Salene Lusch is a star wars roleplay character.

She was a female human, master of the Potentium followers.


Note: This is a novelized version of the life of this character. The beginning is the background and has not been roleplayed in the world. Parts of the rest may have been slightly changed to ensure a global consistence.

Early Life

Salene Child

Salene 12 year old, fixing a speeder bike

Born in Altyr 5 in a farming town, she was working as mechanic in her family workshop. She was secretly fixing items she found in a ship which crashed few years ago. During a bandit raid, she decided to use some of these items to fight them off. For this occasion, she discovered she can use the Force.

The defense was successful, but the inhabitant (as well as the brigands) were scared by the use of such powers and never viewed her in the same light as before. She thought her place was no more on her birth planet and decided to leave it forever.


Leaving her home world with very few resources, she put forward her skills in mechanic to be hired in several cargos across the galaxy. She visited many worlds, resting some time and getting hired on another ship for another planet. Many of these worlds were hostile and she had to dash off as stowaway on the first ship more than once.

After some of these events, she decided to slow down the travels and to settle on the next peaceful world she was, it was Yavin IV.


Prune Lightsaber

Prune lightsaber

On Yavin IV, Salene was attracted by the Academy of the New Order of the Jedi. Her propensity to chatter certainly made her meditation non efficient. She was more interested by the prodigious weapon that is a lightsaber. She made few spars with a lent saber, meeting a rogue Jedi, Snow, who became her trainer and mentor. He taught her not only how to handle the lightsaber but also how to behave as a warrior, which was something new for her.

As mechanically inclined as she was, she decided to build her own lightsaber. As she used second hand materials and was in a hurry to finish, the saber would eventually break after a few days. Continuing her training, she was thinking about a better way to do it. Then, one day, she isolated herself near a pond and a river, meditated a long time and assembled the part to build the hilt. After another long period, tired and hungry, she was pleased with her work, a hilt she nicknamed "Prune".

Meeting the Potentium Order

During her stay on Yavin IV, she was contacted by Linkin Tomsen, who was looking for new members for the Potentium Order. Her master and she talked with him, but the first interview was inconclusive. On the second one, in the ruins New Holstice, Linkin Tomsen explained the situation of the galaxy, with enemies of the peace ravaging planets, while the Jedi were entrenched on their stronghold. They decided to join the order, thinking their skill would be of best use here.

Arrival on Zonama Sekot

After a long and tiring trip, the group finally arrived at glade on Zonama Sekot. A camp was installed there, while main buildings for a new base were growing nearby, built with the help of the engineers. She helped to take care of the camp, slowly familiarizing with the Potentium ideology.

Even if she became more self-assured, she was not enough to make trips alone in the jungle and the main of Zonama Sekot, missed her at this time. She preferred to take benefit of the ships running in and out to view the Galaxy under another scope.


One day, her master, after a discussion with the other masters, proposed her to become a knight. As she was still learning, she first declined, but eventually accepted, facing the insistence of her master.

The day after, she slipped into one of her best dresses and walked to the ceremony. The knights were waiting for her. After a short speech, they made a circle and turned on their sabers around her. She was about to faint, but found enough force to hug them all before sitting on a fallen trunk to recover.


Salene Lusch enguard

Salene Lusch teaching the lightsaber handling

Another reason Salene was reluctant to become a Knight was that she would have to teach new students. When the council gave her a Padawan to instruct, she almost panicked. Would she be able to be a good teacher and awake his interest with her newly acquired knowledge? The answer was "no." Jarl, her first student, as smart as he looked, was more interested by commerce and 'small talk'. He was surprisingly skilled at escaping any lessons and training. This first Padawan learner did not raise Salene's self-confidence in her ability to instruct others.

Having free time, Salene started to teach the basics of lightsaber construction to students having to build their own. These classes lasted months and when completed, were compiled in a holocron for future use. She also spent a great deal of time teaching new students how to wield a lightsaber.

