Biography[edit | edit source]

Everything after the "background" section was RP'ed out in second life, background section was created in a forum RP.

"Sir, acting on your own in the name of a larger purpose is for the most part a gamble, and flexing your muscle is an all in gamble after all. Your winning hand being a two, and a three."

-Saint Talon

Overview[edit | edit source]

Saint Talon was a galactic criminal active during 240'ish ABY and onward. Saint was raised on Corellia, recieving an amazing education at a Drall Monk Monastery near Daoba Guerfel. Due to it's desctruction from an unknown faction, Saint was forced into the life of a criminal. Saint held a brief position as head of reconnaissance under Legion, a military force for hire. Later Saint would go on to-

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Backgroud[edit | edit source]

Saint Talon was raised on Corellia in a Drall Monk Monastery somewhere outside of Daoba Guerfel. Throughout his childhood Saint was taught to equally educate his mind, body, and soul; learning the history of the Galaxy, the use of Ryyk blades, Teras Kasi arts, and meditational techniquies which often coincided with the force. Saint Talon was a trouble child, being self centered and snobby much of the time, despite the Drall's best efforts to humble him. Some time before Saint was 20, the monastery was destroyed, being a victim of orbital bombardment by an unknown faction. This led saint to adopt his coined Alias, as he delved into the underworld for employment.

Service In Legion[edit | edit source]

Saint Talon would go on to fund Talon industies, a somewhat shady company, with ties to the invisible market. After a number of business deal's gone wrong, he was forced to enroll himself in a military for hire, Black Ops, though before he finished training he was already introduced to the elite force, Legion. Though Saint often did not get along with his fellow comrades, he worked his way up to Recon Commander in the Nar Shaddaa Campaign. Though, after a disagreement with Supreme Commander Bellios himself, Commander Talon was put on permanent leave, the next day he resigned.

Dark Praxeum Academy[edit | edit source]

Saint Talon spent a nearly a year heading a small space pirate crew called the Grey Talon, though it was not long before his crew was destroyed, leaving only him to recuporate in Thule spaceport. Here, Sith Lord Remy Placebo found a force sensitivity in him, and with little persuasion, brought Saint into the Sith academy. In the Dark Praxeum,Saint Talon found an instant addiction to History, as he saw how much history was known of the Sith, and how little was known of the Jedi. Quick to conclude that the reason the Jedi had an upper hand on the Sith for so much time, at this time, Saint Talon went to New Holstice, and ancient burial ground of the jedi.

On New Holstice, Saint Talon found an ancient tomb, guarded by only the light force and a holocron, asking a simple riddle. "What is the will of the force?" Renn meditated here, for nearly a day, until a young boy appeared, wanting to enter the tomb as well. There, both Saint and the young boy, later found to be Rellex Caeran, meditated on the answer to this question. After nearly five days, Rellex went berserk, angered that he could not enter the tomb, and threw a massive storm of force lightning. Nothing happened to the Holocron for some seconds, until it began to glow, and shot the lightning back at Saint, killing him, or rather, sending him to chaos.

Rebirth and The Revenant Armada[edit | edit source]

When Saint Talon returned to the known galaxy, essentially spat out, for some unknown reason, he found himself incapable of wielding the force. From then on, the Rodian found a new alias Renn Maliss, knowing he was tracked down by the Dark Praxeum for leaving. Renn found a service in a Sith Armada, which had taken control of Coruscant. There, Renn went on to become the head of intelligence, earning the title of Corrupter, all the while, hiding a large gash on his forearm, which let out a black liquid, constantly whispering to him. Haunted, Renn attempted to find a way to rid himself of it, as it took control of him, he created a new covert force aside from the armada, which he called the New Galactic Order of Darkness.

This period of Renn Malliss' life was spent under multiple aliases, setting up contacts throughout the galaxy. For a brief period of time, he was so far out of reach, he did not recieve the signal that the Revenant had moved out of Coruscant and into Nar Shaddaa, however, his work was far from halted. Growing accustomed to a life

Saint Talon watching the Dantooine plains

of relative liesure among the galaxy's most feared, Renn was given a new track of objectives, looking for spies within the Revenant Armada, allowing him more room to flex his power, and more resources under fewer questions. Among these liberalities he was offered, Renn was tasked with staging turmoil on Bakura, which proved a much greater test of his abilities.

Renn never truly got to stage his his overthrow of the Bakuran government, citing difficulties in honing his troop's respect, and coralling their personalities. The subject was dropped for some time, and Renn went to Drommund Kaas to meditate. During his meditation on the Sith controlled planet, the Rodian lost all relativity of time, and was gone for nearly two months, not hearing a word from the Armada. While meditating his had a vision in the ruins of the planet, which showed a group of sith walking along the planet's terrain, the leader, a pale white Zabrak with slicked back black hair, and minimal sharp and delicate red and black marking on his face. The Sith adorned red armor, similar to that of a galactic imperial guard. Renn suddenly felt and influx of information, and realized that this Sith was a conquerer of worlds of another time, not the past, but the future. Renn could not understand why he had such a vision, however, as all things in the force, there is no such thing as coincidence.

Fracturing of The Tetan Government[edit | edit source]

When Renn returned to Nar Shaddaa, he was ready to study his vision, however, the government and it's army had split, and were currently in civil war, the government, headed by his previous commander, Ikyiro, clearly had an upper hand. Renn spent some time attempting to rebuild the organization, however multiple skilled bounty hunters were sent out against him, and he was forced to flee Nar Shaddaa in a hurry, and did not recognize the tracking device planted on his ship. Renn went to an ally of the Armada, the Dark Lords of The Sith, to both heal his wounds and discover what the meaning of his vision, was, though he already knew., they were to come back to his time, to help him.

Renn was furious at his previous commander, and one whom he considered a partner in the Wraith, Androl. He could not understand why they had fractured the Armada, and blundered the most powerful faction of it's time into two weaker factions which were pulling each other down. The Rodian's time on Byss was short, and after

Renn in the Tetan Museum

studying in the library of sith sorcery, he traveled back to Drommund Kass, looking for anything that could help him.

The tracking device still on his ship, the Revenent Defiler was quickly tracked down by at least two figures, a Tetan Commando, and Ikiyro herself. There, Renn demanded that Ikiyro answered a number of questions, and explain herself before he revealed himself. Ikiyro told that she wanted to destroy the sith, and the Armada was her tool to do so, however it had reversed against her. Renn had no choice but to leave the armada and follow Ikiyro, however, he swore, he would bring Macron Goura the Darth and his legion back to Renn's time, a true Sith army, for revenge to what Ikiyro had done.

Still, Renn was in custody of the Tetan Commando who brought him to the Tetan Embassy on Nar Shaddaa, and with no holding cell, put the Revenant commander in a bacta tank. After some time, the Rodian spoke with the Empress, and with no other choice before him, was rather forced into joining the Tetan Empire, and to hide his force ways.

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