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Scorpius (formerly Tenrai White) is a star wars RP character, whose last known whereabouts can be ascertained if you know the right person and they know the right person and y'know, if you know that person's friend.

Early life

Tenrai White was the tenth child of Waruta White, an Echani house leader, and the only child of Vianne, a Sephi with Zeltron roots. Tenrai's force sensitivity was acknowledged by her father, Waruta, at birth. Prior to the introduction of Tenrai into the family a week after she was born, Vianne left the family compound to go shopping, but never returned, having abandoned the child due to both, the uncertain life of nomadism beckoning her back, and the fact that Vianne had been born without force sensitivity, which was a defining characteristic of her lifestyle.

Tenrai was introduced to her myriad of half-brothers and half-sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins by her father, alone. The somewhat tense and uncertain mood was immediately lifted after the infant Tenrai delivered a hard kick to her father's nose, instantly breaking the bone and proving without a doubt that she was pure Echani, despite taking several physical traits from her mother. Thus Tenrai became Tenrai White, the Echani.

Daily life for the young Tenrai began with before-the sun-rises Echani combat arts practice, followed by forms practice, sparring, and staff practice before tea. The rest of her day consisted of more combat arts practice, education, chores, sparring, food when she could manage it, and a mix of combat arts and education before bedtime. There were no days off and no sleeping in for the youngest child in the family.

Mischief and pranks

From birth, Tenrai had stood out from the rest of her extended Echani family. Whilst they, as a group, lived up to the stereotype with pale hair, pale skin and silver eyes topping features that could not be distinguished from one another, Tenrai's long ears, red hair and heterochromia basically became a beacon for her family members to easily spot, and she quickly found that "everyone" knew "everything" that she did or said, putting an end to any mischief that she dared to think about.

Her family's uncanny ability to track her every movement and thought inspired the young Tenrai to attempt to pull pranks on her siblings and cousins, which was easily foiled. Over time, however, Tenrai became known for her ability to set up a prank, precisely, so far in advance that when it was delivered, none of her family members could remember her setting it up.

Blending in

The Echani believe that the truest communication that a person can give -- their unfiltered self-expression -- can only happen through physical means, and to that extent their emphasis and drive to combat arts reflect their fullest passions. Although her appearance made her stand out from her family, her self-expression did not. During the first of Tenrai's many blindfolded combat tournaments in their home dojo, not a single one of her family members could distinguish her combat style from others in her family.

Although her inability to shine through her self-expression was distressing, Tenrai was not one to let the opportunity pass her, and she would use the mis-assessment by her tournament challenger to defeat them as she would then think of another family member and mimic their style without warning. Her ability to fool even the most seasoned of combat practitioners with her ability to mimic the styles of others before switching to an unexpected style and defeating her opponent earned her the nickname of "little scorpion".

In situations where her opponents were not blindfolded, however, she did not do as well, since she could not fool them, and they expected her to adapt her repertoire of styles, as she became known for doing. In this regard, she was neither the best nor the worst, but somewhere in the middle, like the majority of her family.

Winning the Sith trials

When Tenrai found herself on Coruscant, the urge to work for the Sith became too great for her to pass anymore. She had been brought up steeped in The Sith Code, and for her, the only thought about joining was "when".

After a somewhat extended acolyte period during which she trained under Aelith, Tenrai found herself sent away for her final trials to become a Sith. She went in with only the barest knowledge of force abilities, but full knowledge of combat and people in combat situations. Due to her upbringing, she held a slightly paranoid but unflinching approach to the trial that, in the end, served her well.

Curiously, she hadn't used a single one of her force abilities, and yet managed to stay ahead, and indeed, helped to cause the troubles that befell the other acolytes, taking them out of the running in the process. Her life was irrevocably changed, however, when she faced the last opponent in her tournament and finally used a force ability.

During the final battle, when Tenrai thought she was about to lose the trial, her shatterpoint ability manifested itself against her opponent, erupting out of her body, and ending the tournament in her favour. Her win, however, had cost her her voice. Tenrai became mute, with only an ability to sometimes use the force as a voice, of sorts, for her.

With her win of the trial, she took the name of Scorpius, recognising that her ability to win was due to her adaptability and flexibility in combat situations, as had been noted by her family when she was younger. With her win announced, she attracted the attention of Lord Pravdus, who took her as his apprentice before mysteriously leaving The One Sith shortly after. In a rare sense of déjà vu, Scorpius felt as if she knew the human as she began to spar and train with Lord Pravdus, but she was unable to ask him about it before he was gone.

Darth Hex

As Lord Pravdus had left her without a master, Lord Aelith, Darth Hex's apprentice, decided to take Scorpius on as an apprentice. Despite her hesitations, Scorpius agreed to become Lord Aelith's apprentice.

As Lord Aelith studied under Darth Hex, Scorpius noted the unnatural amount of attention that the two garnered and began to wonder about people in The One Sith that she had long suspected of being spies or plants. Her suspicions ultimately proved precognitive when Darth Hex was murdered and Lord Aelith was captured.

After Lord Aelith's escape from the sociopathic Jedi, Scorpius saw the rot that had infested The One Sith, from the top to the bottom. Prior to the death of Darth Hex she had been willing to believe that all Sith were beholden to the Sith Code, which she held to be inviolable. She had seen the work of the Dark Hutt, and she knew that he lived the Code, presenting a shining beacon of passion in an otherwise bland world.

With his death, Darth Hex now stood in stark contrast to the fearful, complacent, lazy and passion-less beings that called themselves The One Sith. Where there should have been loyalty to the Sith Code, there was only loyalty to false promises as Jedi spies, Dark Jedi, and Grey traitors infiltrated every level of Sith. Where there should have been fierce passions and a call to action there was only the anger over the processes allowed for the correct filing of forms and other insignificant administrivia. And as if those betrayals were not enough, where there should have been cohesion against the sociopathic Jedi and their ilk that had murdered the beloved Dark Council member, there was only petty squabbling over fiefdoms and nepotism.

Left... but not gone

As had become abundantly clear to Lord Aelith and Scorpius, The One Sith had decayed into a husk of its former self, no longer able to support the Sith Code nor the Sith that had joined the faction. As quietly as they had entered, Lord Aelith and Scorpius left The One Sith to its stagnation.

There are rumours that surface, however, as people will talk... They have been killed! They have been seen with the Hutt Cartel! They are known to the Divufex Sith! They are known to some smugglers in distant systems!

As with all rumours, perhaps there is a grain of truth in them all. Death is but one phase in a cycle, and a lot of people are much better after they die once or twice. There is really a lot to love about Hutts, and gaining the favour of a few of them certainly doesn't hurt one's prospects for continuing to live! Perhaps they merely had joined the wrong Sith before and it was only a test of the emergency Sith system? Another Sith might actually be the cure they were looking for! And who doesn't know a smuggler or two in a distant system?

Another, more observant thought, is that maybe they are alive.... and exploring Darth Sidious' understanding of the Force as it relates to the Sith....