SWRPEDIA - Second Life Star Wars Roleplay Wiki

This Group in SWRP on Second Life is designed to bring together all of those who RP as children in SWRP. If things go as planned, and time permits. The creators would like to see this group become an outlet for information geared toward child avatars, and a way to organize events for the kids of SWRP. If you're a kid in SWRP or plan to be, please find a kid in the group, or one of the four owners, including myself, to ask for an invite to the group. There is even a title for those who began their SWRP adventure as a child, SWRP Big Kid, so they can keep in contact as well. This is also useful since eventually, we all grow up.

Group Owners

  • Bill Sharktooth
  • Remigio Baxton
  • Kaminari Shinn
  • Miratae Avro