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Sakura is a Darth in the Order; Dark Lords of the Sith located on Byss.


Early life

Shamara the only child of Atria & Terek Elsin was born in central Moenia, on the planet Naboo. Looking back she can recall a distant vague remnant in her mind of this time, probably her earliest memory. Terek her father cradling her gently in his arms, reciting a traditional lullaby against an open window. Looking out onto the misty picturesque skyline of Moenia. Atria her mother hard at work in the kitchen, preparing an evening meal. The many sounds and rich smells emanating from below, so mysterious and full of wonder to her tender innocent mind. The look of love in her father's eyes. Such an idilic moment in time captured for posterity.

Unfortunately Sha would not have many more, such fond memories of her true parents. A few months after her 4th birthday, her life like so many others in this pernicious galaxy. Was tainted with sorrow, by the death of both her parents. The Empire's official inquest into the events, unable to attribute definite blame, gave a verdict of unlawful death at the hands of an unknown group, evidence suggesting Jedi involvement. Orphaned at such a young age, a ward of the Empire, Sha was placed under the care of her parents closest friends Dass & Jemmila Rimora at Dee'ja Peak in the Gallo Mountains. Jemmila a climatologist and Dass a Geologist, both of whom in employment of the Empire just like Sha's parents, they had little time to offer the girl. Their cumulative research efforts, already spanning a decade, took priority in the household. With no children of their own, no time for fun or play, Sha was starved for the love and affection all children require so readily. Such a dysfunctional home had the severest outcomes on Sha's schooling, always shying away from the other kids, forming friendships was hard for her, always in trouble, rebelling from instructions from superiors, fighting at times. Sha was an outcast in her own foster family, her school, of her own life.

Disillusioned with everything she knew, disenchanted with what life had shown her. No one understood her, let alone cared. What choice was left but to leave all of this behind. To start a new life of her own making. Now aged 11, Sha was wandering the Rimma Trade Route hyperlane. Stowed away hiding amongst the storage crates on the many merchant vessels travelling the route, sometimes spending weeks onboard before emerging on a new world unknown to her. To scavenge, beg or steal for months on end. Living in such destitution, would further sully her already growing abject opinion on the nature of life, fuelling an aspiration to attain wealth and security, whatever the consequences to others it may entail. As the years progressed, severely malnourished from gorging on mere pitiful scraps of morsels, wearing what rags and discarded cast offs she could find, the lack of sufficient daily hygiene, all took its toll on her, yet somehow she saw through this anguish, enough to exist. On each new world, making headway towards that planets major space-ports. Waiting patiently for maladroit customs or maintenance crews, to incompetently allow passage, on one of the many docked spacecraft destined offworld. Abregado-rae, Vanik, Praesitlyn, Medth, Thyferra, Tarabba Prime, Woostri, Adarlon, Karideph were all stepping stones in this sporadic haphazard journey before her consummate arrival on Tatooine, 7 years later.

A brief time of prosperity

Never again would Sha endure the depths of depravity she had grown accustomed too as a young girl. Now aged 18 she had developed into an attractive resourceful insidious young woman. Tatooine whilst a sparse wasteland, yet Mos Eisley particularly in contrast to this, was as near to perfection an opportunists paradise might be. Sha loved the hustle and excitement of daily life on Tatooine, gaining work as a crew member onboard a Corellian Action IV Freighter, learning to pilot in the process. From the kiss and tell information acquired from a bar tender in Chalmun's. She rigged a game of Pazaak against a senile Rodian named Koono, taking his ship a XS stock light freighter. Now a captain of her own ship, smuggling spice for the Hutts provided a lucrative yet dangerous income. This sanguine lifestyle continued to her own elation. Even managing to amass an exceptional amount of savings, well exceptional by her own past standards of living, 270 thousand credits and growing. Although Sha was unknown to the Hutts, she took the jobs given her irrefutably. Her next assignment however was for information. This task involved gathering intel on the Senate's own fleet operations on Cloud City. In particular the forthcoming arrival of Ambassadors from the Senate, meeting with the Baron, to discuss sensitive matters of state. Politics she didn't understand or care for.

