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Ruusan is a planet of high annual temperatures and the homeland of the New Order of the Jedi.

Places of Interest

  • Mall
  • Ruusan Museum of Art
  • Nexus
  • Marymac Dougall Memorial Hospital
  • Library / Lecture Hall
  • Academy
  • Temple
  • Aquatic Research Lab
  • Jedi Naturalists Conservatory
  • Cantina

Current Combat Systems of Use


The first sim was torn down and rebuilt in the early summer of 2008 to help reduce lag and the second sim was completed a month later. The RP reason for the first Ruusan being destroyed, is that NOJ Master Dracona Kage was over taken by a curse he was suffering from, and leveled the entire city. The New Order of the Jedi rallied together and helped to restore Master Dracona to his former self and end his curse.

While the first two builds featured the region near the nexus, the third build of the New Order of the Jedi Academy (december 2008) moved it on a further, more green, area.