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The Beginning

As a child, Sage was raised well. In a caring, loving home, where she lived with her mother, father and younger brother. Fascinated with the Jedi, she would go to see how their order worked. She grew to like how the Jedi were and hoped that some day when she was old enough, she could become one.

A week after she turned seven years old, on a cold night in mid-winter, Sage and her family were settling in for their rest for the night when she heard a knock at the door. Interested and curious at who could be at the door so late at night, she headed to the top of the stairs that led to her and her brother's room. Listening closely bye the rails...she heard a man speaking to her father. The strange man's voice seemed to grow louder and harsh towards her father when she heard her mother cry out. Silence filled their once peaceful home... Slowly taking a look down through the rails, she seen her mother laying on the floor, covered in blood laying next to her father, also covered in blood. Then her eyes shifted upward. Hovering just above her parents...a man in black, holding a saber...eyes red as the blood surrounding her parents bodies. Too engulfed bye black, she couldn't see his face.

Horrified she quietly hurried up to her room. Terrified she went to her younger brother and woke him up as quietly as she could. Not knowing what to do she fled their home. Sage managed to shelter them in a small cave. Finding food within their surroundings and by stealing food and clothes...she managed a life by themselves. Sage was too frightened to leave her little cave, thinking that the man in black would come for them.



Years had gone by for Sage...she felt older than her age. Now defiant and impatient she felt a rage growing inside of her throughout the years. At the age of 28, Sage sought out a friend that was a Sith. He showed her what the darkside could do. Without hesitation she sought out to join them. Feeling overwhelmed by her inner power wanting to explode. She felt the force strong within her and wanted to seek out the man that killed her mother and father. So she decided to join the Sith, turning her brother to the darkside with her.


Sage didn't start out well when becoming a Sith. She dueled a Sith Lord for slave rights not understanding what she would be getting herself into. In the confusion a friend had freed her. After the confusion was cleared, this Sith Lord had sought out to make her his apprentice. Feeling that he was holding her back, Sage was enraged. Slowly her anger taking hold of her she wanted her Master to pay for his mistreat of her. Finding allies, they helped her alienate her master. He was angered by this betrayal and sought her out to kill her. Challenging her to a duel...she accepted. Unable to keep her wits about her, she was to eager to kill her old Master. In the middle of the duel, her new master and two other's had to interfer for she would have died.

Under the guidance of her new Master, Nox, she was learning quickly. He expected only the best out of her and she wished to do just that. She wanted to learn and train to become powerful. Her anger fed her desire to seek out this power within herself.


Not long after joining the Sith, she learned from her brother that they had another brother. A half brother, who was Jedi. She had convinced him to join her and the Sith, but was betrayed shortly after for he went back to being a Jedi. This angered her greatly and she wanted revenge against her half brother. She had help to seeking him out. Once he was caught she retured to the Sith Empire where she tortrued him. Taking his right hand, scarring his face and stabbing steal rods through his feet she still felt angered by his betryal. He escaped from her and fled the Empire.

After her half brother had time to heal, he challenged her to a duel. She accepted angered that he had escaped her before. The duel ended badly for her, for she let her anger overwhelm her and she lost her concentration and lost. He was greatly mad at her for what she had done to him, so he in turn had taken her feet and right arm.

It took incredible tolerance for pain to regrow her limb, but she managed through it. Soon after she got entangled in a Sith Lords lure. Feeling trapped between sorted feelings she was able to break away from his grip. Not knowing how or why he had let her go so easily, she left his side. While she was entangled with this Sith Lord, she seen comfort within another. Whom she began to have feelings for, though she thought it was impossible. Curious as to what might happen they began to fall for each other. Soon she began to feel things differently about being a Sith. Her mind was clouded with confusion. This Sith Lord that she was filled with confusion about was named Serpentis. Unknowingly he kept watch of her. She did not know this, but felt a rare connection with him. Soon the two found something within them that they did not know that could happen. Her heart felt a pounding that she had once forgotten.