Sha didn't know them or particularly care over the ambassadors travel arrangements. It was just another job. To feed the extravagance she was now growing quite accustomed too. "No transport of cargo on this one, just seeking out information, how hard can that be?" With the many hotels and cantina's to exploit on Cloud City, it should have been a simple job to complete. Bespin's Wing Guard, with their many long hours on shifts, enjoy down time to the fullest. The majority frequent the many cantinas and casinos to play Pazaak, chat with friends. Of course all that unwinding helps with copious amounts of alcohol. Which Sha during the first week of this assignment had watched the pilot's relish and down with great ease. Often these drinking bouts running into the early hours, she often wondered how they sobered up enough to work the following day. Regardless in their drunken state they were easy to manipulate, to expolit.Yet with Sha being such a novice to this, those amateurish mistakes all pilling up, lead to Sha's quick arrest.

During the trial, all those foolish 'errors of judgement' were recited to the Court of Justice. How she had mistakenly chosen the most tacky cantina on Cloud City, to carry out her plan. A true den of iniquity, dimly lit, small, secluded, low music to ensure the nonsensical conversations of the guests could continue, fit for purpose. Fit for a ruse of deception. The court were told of Sha's relationship with Pash Albrem, a pilot in the Wing Guard. Pash on the witness stand, expressing how over the course of weeks, she had subtly manipulated him to reveal the travel arrangements of the Senates Ambassadors. Changing shift patterns, how this could be used by someone with unscrupulous means for an assassination attempt.

Pash still bitter with frustration, his words full of remorse for what happened. He obviously fell for her too quickly. Perhaps he even grew to love Sha in the short time they had together, in this brief relationship, naturally left feeling completely betrayed by her heartless manipulation. Although she could sense in his voice during his revelations to the court, from watching him at the stand, he had no desire for her to face the consequences for what she had uncovered. The cantina's most popular dancer Pyrene Sathel, also gave witness to the court, of the many conversations she had overheard with Sha and Pash during those weeks. How she increasingly became worried over the security implications of what Sha was uncovering. How given her concerns, finally alerted a guard at the security tower. Leading to Sha's arrest.

All her sordid history on Tatooine was heard throughout the court proceedings, her work with the Hutt's uncovered. Sha's testimony could potentially bring an end to the Hutt's illegal activities on Mos Eisley, at very least a temporary lull in the Hutt's actions. If she would only testify. The courts offer of leniency for testimony was an impossible choice, no choice at all. If she testified she knew an assassination on her would be authorised for this betrayal. After a long recess on the final day of the trial, the trial itself already being adjourned from Cloud City judicial authority had gone on already for what seemed like forever. Sha apprehensively rose, her hands and legs shaking frantically, to hear the final verdict of the Court. All her possessions, her illegal gains, the ship and credits were confiscated, she was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment on a low security penal colony on the outskirts of Deeja Peak on Naboo. Her brief few years of indulgence were at an end.

Escape into exile

The whole site carefully secluded from public view, located a few miles away from the main settlement of Dee'ja Peak. Such isolation served the purpose of the workforce well. No one to witness the abject terrorization of these prisoners by the guards. Although, it was more a high throughput factory than a prison. The stench too, was bitterly overwhelming. The ever lingering smell of decay from Shaak and Jaboon leftovers spilling around the grounds and machinery, as they pass through the production line. Jaboon hides hung to dry, sprawl every wall and feature of the facility. Along with pungent odours', all of there own. Only inside the complex, could you find any respite from this putrid aromatic nasal bombardment. Now replaced by the more amiable scents from the distillery. Blossom wine too, was in full production here. The long hours of labour, the bickering and fights, the incarceration itself. All played its part to break most girls spirit, slowly tearing away their resolve. Suicide rates were high. Yet here, Sha instinctively did the right things. Always avoiding confrontation, quiet. Here once more no-one knew her, or got close to her.

