The Revenant Armada was an impressive Sith operated military force. The origins of the Revenant war machine were rooted in manipulation, betrayal, and a quest to concrete a new Sith Empire in the galaxy. The Revenant served as the new military arm of the Empress Tetan Empire, having replaced the Royal Tetan military in the noble coup against the throne. With a strong galactic foothold secured in the Deep Core, the Revenant began their march into the Core, while many more operations spread Revenant influence in the Mid and Outer Rim territories.

Behind the Revenant’s success stood several Sith. Carefully they had played their hands and engineered the events that had lead to the Revenant’s success and place of power. The Revenant serves as a tool to these Sith, each working towards their own ends, along similar means. They promise power and wealth to all those that serve and align their efforts alongside the Revenant.

What follows is an Essential guide to the Revenant Armada, which will never reach completion and always be updated with new information about the faction’s inner workings to the conclusion of their existence in galactic events.

History[edit | edit source]

In the Approximate year of time before the battle of Rendili[edit | edit source]

Three Sith minds unite through mutual alliance in the Assembly of Darkness. Takaki, a new apprentice to the order is visited by an intense vision and through such begins laying the ground work for the Revenant, and a plot to bring the Sith back into galactic power. Darth Ikiryo, Darth Occidian, and Gen Morane are all heavily involved in various parts of the plan, each filling a role best suited to their abilities.

Takaki moves on to secure a business partner. He finds a suitable business arrangement with Tiffany Vandergraff, a Velmor shipping magnate who he met on Onderon. Tiffany would serve as a front to Takaki’s business needs, coerced to assist through fear, or possibly greed. She served as a major role of the ground work and schemes that allowed for the creation of the Revenant Armada. Under instructions from Takaki with blueprints in hand she ordered several dozen facility scale hyper drivesto be manufactured and tested at the Rendili shipyards. A Later betrayal and tip off to the PGA lead to the minor sabotaging of these large engines, but with no knowledge of what their purpose was they went on being produced.

Pirate contacts were forged in many parts of the Outer Rim, and within Hutt-Space. Members of the Red Hand syndicate on Nar Shaddaa were also brought in on Takaki’s next set of plans. This amassed fleet of brigands and scoundrels were bought by greed, and lent their services to Takaki in the task to follow, a full scale assault on the Rendili shipyards.

Secret meetings with Krath associates set into motion plots against the stabilization of the Empress Teta system.

Takaki bargained with the Assembly of Darkness for use of the remains of the former Sith fleets of Vjun. He was granted his request and took charge of the Assembly of Darkness’ fleet and readied them to strike at the heart of the galaxy, Coruscant. This assault was only staged as a distraction. Failure was known from the start, there was no chance the aged vessels could stand against the amassed might of the PGA which currently occupied Coruscant after the defeat of the Empire during their war with the RLF.

The Battle of Rendili[edit | edit source]

In an unannounced assault the Assembly of Darkness sent its remaining fleet vessels from Vjun to exit hyperspace near Coruscant. They engaged head on with the PGA’s forces in a suicide clash as blockade runners and landing vessels were launched in mass towards the planet’s surface. The landing forces were small in number, not an invasion force that could pose any long lasting harm. For the next several hours combined forces of House Morane, Sith Dynasty, and the Assembly of Darkness spread chaos through the streets. They eventually were routed by the forces of GAR and the PGA.

As the feint attack on Coruscant commenced the amassed fleet of pirate and scoundrel forces under various fringe banners exited hyperspace in Rendili. Their assault was fierce and fast, immobilizing localized security forces and defense satilites. They scurried from dry-dock to dry-dock, unpacking the facility scale hyperdrives that had been built there and began rigging them to the shipyard facilities themselves. Due to the sabotaging efforts of the PGA however, the hyperdrives failed to activate and bring the facilities to safety on schedule.

While the pirate forces worked to recalibrate the hyperdrives, a combined assault team of PGA and Fel Imperial forces came out of hyperdrive, breaking the pirate blockade and engaging in battle with their forces. They managed to land on the primary facility, and in a successful boarding action destroyed a Rendili mainframe full of production schematics of various PGA military vessels. They fled before the facilities finally made their jump to hyperspace, and in the aftermath the pirate forces seized a great deal of supplies and ships from the attack and dispersed back to their common hunting grounds and areas of business.

In the approximate Three to Four years following the Battle of Rendili[edit | edit source]

After the Rendili shipyards were safely stowed in the hard to navigate cluster of the Deep Core the next set of plans went into motion. Various engineers, willing and otherwise were transported to the secret location of the shipyards. Acompanying them and arriving in regular shipments in the months to come were hundreds of slave laborers, purchased in bulk in backroom deals forged between Takaki and the Hutt lords. With this the production of the Revenant Armada began.

The PGA worked to cover up the incident that happened in space around Rendili, but still came to recognize the true threat that was posed. The trafficking of slaves was soon discovered, and several operations, many successful were lead against the growing number of Revenant operatives on Nar Shaddaa.

The seeds of chaos continued to be spread throughout the Empress Teta system. Various Krath supporters offered vast assistance in the destabilizing of the Tetan government. Greed was appealed to within the noble structure and within the royal military; setting the stage for what would be a massive coup against the throne. The spark for the civil war was provided at last when a Krath assassin took the lives of the Emperor, Empress, and their Royal Guard. This left a young girl to inherit the throne, Empress Xera Keto. Political factions, motivated by the ideas of greed and power planted by Takaki and the Krath began to in fight, this steady rate of social decay lead to the royal house securing itself, and the young Empress within the Iron Citadel, their influence waning with each passing day.