The Jedi into Hiding

Jedi Sage

One day her younger brother sought her out to try to turn her to the lightside. He wanted her and their brother to join the Jedi. Still clouded by her emotions, she sought out some Jedi for answers. Seeing that being Sith wasn't her path any longer, she decided to seek out something else, something different. Stealing Serpentis away into the dark, she told him of her plan and wanting to leave the Sith. Sick of the abuse and mistreat she wanted something better. So they took her brother and saught refuge with Unity in Endor. Where they start their new path within the light. Hoping to overcome her old rage she began to feel more at ease. Yet still anticapting who will come for them when the Sith find out that they have betrayed them. Serpentis left behind his Sith name and became his former self, simply Mutifex. A long forgotten name. Now anxious for her new journey to begin with her new life and mate, she feels her future unfolding before her.

After being with the Jedi for a short time she learned that not all Jedi are as they say. For the Unity Jedi that she had joined with her brother and her mate, they were stabbed in the back. They were blamed for the down fall of the Unity Order. Seeing that the Jedi weren't any better than Sith, her anger grew to it's full strength. Her rage taking over her, feeling the power that she once held back.

Lord Serpentis

On upon leaving the Jedi, her brother and Mutifex went into hiding together. Her and her small family recieved many offers from Sith to join them. Seeing that they couldn't suit their needs they didn't accept any of them and continued to flee for solitude. Feeling her rage inside of her growing stronger a memory from her past bursted out of like a bright light that she hated. The memory of her parents laying dead in their own blood. Killed by an unknown murder. Knowing that she cared deeply for Mutifex reguardless of her anger that brewed within her, she went to him and asked for his help in trying to find this murder. For she could sense him. Yet she was still clouded by emotions and couldn't imagine why it was hard for her to sense him better. She wanted her powers to be stronger so that she could find this stranger and make him suffer in pain as he had caused her so long ago.

Serpentis's Slave

She asked Mutifex to assist her in reaching into the depts of her memory to see if there was something else that they could find out, but when she awoke not realizing she had fallen asleep. She felt different, more tamed or controlled. She didn't understand what had happened and for some reason, didn't feel the urge to seek out the mysterious murderer any longer. Not understanding what was happening to her or why she offered herself to be Mutifex's slave, who had taken back his sith name, Serpentis. He gratefully accepted her offer and collared her. Now able to control her every move, she was now his to keep.

Telos IV

Serpentis had taken her and her brother with him to a planet called Telos. Where they would rise up and control the Telos Sith Order. As the order began to grow larger within days. Sage seen that Serpentis was far more powerful than she was. Still unable to sense why she couldn't pull herself away from Serpentis long enough to find out information on her parents murderer, she had slowly began to forget. Every once in a great while she would have nightmares of that dreadful night.

Knowing that her Master/Owner Serpentis would gain great power being main leader of the Telos Sith, she urged him to step forward and become leader. He had done so, yet she still sensed something was off within the force. Unsure of what it was, she felt something within her, holding her back. Trying to find out and dig deeper into this she had her brother begin to help her out. Finding bites and pieces of information left around. She soon came to realize that Serpentis enslaving her, wasn't for the reasons she had once thought. Now, feeling angrier by the day, she began to unfold more of the puzzle that her Master/Owner had so desperately tried hiding. Seeking the help of her brother, Lord Volken, they began to piece together more of the puzzle.


Finally in one bust of strength, she was able to seek deeper into her mind with the help of her brother. Finding out what it was that was clouding her thoughts. Angered by finding out that Lord Serpentis was the one controlling her mind, she sought him out. He fled Telos and hid in some other plante. When her and her brother found him they showed no mercy and made sure that he paid for his mistake of killing their parents.

Now that Lord Serpentis was dead, Sage and her brother went back to Telos, where she took over as Leader of the Order. As the Telos Sith Order grew, she began to feel something within herself changing. With Serpentis dead, things were clearer than they have ever been for Sage. At her full strenght and power, she still felt something was missing from her reign as Telos Sith Leader and carefully began to seek it out.


