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Rhubardin B'Darasuum (In game Rhubardin Fluffball) is an eccentric, hyper energetic, and likely psychotically insane, female Mandalorian. Her species is not something she will personally confirm but is likely Felacatian despite the obvious cat like ears she sports when seen outside of her armor. Her mannerisms are an odd blend of manic optimism, a vacuous mindset, and a near sociopathic disregard for the violeance and destruction that occurs around her. Due to her apparent empty headedness it is not uncommon for many to disregard her more sordid antics when they even deign to notice them at all.

Currently she holds the rank of Alor in the Darasuum clan.

Often employed by K.T.C. Salvage and Manufacturing on various supposedly scientific missions that may be covers for less than legal activities. Apparently these expeditions have acrued so many casualties amongst human personnel that she now prefers to hire gammoreans to act as interns when in the field.

At one point she claimed the title of manda'lor, and often would refer to the role as 'the boss hat'. During her brief tenure her mannerisms became far more serious, and resembled more an annoyed school teacher than a giggling lunatic. Her tenure was also marked by a sudden glut of individuals in beskar'gam trying to challenge her, despite just recently making themselves known amongst the mando'ade community at large, and she fought at least three duels against those she felt were worthy of a chance to lead, or just deserved a good death. She eventually agreed to relinquish the title after a meeting of clan elders decided that no one should hold the title at that time.

Additionally she's known to prefer equipment not commonly utilized by other mando'ade. Her armor is the most striking example, often being a uniquely design fully powered suit more suited to her claimed task of archaeology than to high intensity battle scenarios. She also favors disruptors and sonic based blasters, and claims that they're very helpful in removing obstructions when she's at work. Finally even when is is out of her beskar'gam she is never seen without a massive mechanical left hand, an apparent replacement that is again meant for her archaeological tasks, but also utilized in dismembering foes and unwelcome suitors.