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The Dynasty that arose on Onderon after the fall of the Imperial Republic, following the path of the Royal Chaperone Duchess Tiffany Vandergraff and her young charge, Princess Thalia, grandaughter of Queen Hyacinth of Onderon.

The increasing political fragmentation of the political situation in the galactic core was refelcted in the growing dynastic split on Onderon. Two distinct Royal Houses began to differentiate themselves: House Astra, following the lead of Princess-Regant Astra, and House Hyacinth, following the line of th late Queen Hyacinth.

House Astra was able to consolidate its hold on Onderon proper, and begin to stabilize the local trade lanes, beginning a period of renewed prosperity for Port Iziz.

The remnants of the Royal House of Hyacinth spread themselves far and wide across the galaxy, taking a leading role in the struggle against the Revenant.

As a general rule, House Astra would take a more insular approach, concentrating on issues vital to Onderon and the recovery of the Onderon people. House Hyacinth would continue to follow its historical pro-Velmor, pro-PGA line of approach even as Onderon proper appeared to repudiate the PGA and enter into a period of renewed competition with the Velmoran oligarchic elites.

The Historian of Ossus writes: The Historian cannot help but be struck by the fascination of the supposedly democratic Velmorans for the trappings, glamour and folderol of the Onderon Monarchy. First Queen Hyacinth, a Velmoran, with her supposed Publican leanings, and then industrial and shipping magnate Tiffany Vandergraff, and finally the great Publican himself, the Selkast General Selkisto Horten, who founded the Great Dynasty based largely on a prominant Royal House of Onderon; all drawn inexorably into the orbit of the ancient Onderon throne.

The Historian also cannot help but speculate that there is something missing in Velmoran culture that allows the throne of Onderon to exert such a fascination over the Velmoran Oligarchy, as well as many others (the Executor Ardonis comes to mind), who seek legitimacy and social confirmation from their proximity to the throne of Onderon.