When by chance she came across a Jedi woman who also felt something missing. Gladly accepting the Jedi woman into the sith order, Sage sensed a presence growing within the woman. She was to have a child of great power. Sage, herself was planning to secretly steal away the child and continue on with her plan to take the childs power. On attacking the father, Atticus Jetaime, his wife gave him the option to join the sith or die. Not wanting his child to be harmed, his anger grew greatly and he joined the Telos Sith Order. Sage decided to call him Lord Morpheus.

Lord Morpheus

When it came time to reveal part of her plan, Sage and the mother, Lady Seryl plotted together to kill the child now that it was born. When Lady Seryl least expected it, Sage planned on her previous plan. Someone within the Sith Order heard of this and betrayed them, turning to Lord Morpheus about his daughters demise. Feeling unsettling about it, he took his daughter and fled for the Jedi temple, knowing they would help him there. Thus returning to the Jedi and bringing back Master Jetaime. Yet still he felt he didn't belong with the Jedi, but knew no other way to keep his daughter safe.

Upon another battle with his estranged Sith wife, Atticus and her fought a horrible battle where he had fallen, wounded and in pain. He reached into Sage's mind reminding her of how she had helped him free a prisoner. If the other Sith Leaders were to find out, she would lose her spot as leader or be killed for the small betrayal. Restricting Lady Seryl from killing Master Jetaime, she was able to prolong his life for a little longer. In a fury, Lady Seryl took Master Jetaime's left arm. One robotic arm and two robotic legs taking the place of what use to be human parts.

Jedi Master Atticus Jetaime

Angered by her ruined plans Lady Seryl had captured Master Jetaime. Kept him prisoner in the Sith Temple while he was slowly tortured by her and Sage. While he was held captive Sage began to change within herself. Her anger disapating once again, seeking out more time with this Jedi Master. She soon carved her name into his chest branding him her property. Strangely, Master Jetaime wasn't bothered by her presence and almost seemed welcomed by her. Torturing soon turned to civilized chats. Seeing how he was changing her, she was angered greatly remembering how Sith Lord Serpentis had betrayed her. In a rage she had bitten Master Jetaime. Instead of withering away from her bite, he craddled her in his arms enjoying the pain. Slowly they began to bond and Sage began to trust him. Fearing for his safety, Atticus and Sage began to plan his escape. Atticus barely managed his escape, before Lady Seryl came to slaughter him, fleeing back to the Jedi Temple.

A Change

Lord Magmus

In secret Sage turned to her brother Lord Zukel and told him about how she was changing. How she had learned within herself of her feelings for this Jedi Master. Atticus and Sage began to see each other privately. Soon their feelings for one another grew into something more and they soon held a private, secret wedding ceremony. Then returned to their seperate orders where they would plan for her leave of the Sith.

Sith Lord Semple

Slowly but surely Sage realized more than ever that being part of the Sith wasn't her path to be taken. Knowing that Lord Magmus would slay her if she were to be revealed in her betrayal, she began to think of ways to escape this. Unknowingly, she was convinced to go into the Sith prison, accompanied by Sith Lord Semple, Sith Lord Magmus and her apprentice Perks Lancaster.

Apprentice Perks Lancaster

Where the Sith Lords commanded the apprentice to strike her down to her death. He did so as one of the Lords held her with the force in place so she had no place to run or to defend herself. She was taken down, with no life left inside of her, forever gone.



The Sith had a different plan for her. They had been cloning her, so that in time when this was to happen, her death would benefit them all. She would be cloned, her force essence returned to her, only more evil and more powerful to suit their own selfish needs. What they didn't realize, when they brought back her force essence, they brought back an ancient evil.

This evil possessed Sage, burying her deep inside her own subconsience. Stolen away, she fought to free herself of this evil. When alive, this ancient evil called itself Zalandra. Now waiting to cause great pain, suffering and bring fear to all that she comes across, she waits to come to her full strength. When that happens, nothing or no one will be able to stop her.

The Prophecy of Sabintha

As Sabintha gets older, training with a Jedi and Sith, working together to better her skills so that she may be able to defeat this Ancient evil. She must overcome all fears and train with the Jedi and Sith to defeat this Ancient evil Zalandra. To do so she must battle her to free Sage from her hold.

