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Early Life[]

Rimzy flourished from the planet Bakura. Arising from a loving middle class family, which consisted of her father, mother and slightly older brother. Her father Ruscheli was a well known vessel engineer, and quite the intellectual. Growing up Rimzy spent a lot of her time studying, and watching her father repair various vessels from all over the galaxy. She much lacked a social life through her years, considering of the oppressiveness brought by her father. Though her Mother Valencia was quite the opposite when it came to her fathers absent minded, and oppressive nature. Her mother always taught compromise, love, and patience.

Years later Rimzy realized her mother was the true diplomat, and leader of the household. Though Rimzy is thankful for her father's intellectual "push", she finds that is her mother's wisdom that developed her. Rimzy and her older brother Vector were quite opposites. Frankly Vector wasn't the most intelligent being, but he wasn't inane either. Considering Rimzy and Vector were close in age, they were required to participate in the Bakuran Rule of a Feather and a Bowl. This required both of them to take various tests. Rimzy had scored higher in her tests, which meant she was given a feather. Where Vector who had obviously scored lower was given a bowl. In Bakuran culture, the child who receives the feather was required to stay home and receive a prestigious education. Where Vector was required to leave and join a Simple Home, where he would serve the Zanazi prophets. After Vector had left, Rimzy began her education immediately.

With her earned amount of accreditation, and her obvious intelligence and hard work; she was accepted into the Bakur Senatorial Academy. She completed four years at the university. Out of her entire class she was the only individual who was selected for her marks in class, rather than her social, and family status. She also finished at the top of her class. After her graduation she proceeded to complete a year in Coruscant where she worked under a multitude of politicians.

Diplomacy and the Imperial Center[]

After finishing her expected year in Coruscant, she was asked by various politicians to work under them. She was now able to apply her diplomatic skills. Being hired as a diplomat, she worked on various things. At first most of it was "grunt" work, such as consulting, and reviewing various trade agreements. After a short period of time, it was obvious to Rimzy's successors that she would master the craft of diplomacy. They increased her work load, as well as her region. Her new assignments allowed her to travel frequently, as she now handled internal affairs amongst various planets. She began to have a "thirst" for constitutional diplomacy. A year or so later, she received another appraisal from her successors and was granted the allowance to carry out constitutional diplomatic action.

Whispers of a chance.[]

Their were whispers amongst the politicians. A seat had become available in the Bakuran Senate. This seat was in control of one of the largest sectors on the planet. As a Bakuran this ignited hope within Rimzy. Seeking her successors immediately, she engaged them about her proposal. She insisted that she was in prime time to take the Bakuran seat. Her successors reviewed her proposals, they were pleased and felt that she was ready to obtain the seat. A short amount of time passed. Rimzy presented her proposal to the entire Bakuran Senate, she was accepted to an election.

Elected as Bakuran Senator[]

Bakura Insigna

Joining the People's Galactic Alliance[]

After her election within the planet of Bakura. Senator Baudin obtained a second senate seat within the People's Galactic Alliance senate. Within this senate she represents Bakura in a planetary alliance amongst various planets in the galaxy

Queen, Ma'at Nephthys[]

Ma'at Nephthys, Queen of Bakura

During the time Senator Baudin was being elected, tragedy had struck the Bakuran royal family. The current Queen had become deceased. The next inline to the thrown was Queen Ma'at Nephthys, after her sisters death she arrived from Corellia ready to assume her position. Having met many times with the Queen, Senator Baudin became quite fond of her. Their ideals were similiar, as well as their disposition. Both seek a "renovation" of the current structure of both the Bakuran Government and the Bakuran Monarchy.

War evolves within Coruscant[]

Kali Linette's alliance with the Republic begins a ripple effect within the Planet[]

Kali Linette

Kali Linette was a lieutenant and commanding officer of the elite shadow guards of the Consortium Alliance. Kali was sent by the Consortium to initiate some research of a new biological pathogen. Within her travels she managed to be on the opposing side of the Republic. Making contact with a 333rd trooper she attempted to gun him down. Eventually she was captured, and was under interrogation from Republic representatives. Kali agreed to cooperate with the Republic in exchange for an alliance.

The Republic eventually came around to her new proposition and granted her such a status. Considering she was now an ally of the Republic, Bakuran laws considered her a new and permanent resident. She was allowed complete residential status within the Planet, and possibly other allied Republic territories. Considering Kali had a growing hatred towards the current dictator within the Consortium, and their totalitarian government. She cooperated accordingly with both the Republic, providing much important data about the Consortium as an entirety and especially their biological weapons. It wasn't long till the Consortium had news of Kali betraying their government. The Consortium's laws state that traitors are to be punished by death. Not to mention that the Consortium dictator Maroth Zhel took Kali's attack personal, and was on a mission to destroy her.