This reticent behaviour earned her some degree of trust amongst the guards. Much later her acute nature and adaptability, caught the eye of the facilities Doctor, who gave Sha the chance to train as a Medical Assistant which she accepted conscientiously, anything was better than working on the 'line'. Nights were tough, the sound of wailing remorse and bitter anguish, could be heard by all, surrounding the block in a sea of tears. Most inmates barely got more than a few hours sleep most nights, the guards as compassionate as glurrgs. Frequently they smashed their batons against the bars, as they passed by each cell during the hourly inspections in the early hours. It was during this time Sha caught the admiring gaze of Groex Koor, a probationary officer. Groex was assigned the graveyard shift; none of the staff would risk throwing a proby into the deep end -- each were assigned menial work to acclimatise to the facilities 'unique' way of operations.

Over many weeks Groex always started his inspections early, stopping by Sha's cell. They would engage in small talk -- her past. There was a definite spark between them. The very look in Groex's eyes every time he looked on Sha, so obvious in his manner and his playful teasing, he lusted after her. On one such night, from the small window in the cell, Sha looked out and upwards at the overcast moon of Rori. It's full crescent reflecting on the woodland surrounding the prison complex. Tonight was the night she had carefully planned. Predictably Groex once more stopped by Sha's cell. After the usual small talk, Sha made a pass at Groex, grabbing him by his open shirt collar, pulling him closer to the bars. Leaning forward she kissed him tenderly. Knowing full well his feelings, after that slow lingering kiss, she pulled her head back gesturing towards the keys on Groex's belt, turning her back walking away from the bars, slowly lowering herself on the bed.

Laying there on the bed, looking up to the cell's ceiling, she waited patiently. Trying hard not to smile as she hears the key turn, the clash of metal as the lock opens, along with the eery shriek of the rusty bars as the cell door opens. Waiting still, for his next move. Her left hand calmly reaching into her pocket, as Groex full of desire climbs onto her, closing his eyes lowering himself down atop her gently for another kiss.

Hastily Sha pulls out the swab saturated with Sedative H4b from her left pocket, raising it over Groex's mouth and nose. Holding tightly, as the struggle ensues, she feels Groex's strength fail as he slips into unconsciousness. In the struggle Groex, kicking against the open cell bars, had already woken most of her neighbouring inmates. As Sha swiftly collects her rucksack along with Groex's keys, she hears the deplorable words of others around her, begging candidly for there own release. Walking through the open door into the deserted central corridor, she stops. All the cries of mercy finally get to her, she asks herself "Would they do the same for me, what good could any of them offer to an escape. They are weak, deserving of there fate in this abyss". Unlocking the door Softly, the service tunnel into the woodland, Sha steps out to freedom. Now a wanted criminal of the Senate, on the run. She escapes only into exile.

Rebirth in the 'One' Sith

Fadeout to Byss

The Imperial transport's engines roared as it came to its landing position on Byss. It's four alternate engines rotating downwards 90 degrees, providing the braking thrust to slow the vessel down to an almost graceful lowering onto the platform. More conventional Lambda-class T-4as were often seen ferrying dignitaries, troops, civilians even from the Empire's flagship Star destroyer the 'Ravager' down from its orbital station to the surface of Byss. Yet on this occasion, the Empire's militia had returned from operations, the troops and equipment returning to barracks. Noticing a strange girl onboard, after chatting discussing the nature of her trip, then kindly offering a free lift down to the surface.

Standing besides the bay doors, as the AT-STs brisk past her down the ramp. Sha looks out with awe, her eyes wide with astonishment. She stands there frozen, gazing over the horizon at the many grandiose towers rising from the lava below, high into the skies.Looking upwards in bewilderment at this volcanic seemingly adverse world, hesitantly holding her breathe, nervously expecting this worlds atmosphere to be unbreathable. As the pilot walks past her down the ramp, he turns to Sha, noticing her timidly hiding frozen at a standstill, her grip tightly holding the ramps supporting strut. With a grin he utters assuredly "Welcome to Byss" before turning to join his compatriots. By now realising the air indeed is breathable, exhaling then gasping on the chemically exotic air of Byss. That first breathe, the faint trace of sulphur dioxide in it, evoking a flash back of memories, the stench in that prison she endured. Gathering the courage to move, she steps down onto the platform. A hive of activity all around, as the many citizens of the Empire walk past, too caught up in there own matters to notice her.

