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A former Dark Lady of the Dark Lords of the Sith. She was preceded by Darth Mortis and succeeded by Darth Zen and Darth Vega, and was credited for stablising the Order in the aftermath of the rage of the Founder Darth Padar, who drove the Order from the planet Korriban and attempted to destroy it.

Rook was one of the first female Sith to achieve the title of Dark Lady of the Sith, serving as Darth Padar's right hand in many dealings as well as organizing the Dark Lords of the Sith while they were on Korriban. Rook was known as Darth Malice while on Korriban, and later as Darth Malificient during the days on Dantooine. Rook was one of the first to achieve the 5th Rank of authority under Darth Padar, and worked to train several of the later Dark Lords and Ladies of the Sith.

Shortly after the exodus from Korriban, Rook disappeared for a time, reappearing as the order re-established itself under Darth Mortis. Rook served for a time again as the Dark Lady of the Sith, but became disillusioned with the Dark Side, and with the assistance of Jedi Master Marymac Dougall, was redeemed. Rook served as a member of the New Order of the Jedi or NOJ, first as a knight, then as a council member and Jedi Master. As a Jedi Master, Rook trained several padawans to full knighthood and later through their trials to master, leaving after a time for parts unknown.

Rook has the distinction of being one of the only High Rank Sith to successfully serve as a Jedi Master in the old orders. In addition, Rook established several of the key documents which have been copied and used by different orders.

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