The Grey Jedi

The time has finally come for Sage to leave the Telos Sith Order. Her newly found devotion to Master Jetaime got her to make a massive move into becoming a Grey Jedi. Along with the help of her brother convincing her. As he started a fresh order from the rubble of Telos, a new breed of warriors were born. Together they would bring about a new balance. A more truer balance of the force. Only doing what they must, when they must. Cloned and ready to become what she was always meant to be, Sage sets foot out into the new Order.

Soon after joining the Grey Jedi, her brother, Zukel and her found that their father had survived the massacre on that horrible night so long ago. Their father turned out to be no other than Sith Leader, Lord Magmus.

Lord Magmus

In finding out that her father was the Telos IV Sith leader, Sage was confused with many mixed emotions. She was unsure of how to go on about this information. So she decided to keep it to herself. Never wanting to reveal any of it.

As Sage is thrust into many different situations it's become clear to her that when she uses the force, it draws out Zalandra more and more. Now forced to try and withhold from using the force, the only hope she has of avoiding conflicts are her Order, Allies and her blade. Still at times Sage was unable to withstand using the force, which she so lightly treaded, has helped inched Zalandra out. Though, with the help of a few allies, a force barrier was put up in her mind to help contain this evil inside of her. Becoming unstable, she now looks to other ways of keeping her back. No longer can Atticus and Jedi, Xoza, alone keep it back as it grows stronger by the day. Waiting for the perfect time when Sage is too exhausted from fighting it, to escape and take over her body. All she can do is wait patiently and see if she is strong enough to over come this Ancient evil...

On a turn of events, they come to see that the prophecy was very wrong. It wasn't the daughter of Atticus that would be the one to defeat Zalandra, but Atticus himself that would be the only one to defeat her. Just as Zalandra had finally forced Sage down and surfaced, Atticus was able to battle her. It was a long battle, but thankfully, he was able to defeat her, but just barely. Atticus was weakened from the battle. Now Sage was back to her normal self, but feeling some what hallow. Feeling as if something was missing from herself. Unsure of what it was, she began to wander the halls of Telos, often lost in thoughts, staring off into nothing.

Sukasa Kandosii

Feeling as thought something bigger was to come from all this, Sage continued in her roaming of Telos IV. When by chance she ran into a stranger. She did not know this mans name. All she knew was that she was allured by him. Something about this man had her seeking him out more and more. She wanted to know more about him and to seek out his name. When that time came she found out that his name was Sukasa Kandosii. Yet she felt troubled by this, for she had made a union with Atticus Jetaime. She did not want to betray Atticus with her new found feelings for this stranger whom she befriended. Unsure of herself, from her past of trusting men, she didn't want to get too entangled with Sukasa


As the days went by, she found herself wandering around Telos IV looking for Sukasa. Their few interactions with one another made her feeling of something missing slowly disapate. Yet she was feeling guilty, for Atticus was still her partner. Soon her feelings for Sukasa were growing as she began to realize that Atticus wasn't noticing her walking off any longer. That he no longer would call out to her asking her whereabouts. He no longer was showing much if any concern about her. She was feeling neglected by this Jedi Master whom she had cared so much about. Now that hallow feeling was being filled with that of a man she hardly knew about. A man whom seemed to be there out of no where for her. A man that gave her attention that none other had ever before. Sukasa was changing her world more than she could ever imagine.

The more that Sage was around Sukasa the more that the emptyness she had been feeling was disapating. The more that she realized that Atticus was no longer like he once was. He was too wrapped up in his own things to notice that he was pushing her away. Before Sage realized, Sukasa had won her over. Her heart feeling full and her attention on wanting to be near him, he had completely stolen her from Atticus. Stealing kisses when they were alone. It was only left up to her to leave Atticus and that time came soon after.

Not long after leaving Atticus for Sukasa, Sage found out that Atticus had parished. He died defending a mother he only recently found out about, Lady Raven of the Dark Jedi. Feeling horribly about it, she didn't go to his funeral. She didn't feel comfortable enough to be around all of his family and friends after she had left him for another man. Even if they had decided together that it would be for the best.