This apathetic attitude was not commonplace to all of Byss's citizens as she would soon discover, relaxed now, her earlier fears dispelled. Casually Sha glides onto the central platform, where sitting atop one of the many abundant storage crates in the vicinity sat a dark robed woman, her pale skin almost reflecting the orange red hues of the sky. Her dark titian hair every bit as vibrant as the sky itself. The woman raised her hand, her finger motioning backwards beckoning Sha to approach her "We've been expecting you".

((OOCly, I had applied at this point, this meeting being an Interview to assess my suitability for the group))

With graceful confidence she looked over Sha, probing with the Force for some innate ability in the girl standing before her. Her brow raised puzzled no doubt, at the reasons for Sha's sudden arrival on Byss. After introducing herself as Lady Matraya of the Dark Lords of the Sith, Marauder and Apprentice of Darth Rowe. Sensing the darkness in Lady Matraya, she had an aura of power about her, something Sha had never experienced before. Fleetingly she had been in the same location as Jedi in the past, never actually meeting one. As for the more elusive Sith, although recalling back on the storeys her foster parents shared of their employers, she knew even less about them or there ways.

This was Sha's first encounter with a true Sith. She should perhaps have been gripped in utmost fear, her life was indeed hanging by a thread at this point. Had she spoken disrespectfully or out of turn, this woman holding immense power she knew little over, would surely kill her without hesitation.

As Lady Matraya began her questioning of Sha, the reasons for her wish to become a citizen of Byss, examining her understanding of the Sith. The realisation of her own desperation, her criminality, having no-where to call home dawned on her. Here on Byss was as good a hope as any, for some future from the chaos of her current situation. Answering the dark Lady's questions concisely, to the best of her understanding. Revealing the details of her life uninhibitedly. This was in Sha's mind a chance to begin anew, a fresh start, so she felt no reason to conceal her past sordid actions, or her status as a wanted criminal of the Senate.

At times Sha noticed how Lady Matraya found some amusement in her past acts of deception, although she offered no praise or further sentiment to these actions. Holding back her own judgement for the moment at least, while the questioning continued. After placing away her data-pad Lady Matraya concluded their chat, much to Sha's relief. Informing her to stay on Byss at least until the Council had given there judgement on her suitability as a citizen of Byss, as an Initiate into the Order itself.

Spending the last remaining credits she had managed to acquire. Sha loitered around the surface for days. Taking time to talk with the Troopers stationed on the surface, chatting with the many citizens she met. Reflecting on what may await her should she be accepted. Trying to imagine the lifestyle of a Force adept. Her own flimsy knowledge and understanding of the Force. If she had any ability in the Force at all. Throughout her life never, had any signs of Force sensitivity been discovered or witnessed by anyone. Worrying if Lady Matraya had sensed as much during the discussion. Sha was no fighter either, her weapons were cunning, deception, much to her own dismay even acts of solicitation when necessary. To fight, wield the Force seemed at this point nothing more than fantasy.

Then it came, a Comm from a male voice she was unfamiliar with, requesting a meeting. It was here for the first time Sha met Darth Aran. It was here and then she pledged her full unwaivering allegiance to the Emperor Dark Lord Validus, to serve the Empire to the best of her own ability. To study hard, to learn then embrace the mantra of the Sith Code. Sha's first step into the unknown, a bold new beginning. Yet there was no comfort to be found in this new awakening. The sheer wealth of information to research through contained in the Imperial Archives, from ancient parchment to electronic data accessible on the many data-terminals, was overwhelming.

