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The Ruan Consortium was founded by Fesius Ruan in 230ABY on account of his new status rising in underworld operations. He struck this idea after he saw what corruption was doing to his mind and the sith order, so he had decided that he would spread corruption of his own. His consotium regluates business through the sector, corrupts political leaders into helping his cause, and works towards keeping a war torn galaxy peaceful by removing the hutts from political and slavery buisness.

The pay in the consortium is very generous. Workers get paid better than what the hutts offer and recieve better medical care. There are varing job ranges for pay. It may span from Advisor down to a person gathering buisness clients. Some jobs are pay graded based on performance and/or quota. Most of the workers are very happy with Fesius and are loyal to him because he cares about his people, something the hutts would know nothing about.

"Everyone has a price" :Tyber Zann

"If you have the opportunity, take the chance. If they have doubt, corrupt them" :Fesius Ruan