Current Deployment of the Revenant[edit | edit source]

The Revenant Marauder Corps[edit | edit source]

The Marauder Corps are the main Infantry branch of the Sith-allied military force known as The Revenant Armada. The ranks are similar to those you might expect to find in modern day military offensives and forces, and there are a few sub-divisions including demolitions, marksmen, heavy units and the Advanced Infitration Unit (or AIU), lead by Commander Keith Richter. Marauders are issued armor, weapons and recieve training in assault, defence and special operations warfare, though not as extensive as the AIU. With Colonel Richter defecting to the Tetan Empire, his replacement Sergeant Tanner seemingly resigned, it is unclear who leads the Marauder Corps now.

The Revenant Autocracy[edit | edit source]

The Revenant Autocracy is a name the Naval branch of the Armada took for itself. The Naval Academy of Prestige teaches and trains worthy cadets in the art that is naval warfare and command. Overseen by the Naval Court of Aristocrats the Revenant Navy is among largest and most impressive battle fleets in the galaxy. The officers the Academy produces go on to the Autocracy and lead capital ships into battle. They are generally not force sensitives, most of the Navy are average people doing their part for an ideal they devotedly believe in. The Navy has a flair for the dramatic and impressive, as is evident by the build, style, and size of the ships they command, as well as the garb they dress themselves in.

The Revenant Wraiths[edit | edit source]

The Revenant Wraiths are a branch of the Armada which is something of a hybrid between the Emperor's Hand's and a Royal Guard. They have task's which include internal affairs, the protection of Tetan Empire officials as well as other Armada allied leaders and intel.. Wraiths are usually and preferably force users, as most of their combat and operations require use of the force where the Marauder Corps lack it, making up for that with their heavy weapons. There is a maximum of seven Wraith's at any given time.

The current Wraith's are Darth Apparition,Darth Malevolex,Darth Muertelos, Saint Talon, Jakira, Zor, Grado-Ekk, and are at full capacity.

The Tetan Empire[edit | edit source]

Main article: Tetan Empire

The Tetan Empire is a monarchy which controls the Empress Teta System and it's nine planet's (Keres I, Keres II, Gallad, Mozos, Tryast, Phiris, Phoros, Ronika and most notably Koros Major also known as Empress Teta). Many years ago they had taken part in two great wars under the legendary Empress Teta, the Unification Wars and the Great Hyperspace Wars leading to the ultimate defeat of Sith Lord Naga Sadow. In 3997 BBY the Empire would be siezed by Krath and aid Exar Kun in his wars, though following such the Krath influence on the Tetan Empire would retract to the shadows. In more recent times the Empire had been ruled by Empress Lani Keto but the return of the Krath would spell her doom, she and her husband and many other nobles were murdered in a Krath uprising. Her daughter, Xera Keto would ascend to the throne at fifteen amidst utter chaos. The Revenant Armada would be asked to restore order, and they did so with a heavy hand. Despite some tension and accusations that the Armada had been behind the Krath uprising, the Armada and the Tetan Empire worked in coordination -- the cooperation growing over time as the young Empress seemed more accepting of the Grand Admiral's counsel as years went by. Infamous bounty hunter and Tapani noble Gen Morane would marry the Empress gaining the post of Emperor in what many saw as a political union, but after a few years it would be discovered by the Grand Admiral that Morane had been working with what remained of the Imperial forces, he would be banished and the marriage dissolved leaving the Empress as the sole ruler of the Empire. After being supressed by the Armada for many years many of the nobles have taken up arms in revolt with the Empress Xera Keto, only Sith nobles seem to remain supporting the Armada.

The Revenant Alliances[edit | edit source]

Revenant Personnel[edit | edit source]

(just listing those I've found pages for)

Cain Rosenkreuz- Commander of the Wraith's, and a Count in the Tetan Empire, as of late he has wed a princess from Bakura as well as become a trusted associate of the Tetan Empress.

Qwel Tannix - Commodore in the Revenant Autocracy, is known to be a gifted tactician.

Luis Rellin - Known as 'Ghost' an AIU Operative holding the rank of Sergeant.

Saint Talon - Not much is known of this Rodian and what he does, and he seems to prefer to keep it that way.

Huttila the Hutt - An ally and advisor to the Revenant until his death at the hands of Jedi. His death as well as Preacher's being perhaps the two biggest blows the Armada has suffered. He and his pirate fleet were accomplished raiders who aided the Armada on many occassions.

Ku'gan the Hutt - Like Hutlla, this warrior Hutt is an ally and advisor to the Revenant, and has been known to not shy away from battle, one of the boldest Hutt's to date.

Maroth Zhel - Leader of the Consortium Alliance, another key ally to the Revenant Armada, he has also aided them in the capacity of an advisor.

Zenn Occidian - Lord Occidian was one of the most feared and respected Sith in the galaxy, a rodian who would mercilessly strike down fellow Sith who showed any weakness. He was one of the founders of the Armada with Abyssus and Ikiryo. Though he has not been seen as of late he remains one of the most prominant figures in the history of the Armada.

Vidya Vyper - a Zeltron Tetan Vicereine who had first come to the Empire courtesy of an Armada ally in Madame Anju, she has since managed to impress the Empress enough to be granted a title often being looked to in matters of diplomacy.

Grado-Ekk - One of the Wraith's, seems to be a favorite of the Empress perhaps do to his lineage that connects him to the Empire's past..

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