On Zonama Sekot

With her activities leaving her less time to travel, she wasn't able to explore the universe as she used to. She spent a lot of time with the students and visitors, but most importantly on Zonama Sekot, she improved the facilities, visited the vicinity and got a much better feeling for the planet.

In recognition of her great skill and work, the Potentium Council eventually rewarded Salene with the Master title. Accompanied by boisterous cheering from the crowd, she expressed that the title that would make here even more proud is Magister.

A Jawa

Therefore, she continued her explorations, sometimes bringing apprentices with her. Once on Ziost, disguised as a merchant, she met a Jawa, apparently force sensitive. As the environment was rather hostile, she was worried about a trap, but the ambience relaxed when they started to talk about mechanics with the help of a translator. For this Jawa, scavenging droid parts was the primary reason to visit Ziost. She revealed to the Jawa the location of Zonama Sekot before leaving, worried to stay too long on such a planet.

Short time after, she had the pleasant surprise to meet the Jawa on Zonama Sekot, waiting near a meditation pool, with speeder parts nearby. Despite being wary at the beginning, suspecting him to be a spy of the Sith, she eventually trusted him after talking with him about mechanics again, and he looked like to understand the Potentium. He later trained under the mastership of Linkin Tomsen and became the librarian and master of the Order of the Potentium under the nickname "Netto".

Lost droids

Once, a droid was spotted and caught on Zonama Sekot, scanning the area around the base. It was just able, first, to tell its ID, pushing forward the interrogation it eventually confessed to come from Telos IV, looking for the defensive capability of Zonama. Salene didn't know this remote planet very well, but was suspicious about a threat and decided to carry out an investigation of Telos IV.

She prepared herself, with Netto, disguised as mechanic and... jawa, being fond of droids, then headed towards Telos IV, looking for the source of the captured droid. At this time, the upper levels of this planet were a sort of inextricable mazes and many of the people they met near the space port were, like them, looking for the town entrance. They wandered through the corridors, used their grappling hooks and broke into a window, eventually reaching the floor. Netto, tired by these incidents, had to rest.

In the town, she visited the buildings, searching for a droid workshop and asked people about them as she didn't find anything noticable. She especially spent much time with a charming young man. She noticed him first when he was looking for a way on the upper level and they congratulated each other for making it up to it. Together they searched for informations about droids and talked about many things, and she almost forgot her mission.

When the time came when they had to leave, she didn't find anything dangerous about the droids, but was sad to see the young man going away.

A new apprentice

Salene and Flint under a tree

Salene and Flint talking on a branch

Some days after her trip on Telos IV, once she was working on the temple of Zonama Sekot, she was visited by the young man. She felt wobbly but successful enough to present him their installations, trying to hide the glitches of their base and looking sorry for having lied at him about her position on Telos IV. She was glad when he left with an application, but still anxious until he returned it filled out the next day. During the delay he was hopeful and she asked, in the most innocent way possible, the council for approval of his apprenticeship. She obtained it and accepted him. She then had a new apprentice named Flint Mokeev.

Salene and Flint, often along with Netto, travelled through the galaxy, seeking for information about the evil forces threatening its peace.

From the rainforest to the island

The First Potentium Order facilities were installer in a glare in the northern hemisphere rainforest. They used a lot of imported technologies which revealed to be inaccurate for this climate. The jungle, day after day took its right and more or less well known creatures wandered closer of the camps, disturbing the activities.

Zonama Sekot, Early view

Early view of the new base

To anticipate further issues, Salene was spotting different possible locations, and agreed with Master Tomsen and the Council to the move on a small island near the shore of the equatorial sea. This had the advantages to be naturally defended form the assaults of the wild life and easier to be located from the sky.

On the other hand, the island was more vulnerable from outsider attacks and to be easier to spot is was not always an advantage...


