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Roleplay Combat System (RCS) is a combat system created by Nenilai Valentine. RCS was previoulsy based on Naboo.


RCS was a widely used combat system in SWRP upon its release in early 2006 and for several years afterward.  Its primary draw upon its release in early 2006 was that it was compatible with the popular LCK lightsaber system and that it would work with any type of prim-based weapon. This feature was important because the other main system of that day, DCS, required the purchase of DCS-brand sabers and weapons.

As of early 2014, RCS has not been updated in approximately five years, current posting for the system as well as information seem to have changed, and information is now hosted on http://www.Stregaware.com , also a wiki has been made to replace many of the manuals that previously were inside the system.  It is now only used by the Dark Lords of the Sith in their associated sims.

Latest Version

  • 7.12 (2009-03-23)

Current Price

  • 100L$
  • 500L$ for the RCS force powers (optional).