Yet favourably a framework of study was set in place. Guidance on these goals was provided by the Council for new Initiates into the Order to follow. Months of study, absorbing the ancient scrolls wisdom on Sith philosophy, the nature and will of the Dark Side, even on the nature of reality itself, enriched her growing understanding, her appetite for further knowledge growing seemingly unabated.

Standing before the Statue of Emperor Validus on the last Byss build

These very long hours of study, completion of her assignments satisfactorily. Demonstrating to the Dark Council Sha's desire for further knowledge, a growing passion. Despite her prior lack of Force awareness or other strengths so many other Sith potentials usually take for granted. The girl had a newly awakened passion for knowledge, for the truth. The transition onto further training, for the strongest of Sith Initiates is harrowing. In Sha's case this seemed unattainable beyond reach. The Dark Council blessed with unparalleled wisdom of and power over the Force chose her fate, Sha's life was solely in their hands to do as they saw fit, their outlook on Sha though was more acclamatory. After the intense months of study, it was time now for her to train under the supervision of a Master. Elevating Sha to the rank of Disciple,

Emperor Validus himself handing over the coveted rank insignia pin, as she lay knelt ceremoniously before the head of state on his throne aboard the Ravager. After dutifully resuming her place in the crowd, Darth Aran, the man who months ago first welcomed her into the Order, her new life here on Byss. He laid claim to Sha as his Apprentice.

After the official matters of state had been addressed, the gathering concluded. He whisked her away to the hallowed chamber of the Council. Nestled within one of Byss's mighty towers. Igniting his saber, Sha dropping to her knees once more. Laid there diligently beneath Darth Aran's imposing light saber, swearing her loyalty, her exhaustive devotion, her honour, her life to his teachings and guidance. To his will, to fulfil his biding. The choice was made, she would either complete Darth Aran's education or die in the process, for this was the way of the Sith, as it always has been.

As the Crimson Red blade lowers to her shoulder, the singe of flesh consummating her vows before her Master. Darth Aran looking down on her satisfied with the expression of devotion. As a smile forms on his lips, he utters "Arise my Apprentice, from this day forward you will be known as Sakura".

Following her Masters instruction. Rising reborn anew. Sha the weak girl, a constant reminder of her inglorious limited past, Sha weakness personified, a remnant. Never again would that name be heard or used. Sha was dead. Her life reborn into the 'One' true Sith was now truly beginning, with the dawn of Sakura.

A Master's Lecture - Embracing the Darkness.

The life of a Sith Apprentice is daunting, fraught with peril every step on the ladder of progression. If of course an Apprentice is deemed suitable to progress by there Master or the Dark Council, naturally then falling victim to one of the many fatal accidents that so often occur on Byss. The Order is all knowing, with eyes and ears constantly aware on the progress of all its Disciples. Sakura was always aware of this, a fear forever imprinted in her mind, any mistake may be your last. Rivalry was rife in the lower ranks, all seeking to outdo each other to gain the praise of the Order's superiors. No matter the cost.

Dark Lord Validus, Darths Destius, Gevecht, Rowe, AEON, Arcana, Shadowsoul, Scrathio, Nyx. To stand amongst such legends was an honor, to learn from them, discover their knowledge was a privilege few could claim. The Lord's and Ladies of the Order too, always willing to assist in your training, to offer council and guidance in the ways of the Force, underlying Sith Philosophy, your development of the light saber arts. While academic studies continued this was accompanied by daily drills of the basic movements of forms I Shii-Cho, II Makashi, and III Soresu.

Although we had constructed our own functional light sabers, to mark the final rite of passage before our elevation to Disciple. They were not permitted to be used, until an Apprentice could demonstrate sufficient proficiency in the light saber arts, usually on the battlefield. Training sabers were used for daily routine practice and spars on Byss. With the heavy durasteel of the blade impregnated with the microscopic toxic barbs of pelko bugs, she suffered from many bone fractures neglecting to parry an attacking movement in time. The paralysis after being struck. With so much pain on a daily basis. From the many black outs, waking days later inside a vat of bacta, the humiliation amongst your peers. Your senses and reflexes are forced to quicken. This daily mental and physical onslaught of training continued, as the months slipped by. So caught up in the constant daily routine, her awareness of time itself lost almost beyond conscious analysis.

