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Early life[]

Sakor was born on Tatoonie. The privilegde son of a Slave Lord. He however was also forced to work with the Slaves by his Father. His father wanted to make him strong viewing his Half-Alien coloration as a sign of weakness. He has already sold Sakor's mother to prevent from ever exposing Sakor to her. At age 16 he was forced to fight his father to prove his streanth. Sakor lost resulting in his father carving an image of a Rancor on his back. At age 18 He would fight his father again killed him. He then went to Naboo to hopefully live normally and worked at a Bar. There he met Cu-Nuada, a Historain and Archeologist who studied ancient cultures, specailizing in the 'Sith' Race. His Publishinh of books and continued research of the Sith race made him a 'subject of specail interest' by the Jedi Order who had him Assassinated. Wanting to Learn and Master the studies that had his true fatjher figure Assassinated Sakor Searched Korriban, Ziost, and many other planets until finally reaching Byss. He would evantually join the DLotS as an Initaite.

Battle of Yavin[]

Almost days of nothing but reading from the vast collection of the Sith Archives a Battle had started on Yavin. This would become a pivitol moment for him as he watched the Battle take place, not believing he was skilled enough to fight, and seemed disgusted that The Sith even bothered to lend thier hand in this. Althogh he reveled in the fear he could feel from the Jedi, it would a long time before they could meet thier that Sakor was so eager to witness.

--OOC: The Battle of Yavin here refurs to a battlr that took place on Yavin IV Commiunity Sim and not any battle of Yavin in the Cannon Series--