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Ri-Ja, meaning Red Dragon, was a young Miraluka from an unknown planet. The planet was invaded and Ri-Ja was forced to leave do to these conditions. Sent off in a pod she would soon come to tatooine where she is taken in by a local swoop gang by the name of Darkstar. After riding with this swoop gang for some time and doing various tasks for them they encoraged her to inlist in the Grand Army of the Republic as a combat medic to further her knowledge of medicine. She inlists under the name Red. There she would recive a vast amount of medical training and soon becomes a certified doctor. After many years of service she becomes on call for the GAR and returns to anchorhead only to find her old swoop gang destroyed and long forgoten. She turns to piracy and join the criminal syndicate the Black Sun offering her new found feats in the medical field. Today she calls tatooine her home and spends alot of her time on Mos Espa leading Darkstar the infomous swoop gang.

Although she is a miraluka she chooses to only use the force to see and not for combat. Instead she uses a blaster that was custom made for her by a selkath as a peace offering. Her armor consists of cloth and mesh materials. Often she can be seen wearing heavy armor but only for large and planed combat purposes.

Her main associate and best friend goes by the name Trid. She met Trid in her early journeys when she first came into Darkstar. They have been inseparable since going planet to planet doing jobs for the Black sun he is the closest thing to family she has and she considers him an older brother. He now is her right hand in leading the Darkstar. Her boyfriend and soon to be husband is Raizo, not much is known of him other then he is a mechanic and has been most his life.

Fun Facts

Ri-Ja often times called Darth Exitium, 'Sally', during their period of alignment on Bespin and Mos Espa due to her being one of the very few that knew Sila-Haj'ra's name.