Some how she pulled through this whole ordeal, doing just enough to survive, at least that was her own impression. Luck? it would seem so. Despite Sakura's oblique past life, luck favored her. This was just a side effect all Force users experience though. From genealogical research in the Imperial archives seeking answers to uncover her own past and awakening of the Force. She discovered distant past family relatives, themselves accomplished Force user's. Wondering if others in her bloodline too, were themselves Force sensitive, yet fortune or circumstances never favored them enough to develop their understanding of it still further. She realized the very sensing of great power in others on Byss on her arrival, although she could not control or describe it, this action was the awakening or her own latent Force sensitivity.

Despite the obvious truths, she maintained this notion, that all her positive experiences were down to luck. Her master with his vast power and understanding in the Force would of course assume otherwise. Darth Aran Hand of the Empire, Arch Prophet of the Order, a man greatly respected, feared, admired for the Sith he was. Many Apprentices may lavish praise on there own Master's teachings. Sakura's feelings towards her Master echoed these feelings, yet so much more. Every day Darth Aran pushed her training further, watching her every movement in drills. Standing besides her, a training saber crashing down on her arm for each misplaced action. The Sith are cruel taskmasters, there is no room for error, no mercy shown for mistakes. Failure will only result in death on the battlefield. Darth Aran was implicitly clear in that he had no desire to train an ignorant fool. He would eradicate these blunders in her technique, whatever the cost to her wellbeing. Through all the pain and suffering, the knowledge he gave her began to unravel, the skills he taught slowly becoming available for her own use.

Together they visited many worlds, discussing the finer aspects of the Sith, the philosophy that binds all Sith to our shared cause. What the code itself represents to us uniquely as individuals. The sway it has on your life and destiny. On many occasions Sakura watched on admiringly, a glint of ecstasy in her eyes as Darth Aran took the life of so many fools, who dared stand in his way. She fed from the suffering of these weak competitors. All along the Master/Apprentice bond between them grew ever deeper. Her devotion to him amplified, for each new revelation in her understanding of the Force he shared.

Sakura doubted her own ability all along her training however, not fully comprehending at the time, this was the very underlying principal of Sith philosophy, this quest of personal perfection in ability and knowledge, the pursuit of strength, driven by this passion of inadequacy. Propelling her burning desire to improve, to become the best she could be. No longer were the tenets of the Sith code mere words on ancient parchment, they had become a driving force in her life. Her approach to life, path to existence.

Outside the protection of the fortress world of Byss, the Empire was engaged in its continual actions against the republic. Around this time the Order planned an invasion on Ruusan. A reminder to the Senate of the dominance the Sith Empire holds over the galaxy at large. Here Sakura met for the first time Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide of the Galactic News Network. [1] For there own protection, keeping them safe from harms way in the basement of Ruusan's Museum as the battle ensued above. Here again the Empire achieved a glorious victory. The slain Jedi cast all over the surrounding lands. Whilst the Jedi laid low, to recover from injury in such a crippling defeat. The Empire occupying the planet for a short brief time, as further testament to all of the collective power it holds, not that such visible demonstrations were ever required.

Shortly thereafter, after finally completing all the challenges presented her. Her skills in the light saber arts sufficient enough at this point. She would learn little more from Darth Aran's tutorage. Sakura had adopted the forms of Sokan and Ataru with Vaapad, to best utilize the available environment, outwit your opponent whenever possible. Then attacking with ferocity to crush them in there confusion. It was now finally time to step out alone, to face her Master, in what should be a duel to the death. There is no place for weakness in the Sith, Now only one would prosper, as the other fall's into obscurity.

