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The Revenant Advanced Infiltration Unit (AIU) is a specialised branch of the Marauder Corps, involved with Special or Black Operations, and considered one of the forces in the Galaxy to be reckoned with, excluding the Armada itself.

The AIU hadn't always been, and was originally created just to be the Elite of the Marauder Corps. Lead by Cain 'Apparition' Rosenkruez for a period of time whilst the Armada remained on Coruscant, the AIU was involved with the defence of the palace, the infiltration of Korriban's sith temple after a supposed plot had been created against the Armada by one of the Sith Orders, and the elimination of as many PGAF Marines and local Jedi as possible during the period of time spent on Coruscant.

The AIU Receive special and experimental training in force powers, technology, operation of weaponry and other fields. Because of the volatile and experimental nature of this training, there are still only a few AIU in existence, however that by no means implies that they are in any way weak.

Now lead by CO 'Spectre', The AIU continue their work in infiltration and investigation for many things, some more important than others, and the job always varies. Life is never boring when you're an Operative of the Revenant Armada's AIU... ;D

When up aginst the AIU, saftey in numbers is nothing. When up against the AIU, the size of your stick won't save you. When up aginst the AIU, you run, you hide... and you pray by the force that they don't find you.

Current and active members of the AIU include:

> AIU Commanding Officer 'Spectre' (Played by Conor Sparta)

> Staff Sergeant 'Shade' (Played by Mezrin Kenin)

> Sergeant/Operative 'Ghost' (Played by Aidas Phelan)

> Several Recruits/Privates/PFC's/Corporals (Played by Ike Abbot (inactive), Ferrak Bellic and Gavin Capelo)

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