrathio. Scrathio was ultimately changed by Destius, this was the time when Scrathio broke out of his shell and soared high, a time that would be remembered as this 're-birth'.

After Scrathio's mental falling out with Darth Ptas, Scrathio looked for another who could possibly teach him more in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force. Scrathio had spoke with countless other Sith, some still in training themselves, and he could find no one who could compare with the ability of Darth Destius. Scrathio had first spoke with Darth Destius after he had met his apprentice, Aeon. Aeon was nearing a stage where he had completed all the work that Destius had assigned him, and Destius himself thought Aeon was ready to move onward. Scrathio and Aeon would share notes constantly. Scrathio came to respect Aeon and the way he was educated, this is why Scrathio wanted Destius as his master and soon this would be the case. Darth Destius had promoted his disciple to the rank of Lord, and had noticed the progress that Scrathio had made, Destius may have even seen a reflection of himself in Scrathio a reflection which made him an eligible choice as an apprentice. Destius approached Scrathio and forced him to pledge to his cause.

Scrathio served Destius as an apprentice with one hundred percent loyalty. Learning quickly but progressing slowly, Scrathio made sure he completed task after task his master assigned him. Following in Aeons steps would not be easy, but it was achievable. Strangely something about Scrathio was not right, a deep revenge began to arise a revenge that began to consume him, control him; this was not good for a Sith especially not one as young as himself. Secretly, silently Scrathio departed from Dromund Kaas and headed back to his home world, going against the word of his Master.

Return to Umbara[]

Very little is known of Scrathio's return to Umbara, it was all done in deep cover. He had taken on a new identity, he built up a new physique indeed he had changed a lot since before he came to Dark Lords of the Sith but he was far from ready for mission like this. The two months that Scrathio had spent on his home world were uneventful and he began to miss the swampy lands that covered Dromund Kaas. He swore to not leave until he had avenged his own exile, Scrathio's ultimate goal a goal which would not be achievable till much later in his life.

What was known of his return was the outcome, Scrathio's guise was rumbled by the Rootai's new sect of mercs, also force sensitives these mercenaries were pleased to hear of Scrathio's return and wished to 'talk' with him further about why he had came back after all this time. Scrathio was imprisoned and had to fight for his life, a battle which he fortunately won with the help of a new weapon, the lightsaber. After a feroucious battle Scrathio was given yet another chance to leave his home world forever and from this Scrathio had made history once more among his sopecies as the first to be given 'a third chance'.

Scrathio returned to his smashed up mining vessel and headed back towards Dromund Kaas, ready to accept punishment off his master.....no co-ordanites for such a place exsisted, the Dark Lords had moved.

Byss, Return of the Emperor[]

Scrathio was left roaming space for a few weeks, drifting from world to world looking for answers on where the Dark Lords had moved to. Many throughout the galaxy knew little of the Dark Lords and even less of their current galactic position. This was a saddening time for Scrathio, not only had he failed in his goal to dominate Umbara he had failed both his master and the order for not returning. Scrathio had left his comm. open for days before another Sith even consdered checking if he were still alive, Aeon who was now even higher up in the ranks than before contacted Scrathio requesting him to go to the lava planet of Byss immediately. Scrathio knew that if he was to make a good impression with the Dark Lords once again he would have to follow these orders, inputting the code into his navcomputer, Scrathio soon jumped to the co-ordinates that Aeon had so kindly left him.

Byss was an intense world, heat radiated from the surface, making the planet almost uninhabitable; ancient towers littered the surface, much like those on Vjun and construction of two grand statues, one resembling Darth Mortis and the other a heavily armoured man Scrathio had yet to meet, was taking place. This was a scary time for Scrathio, he did not know if the order would so kindly take him back. He had gone against an oath, he had lied to be able to return to his home world and worst of all he had failed to achieve his own goal. The fear he felt was similar to that of when he first landed on Vjun, a fear that shook every known bone in his body.

On the day of his return Scrathio was ordered to meet with his master, Darth Destius and discuss the reasoning behind his disappearance. Scrathio felt like his time in the Dark Lords would be short lived if he was sent for execution now and would not give up on his passions to remain in the order, Destius noticed this and this was a possible reason for why he had decided to keep Scrathio alive. Destius told Scrathio that in the time that he was gone many changes had taken place, Darth Validus had returned to his rightful place as Emperor and much of the order was too distracted by the relocation of home world to notice Scrathio was gone. Once more he had proven lucky......