Current Status

Sakura currently resides on Byss. In an official capacity as a Prophet of the Empire. As an assailant of the Senate, Sakura's stated crimes include;

  • Murder
  • Abduction
  • Terrorism
  • Manslaughter
  • Arson
  • Aggravated assault


Although still in her thirties. Her body at the cellular level has been exposed to prolonged use of the dark side, this in itself having a transformational effect on her biology. Evident to see in her skin and eyes. Those naturally occurring high levels of melanin in her skin's olive tone, characteristic of the native human population of Naboo. They have been consumed, leaving behind a pallid complexion. That natural deep blue of her irises, now replaced with the all too familiar red and yellow hues often seen in dark siders.

Just as it was for Lady Lumiya, a Sith she holds with much reverence. Sakura's own transformation into a cybernetic organism has seemingly already begun. The many battles in service to the Empire have left there scars too. All those light saber cuts to her face she's endured, have left a deep prominent scar down to the bone of her right cheek. The Empires finest kolcta unable to regenerate the surrounding tissues layers to there normal state. A cybernetic covering replaces this vulnerable area, to prevent infection. Her left arm consumed into the void by a stray Dark Side tendril, her right arm severed in the heat of battle. Cybernetic prosthesis cast from Cortosis provide sufficient replacements.

Usually dressed in the darker garments traditionally associated with Sith. Yet still maintaining her own personal fondness for fashion. The chance to indulge in the very latest items of Sith Vogue is seldom missed. The opulence and pomp of the senior ranks within the Empire is not lost on her.

Powers and abilities

Beyond the Force powers available to most Dark Side Force Adepts including Sense, Telepathy, Grip, Speed, Push, Pull, Jump, Lightning and Scream. Sakura has greatly developed her understanding of the Force, in so gaining the knowledge of some additional powers. With varying degrees of proficiency in the use of each.

Force Hibernation has been developed to an advanced level from her time spent at the 'Home', the asteroid field of MZX32905. Her power with Force Stealth still remains weak. The knowledge of a new Force power, was given to her as a gift from the Arch Sorceress of the Empire. This, Force Destruction, although able to use it at great expense to her own health and mental state. She prefers to avoid it entirely, her skill with its competent use, still under scrutiny and further development. Destruction is not to be used lightly, which she discovered to great expense on her first experimentation with the power, losing her left arm in the process.

The remainder of her powers are mind based those being, Fear, Horror, Corrupt and Subjugate.

Force Heal in its nature a principle Light Sight power. Sakura feeling quite strongly on its use by Sith. So much so, she herself has abandoned using it almost entirely, due to this contradictory nature of use by Sith. Refusing to ever use it on herself. She would only indulge the idea of using it as an absolute last resort, only then to a fellow Sith of DLoTS.


Her personal items include, Kolcta injections, DloTS insignia, utility belt, Comlink, Data-pad, Holo-probe, a canteena full to the brim with Mandalorian wine.


A Torrent Assault Blaster, duel wield Guard shoto's (Tonfa's) similar in style and design to the weapons used by Maris Brood. Along with duel wield Serenity light sabers, smaller in design than the tonfa's, their curved hilt design allowing a more offensive vaapad style to be used. Sakura usually carries the following objects in her thigh pockets concealed from view. A pair of small Punch-dagger's, along with a small vial of Synox poison.


For past and continued loyal service to the Empire. Sakura was awarded by the Dark Council, direct command of the 'Tantillus'. A Vindicator-class heavy cruiser of the Imperial Navy. The ship's armament consisting of; 25 light turbo lasers, 20 light quad turbo lasers, 10 point-defence laser cannons, 20 light point-defence ion cannons, and 3 tractor beam projectors. Equipped with a Class 2 hyper drive. With a crew compliment of 2,551 able to carry an additional 400 troops as and when necessary. Along with it's own TIE star fighter wing squadron.

Sakura's own personal vessel, is a far smaller scale stealth craft named the 'Occaeco'. Equipped with a Class 1 hyper drive. Armed with 2 ion cannons. The Occaeco principle design function is stealth, yet its high manoeuvrability enables it to hold its own in most dogfight's.


[1] http://galacticnewssl.wordpress.com/2010/05/20/sith-invasion-of-ruusan/