Upon leaving the Grey Jedi, Sage was hasty and rejoined the Telos IV Sith. Where she was by her fathers side, who became the leader after her leave. She didn't consider that Sukasa would soon changer her mind and that she would join the Mandalorian's. Even though she knew the punishment for leaving the Sith, being she did before, she still went before her father and told him of her decision of wanting to leave the Sith to join the Mandalorian's.

After Sage joined the Mandalorian's, her brother Zukel had followed suit, but he didn't last as she did. He wasn't strong enough or skilled enough with any blaster placed before him. With no clue to what happened to him or what ever became of him, he mysteriously disappeared. Never to be heard from or seen again.

A little while after that happened, Sage's father seemed to have mysteriously disappeared as well. Rumors came back to reach Sage saying that her father had left the Sith and some how died. Now she was seeking out more information on her father's disappearance or his death. Yet something told her that he was still alive, as much as the Mandalorian's dispised using the force she felt that she must, just to know if she could sense that he was alive or not.

Unsure of how things and events in her life seemed to be going, they seemed to worsen, when her youngest, half brother Ben, joined the Mandalorian's. Knowing him and who he truely was, she called him out, knowing that he was one that would never change. That all he would cause is chaos and trouble. Upon a challenge between the two, Sage managed to take her half brother down. In a previous duel with Sage and Ben, he wounded her badly. So in turn she returned the favor and did what he did to her. Making sure the pain was all the same to him that he had caused her. In his death, her side of the family no longer existed. If only she could find her father alive, she would know for sure.

Sage now began to focus on the one that stole her heart and the new clan that she had much to prove to...

Clan Katarn

Adenn Kandosii

Starting over with Sukasa, he was able to get her into the Mandalorians. Worried about how she would do and with her past history of changing orders she made it a personal promise to do her utmost best. Soon she was put into Clan Katarn, under her brother in law's leadership. Adenn Kandosii has been the best leader she has encounter thus far and she felt honored to be led by such a leader.

Doing her best to learn the ways of the Mandalorian's, Sage sought out all the information she could. Learning fast was always one of her good qualities, so she became quite known with their ways and customs. Sage has never felt more comfortable or at home in other orders than she did with the Mandalorians.

Sukasa began to train her with her choice of a weapon, the SFOR Blaster Carbine rifle. Soon she was becoming better and better with it. Greater than she ever was with her saber or blade. In no time she was confident in her skills.

As time went on, less and less people decided to come after Sage. Where as in the other orders she was being threatened almost daily. Now she has finally found her true home, with the Mandalorian's, in clan Katarn. She felt protected and more so she felt she could finally protect herself. Gaining the confidence that she lacked in every other order. No longer feeling the need to depend on others in her order she wanted to venture out onto other planets, seeing things she never truely got to see before. The feeling of being free to venture out finally setting in. Sage was very happy with being the Mandalorian's. From this outcome a new Sage emerged. New and improved. Confident and self relient.

The Kandosii Family

Sukasa and Sage

As time went on, Sage and Sukasa conceived a child. A boy they had decided to name Dean Kandosii. Now their family, though small, were strong. Adenn, the oldest of them all. Sukasa being the second eldest. Talak the youngest of the three brothers. Then in addition to the Kandosii family, came Sage and Dean. Always looking out for one another and making sure to always be there for one another. Taking the Mandalorian values and code very deeply, Sage would always do what was right by her family, clan and all Mandalorian's.

Of course Sage had her good and bad days as a Mandalorian. Sukasa and Sage argued daily, but still managed to pull through even stronger than before. Able to get past their small or big differences. She loved Sukasa more than anyone she has ever known. She loved her family and her clan. Her clan always being part of her family, she would grow daily in it's customs. Learning something from it every day.