Scrathio would continue much of his work on Byss for Destius; after many months of really indepth concentrated work Scrathio was promoted to the rank of Lord and then soon after Darth by order of Dark Lord Validus.

Current Status[]

Presumed dead, Scrathio departed Byss while Darth Validus was Emperor. It is possible he is unaware of the current status of The Dark Lords of the Sith, or even that Destius now ruled the order.

Weaponry & Attire[]

Scrathio's saber when drawn.

Scrathio's saber when sheathed.

Scrathio has a large arsenal of weapons and tool he likes to use within combat, Sith are known for their versatility and Scrathio knew there was no easier way to be versatile that to have the right equipment for the job.

  • Most used blaster: DC-15 Carbine - Scrathio enjoys the more traditional weapons, and has modified his DC-15 to a point where it has become unstable. An increased fire rate must be noted before sending any malitia to fight him.
  • Owner of a Grappling hook - faster travel and to reach otherwise unreachable heights
  • Owner of an old jetpack, similar type to the jetpacks used by jumpack troopers - Faster travel/combat
  • Owner of a fully automated R3 droid - Pureley for espionage
  • Owner of some really old B1 battle droids - For small ground skirmishes, programmed to self destruct when captured.
  • Known to carry atleast two Lightsabers at all times - The lightsabers are built to resemble claws at the end of which the blade extends from, these hands open when ignited and close when sheathed. The main grip along the hilt shaft is copied from one of his masters old designs. Blade colours are red for primary and yellow for secondary to show two sides to Scrathio's persona.

(Originally taken from sales history and sightings of Darth Scrathio)


Scrathio has an even larger arsenal of both natural and force abilities than that of weapons. The force is what makes Sith unique from most of the populace in the galaxy and he knew right from day one that if he had no talent in the force, he would not survive as a Sith.

Natural abilities[]

(Scrathio's kind had a few natural abilities in which they would use in every day life back on Umbara, also we can take into account the lifestyle of his species provided him with knowledge of both blackmail and subterfuge to cool assassination at a very young age.)

  • The ability to see in Ultraviolet and look into dark places with ease. (So a hightened sense of sight)
  • The ability to detect if a nomal human being is lying. (This is not used to Metagame.)
  • The ability to subtly influence the will of others. (Again, not used to Metagame or Gmod)
  • To keep thought and intention very 'close to himself' when need be.

(Force abilities:The largest arsenal of Scrathio's ability were within the force, the force is a unique tool and the most useful one.)


  • Force Push
  • Force Pull
  • Force Dash
  • Force Lightning
  • Force Choke
  • Force shield
  • Known to understand battle meditation
  • The ability to highten his own senses
  • Force regen

Non Combat[]

  • Force heal, (Known to have much medical knowledge as he serves as a field medic on Byss)
  • Has a large array of abilities effecting the mind. (Will not be used to metagame or Gmod.)
  • Hightened reflex actions
  • Hightened senses
  • Little knowledge on Sith Amulets
  • Some minor knowledge on Sith crystals
  • The ability to hide his Aura

(*Known abilities are used frequently, and must be watched out for at all times.*)

Behind the scenes[]

  • Played by 1scrat Bookmite.
  • DlotS was Scrat's first order and will most likely be his last

Most Memorable Moments[]

((Please note these are Scrathio's Most memorable moments from within the realms of SWRP.))

  1. Acceptance into Dark Lords of the Sith, August 4th 2008
  2. Introduction to Dromund Kaas.
  3. Sent to investigate the Potentium Knights
  4. Completion of Initiates work.
  5. Taken as Destius's apprentice on 12th October 2008
  6. Return to Umbara.
  7. Locates DLotS on Byss
  8. Exploration of Malachlor V
  9. Made Lord on 17th August 2009
  10. Became a Prophet of the Darkside
  11. Departure of Revanche
  12. Made Darth 7th March 2010
  13. Takes Moirai as his first apprentice
  14. Departure of Darth Aeon
  15. Defeat during final duel with Moi'Rai
  16. Scrathio's Disappearance
  17. Scrathio's return (10th April 2011)
  18. Presumed dead (2011)
  19. Supposedly sighted (2016?)