A visit from the Consortium Government officials[]

A unplanned, nor announced visit from Supreme Chancellor Kata of the Consortium took place. Senator Baudin felt this was extremely intriguing. Feeling that it was odd that a supreme chancellor visited personally, rather than a simple Holo-Comm. Chancellor Kata felt it was necessary to attempt a treaty regarding Kali Linette. The treaty that was proposed would grant the chancellor a lot of reign within the planet. Senator Baudin's natural empathy had taken over, feeling that the Supreme Chancellor's underlying plan was ill intentioned; she denied the treaty. Feeling that it sounded more like orbital occupation, rather than a breech of agreement.

Senator Baudin reminded the chancellor that Kali was cleared as an allied force of the Republic, and that Bakuran law allows her residency. As a resident she is to follow and be protected by Bakuran law. It was not only against the law, but against her moral obligation to extradite Kali to the Consortium, especially that the Senator was aware that Kali would be executed.

As the conversation progressed, the chancellor began to reveal his more "negative" persona. Senator Baudin had enough of his "bullying," she had him arrested for conspiracy. Considering the supreme chancellor was offered a few compromising options, which he denied. A few days had passed, and a Holo-comm was received from the Consortium Dictator himself Maroth Zhel. Maroth announced that the Senators actions were a mistake. He attempted scare tactics, as he assured that both the Republic, and Bakura would be sorry for failing to answer to their request. A fleet of ships was promised to enter Bakura's space and initiate a large amount of fatalities. Till this day, not a single Consortium ship has entered Bakura's Hyperspace.

Intelligence on The Revenant[]

The Revenant Armada continued to cause earth quakes of fear within The Galaxy. Senator Baudin continues to have meetings with the PGA, and the Republic on constant updated information. After the War on Coruscant, it is obvious to her that Unification is necessary to destroy The Revenant. Currently she had implants through various organization , that have provided much progressive knowledge. This will continue to "unfold"

Within the Chaos there is an outlet[]

Some how Senator Baudin has found a positive outlet within the time of War. Her friendly relationship continues to grow with a curious Master Chief Petty Officer, known to her simply as "Vice". When Senator Baudin had first met Vice, she knew there was something different about him. At least compared to the other clones. He was compassionate, his views were ideal, he had much faith in the Republic; which it was obvious they shared. Baudin also found that the Vice's ability to adapt was astounding, most of the clones seemed limited. Seeing that Vice has much an interest in civilization outside the Grand Army of the Republic. She takes it upon herself to show him the galaxy. Though the Senator seems to be giving quite a bit to Vice. Little does Vice know that his ideals enforce her liking of unification, what Vice, and all of the clones represent. Let alone her fascination with adaption itself. Perhaps she may be the only one who can see him for the individual he actually is. Showing him how to tap into that very emotion fascinates her.

Moving within the Peoples Galactic Alliance[]

Rimzy Baudin

The PGA Senate continued to grow, it was time that leadership was needed. Chancellor Tiffany Vandergraff felt comfortable enough to appoint a new Vice Chancellor. A member of the current Senate. The Chancellor summoned Rimzy Baudin to meet her outside of the Senate Chambers. It was there that she was offered the position of Vice Chancellor. Rimzy was surprised and ambivalent towards the position. She felt that she could build the Senate efficiently, but she was concerned for her people. After a weeks time, Rimzy chose to accept the new position as Vice Chancellor. Chancellor, Tiffany Vandergraff appointed her within the Senate Chamber, and the Senate Voted in her favor.

A vote of "No Confidence"[]

The war had been strenuous on all citizens of the galaxy. It was time for new leadership. The Senate called for a vote of no confidence against Chancellor Tiffany Vandergraff. The Senate was tied, leaving the final vote to the Vice Chancellor, Rimzy Baudin. Rimzy was quite shocked at the sudden turn of events. However, as much as she respected Chancellor Vandergraff, she knew that it was time for new leadership. After all, Vandergraff had practically been in office for ten years. Rimzy voted in favor of the "No Confidence" shortly after, she was announced to be Chancellor

Personality and traits[]

Senator Baudin is quite rational. Her tone tends to be rhythmic, almost soothing. She is strong willed, and a constant listener. She rather seek all of the variables. Her philosophies require compromise, and patience. She isn't your typical politician. She has quite the sense of humor.

Lacking a "regal" persona, and refuses to be put on a "pedestal." Within her government standing she seeks unification. Seeing everything must be achieved through "team-work" Senator Baudin also seeks a "hands on" approach, when she worked as a Diplomat she felt that her goals and dispositions were well received when she was physically present. Though it's dangerous she continues to travel frequently.

Growing up from a middle class family, she experiences the struggles of society. As an individual she is obviously an intellect, not to mention she received quite a prestigious education. A random fact: she's quite skilled when it comes to vessel mechanics. Considering she grew up watching, and assisting her father in his craft.