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low aerial view of Saleucami. The cantina seems to be the main attraction after the temple.

Saleucami was an arrid world with scattered Oasis of plant Growth.

It was taken over by the Sith pureblood Lady Savant and was given to be ruled by Darth Validus's Empire (Wich however never took posession of their new aquisition.) the little Outer rim world was revealed to be hiding an ancient temple deeply under the sand near a small village. The village's population was quickly turned into a massive work force and was given the harsh task of uncovering the ancient temple for Lady Savant.

The news of such massive discovery was spread out quickly. Many Jedi came under cover to assist the unfairly treated citizens of the village. The bounty hunter population also saw a enormous change, going from an extremly limited ammount to large mandalorian clans taking over the habitations around the temple as their new home.

Mandalorian signs, 2 can be seen here

The situation was quickly judged critical and the occupation discontinued. The level of resistance encountered on the planet and the massive unrest of it's inhabitants was all that the empire needed to remove their support. only a few days after deploying the first squad of byss troopers, the empire withdrew their forces, considering the gains far too limited to what they would lose. However, the sith apprentice Prudence Setsuna did not seem to agree with the imperial's withdrawal and attempted, for no less then two weeks to calm down the populace surounding the temple's area. She showed great acts of mercy and helped many people whenever she could, her behavior seemed mostly more of a jedi then a sith.. however, some people saw through her trickeries. one

Ankara Parjai'an Myst

of them, leader of the main rebelious force, Ankara Myst from the mandalorian clan Parjai'an went ahead of everyone and publically declared her hostility against the empire and it's tools. Young Setsuna, greatly outnumbered by no less then single against an army eventually had to fall back and hide into the temple.

Meanwhile, with the empire falling back to it's own occupation and her apprentice taking on an army on a diplomatic level, Darth Savant saw no further use within the planet. The temple had been stripped of all valuables and knowledge that had been within, and a trap was laid.

The Saleucamian liberation force eventually grew tired of waiting and entered the temple, expecting resistance. As soon as they entered the massive throne room, the walls began to come down.The temple itself was the trap. Doors came down to seal the rebellion forces within. Using their weapons, the leadership of the rebellion were able to escape the death trap, but hundreds of militia soldiers died trying to flee the crumbling sand stone.

The destruction elicited a massive quake, bringing down the mountains and destroying the entire settlement, burrying the entire valley within sand and scattered chunks of sandstone. Few escaped the destruction. Clan Kata had been given a warning by the Sith, and was already off-world. The surviving rebels fled to their base on Rhen Var.

Behind the scenes

Saleucami was destroyed a little before the end of it's story, the part between the take over and the end, inclusivly, can be contested. However the rest was rped

Saleucami was supposed to be an imperial world, it's occupation was however, voided by byss.