Ruben Hartley, is the son of two farmers from a non-descriptive planet called Krassia in the Outter Rim, which was raided by the Republic and destroyed during his service on Jasier.


Early LifeEdit

Born as a farmer, raised at a young age as a farmer, Ruben never heard much about off-world politics. Krassia was never a part of anything but the random criminal empire that passed through and pulled people away. Though his family lived in a place were few ships wanted to go, due to massive forests that prevented landings. Their crops were mostly a corn-like vegetables, and raised a bovinesque species of meat-heavy creatures that they typically drove into town and sold.

Though life could not always remain as it was as a criminal empire took over Krassia for good, putting heavy taxes on the people. Ruben's family could not keep up the taxes, so they were killed one night, Ruben was 16 and was forced to watch it. After that he signed on with their rivals as hired muscle for the next few years, until one day he followed a voice in the Force to a planet called Jasier.

Life on JasierEdit

On Jasier he was quick to before Ankara, and gained the favour of the Royal Family. Quickly he was hand picked by Ankara to be her personal Guardian. On Jasier, for the many years he served Ankara and her family, he saw much combat against both Sith and Mandalorians. He made friends with her children, but tended to push away most other people, this included the many guards and Jedi that were on the planet; as well as their allied Mandalorians.

Though after some time, Ruben had to leave Jasier to fight on his homeworld, under the ruse of a vacation home. It had taken longer than thought to retake his homeworld from criminals with the Republic, and it ended with the total destruction the of the planet. After watching his first home burn from orbit, he held a bitter hate for the Republic, and for the Jedi, who knew it was going to happen and did nothing for it. Upon returning to Jasier, he discovered the core had been destroyed by Mandalorians. His second home gone, all he had was his blasters and his ship.

After JasierEdit


Finding the FamilyEdit


Saleucami Resistance, Governor, and Re-OccupationEdit


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