The new base location cheered the knights and, the order grew but the warlike side gained influence. Taking profit of an absence of the council, and of the retirement of Master Tomsen, a young master, formerly a sith, managed to be named at the newly created rank of Grand Master. He promised many thing, but Salene didn't appreciate the circumstances of his promotion, and using her influence, Salene worked for restoring the Council authority then started to gather regular assemblies of the Order, in the home to balance

The so called Grand Master, worked on his side to the warlike side of the group, attracting all sort of enemies on Zonama Sekot ground and forcing the group to defend before anything. He also tried to gain influence giving promotion or privileges to people for personal reasons, some of them not even a part of the Order. However his fast promoted friend lacked of motivation in acting for the group and were unable to hold any authority. On the opposite, their promotions discredited the one having pronouncing them at the eyes of the most motivated knights as well as the council, which progressively regained authority.

After few months, the battles even reduced in intensity leaving place for a reorganisation, more and more obvious as the "Grand master" activities appeared openly turned to himself and not the community. Before one of those late battles, he argued with the defenders of his own side, up to insulting them because the enemy didn't showed up and he had nothing to kill. Angry he left Zonama Sekot with the worshippers he brought from another planet, few minutes before the attackers appear on the scanners.

The next day, Salene convened a meeting of the Council, with all members present except the "Grand Master", refusing to assist. He also declined the composition offered remotely by the council to resign his rank by himself but still being a council member like the others, pretending the council had no authority and only him can decide of his own rank. Out of challenge, he stated the council as dissolved and he'll be the only ruler.

His arrogant attitude convinced the council to unanimously demote him from his rank and title. The announce of his dismissal was celebrated across the whole order, even if some regretted later the "good old time" of the war.

Wedding with Flint

Salene and Flint wedding

Salene and Flint at their wedding

Along time, her former apprentice, Flint, raised to the master rank and his bound with Salene never lowered. They continued to share the same interest, helping each ones and stayed long time to speech together. They eventually decided to marry and prepared an event where the whole group as well as friends from other planets were invited. Salene spent a long time to find an outfit suitable for the event.

The preparation was disturbed by a sith raid, which were still common at this period. However, after the first assault, the defenders withdrew waiting for reinforcement. Because of the planed event, they tried to lower the casualties as most as possible, and shortened the fights, leaving the enemy alone, without anything to conquest or to pillage. Having nothing to do, they eventually left the planet and the wedding could occurs, even if delayed

After Salene and Flint exchanged their vows in public, a party started until very late in the night.


Salene Lusch was a small sized female human. She had medium-length hair, usually tied to a bun, ponytail or long hairs.

She was a force user, but she didn't like to show it up and reserved it for special occasions. Her power resided more in the understanding and feeling of others.

She had good mechanic skills, but only had few occasions to practice on Zonama Sekot.

She was not always of good faith, thus she could be very confused when she was improvising a lie.

With time, she became more and more altruist, motherly protecting her new home planet and order, but still with the negative side of prying into other's business. (...)


Salene Amphistaff

Salene Lusch handling an amphistaff

Salene owned a lightsaber of little weight, "Prune", which she made herself after several failed attempts.

During her free time, she restored ancient weapons, especially a S-5 Heavy Blaster, a couple of ELG-3A and a Bola carbine. She wielded them occasionally.

She was the seed partner of a Sekotan Starship, one of the fastest ships to travel across the galaxy.

She also adopted an Amphistaff she found alone in the Tampasi. These living weapons were able to vie with lightsabers.

She was usually dressed according to the circumstances, and preferred to wear a weapon only when she knew she would fight. She wore a tool belt when tinkering, a gardening dress when taking care of the plants and... any kind of disguise when she operated undercover behind the enemy lines.

Behind the scene

This character was created in July 2007.

Her name doesn't mean anything special, I just find it sounds good (in french). I'm pronouncing her name /salɛn lœʃ/ (close of the british english "sa lane"), but it's me, do your best.

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