Yet, she still remembered her past, never forgetting the things she had done to others. The one's she left behind to better her own life. The thoughts of being a sith never leaving her mind. For in the end that was what she truely began as. It wasn't something that she would ever regret. For she did have fond memories of when she was once a sith. Though she would never go back to being Sith. She could never do that, because if she did, she couldn't be who she was. She couldn't be herself...So the Mandalorian life is where she decides to stay. The life of honor and fairness is where she will stay until the day that she is taken from the galaxy...

Genetic Son

Mother and son

While out flying in one of her ships, training with Sukasa. Sage lost control of it, spiraling downward into Telos. Hitting hard, Sage was thrown from the ship, as the hatch popped open, just moments before the impact. In a great deal of pain, she slipped in and out of consciousness. It was a great deal of time since Sage had last used the force, yet her mind was working on it's own. Knowing that she could not survive without a blood transfusion, her mind set to work. Trying to connect with anyone within her bloodline. She wasn't very strong, due to her injuries, but she made a link with someone of her bloodline.

As she faded in and out, seeing two figures standing near her, she wasn't sure who they were. Finally sensing Sukasa near by she tried to ask what had happened, but she slipped back into her deepened sleep. Her mind was hazy and her thoughts were jumbled. When the blood transfusion was completed, she finally began to stablize. With Sukasa staying by her side as she rested, her mind began to relax.

When she woke up from her deep sleep, she found that Sukasa was still with her. Puzzled by remembering two figures there. She asked him who else had been there. Sukasa mentioned one of her old Padawan's from when she was a Unity Jedi. Sukasa told her of how he took this Padawan's blood sample to see if he would be a match for the transfusion. Turned out that he was more than a match. The blood was close to identical. There were a few differences, but that would only mean one thing. Morten Hassanov is Sage's 'genetic' son.

Stunned, Sage began to think back on how this could be possible. Only one thought came to mind of this possibility. Long ago, when starting out on Byss. Sage was abducted by some sith. Sith that thought she would become too powerful and would eventually use that power against them. While she was held captive, they had taken her DNA. Sage had over heard chatter of another Sith that they had taken a sample of. Before she could hear anymore they injected her with something rendering her uncouncious.

Wanting to find out what happened and why her old padawan had become her 'genetic' son, she now wanted to search him out to find out more information from him. Willing to risk her life for this information. She wanted to learn more...


Travelling in the outer rim, Sage reaches out in the force and manages to make a link with her 'son' Morten. Docking with her ship, she awaited any answers he could give her.

Mortens emotional control had been comprimised by the news of his 'mother' and his origins and he had been searching for a place of seclusion to re-emerge as the Jedi he had been for many years.

Morten did not have all the answers Sage was looking for, the best he could do was to tell her what spies had told him. Bothans were able to find fragments that said that there was some kind of renegade sith movement on Byss that seeked to clone strong sith to enable them to take control from Dark Lord Validus. DNA had been taken from Sage and the other 'donor' was unknown but likely a strong sith, living or more likely dead. The intelligence said that 2 of these sith were bred, a male and a female..detailed records seemed to have been destroyed on Kamino and the breakaway sith were all killed, the 'new' sith were presumed dead.


Reaching out to his 'mother', Morten seeked her guidance again for which she obliged. Morten believed that things could be learned from the dark side, order...something that his Jedi Order needed...

The Jedi on Yavin IV became concerned about Jedi Morten Hassanov, seeing that he was falling to the dark side and the presence of Lady Sage could bring those two to power as sith....this was too dangerous. Allies of the Jedi – The Silver Jedi...secretly sent 2 of their Jedi to kill Lady Sage and return Hassanov. They found Hassanov meditating with Lady Sage...seeing it as Sith training...they warned Hassanov off and ordered him to leave for Yavin. Protecting his mother from the Jedi attackers, Morten used all his rage against them, striking them down and striking off their limbs in sheer satisfaction.

Morten's journey to the dark side was complete. He decided to go to Ziost as a Sith order had returned to the ancient Sith homeworld.

Lady Sage did not follow her 'son' and her current whereabouts are unknown. The fighter she had been using was later discovered on the surface of the planet Tatooine in the region of the Dune Sea.

Lady Sage's crashed fighter