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The Republic Liberation Front, known commonly as the RLF was a political reform movement organized by then Queen of Velmor, Hyacinth Janick. It was formed in response to the Empire's inability to overcome obstacles due to the limitations of its monarchy structure, and with the aim of gradually transitioning the Imperial Senate into a body of power that would eventually govern the galaxy. After the dissolution of the Imperial Senate, the Republic Liberation Front changed its goal to creating a new Republic, based from the planet Onderon. The Republic Liberation Front gave birth to the Republic Liberation Forces, and both were dissolved upon the creation of the People's Galactic Alliance in 238 ABY.


Initial plans for the XF-35 Vev Prototype Interceptor

Queen Hyacinth Devi Janick helped found the Imperial Senate, chaired by the Empress Reagent Talmerith Jael, a distant cousin of Hyacinth. As the senator of Velmor, she formed political alliances with Pankaja, Senator of Kashyyyk, Acantha Heron, representative of the Intergalactic Banking Clan, and Captain Tesserian of the Spice Trade Fleet. This small political coalition was characterized by a liberal outlook on trade, civil rights, and security. After the Empire committed to a war on Vjun, in spite of the economic implications to the Spice Trade Fleet and Representative Tessarian's unheeded pleas, Queen Janick took possession of the back room of a small, run down droid repair shop operated by an eccentric Echani named 'Skye', staging it as the meeting place of the Velmoran Freedom Fighters, later renamed to the Republic Liberation Front. It was here that politicians, soldiers, and citizens gathered to voice their opposition to Imperial policy, and plan dramatic reform. Plans of the Velmoran fighter prototypes such as the Vev and Xesh fighters were first showcased in the repair shop's hidden back room, developed to combat the threat of the Consortium. The fighters would later evolve into the famous interceptors used by the Republic Liberation Forces and the elite fighter squadron, Crimson Squadron. Imperial Senate Representative Acantha Heron and the Stormtroopers that would later defect from the Imperial Storm Corps often frequented these meetings.

Assassination and Dissolution of the Imperial Senate[]

Queen Janick returned to Velmor to realize her dream of turning the burgeoning planet into a democracy.In her absence, her personal guard Selkisto Horten assumed her position on the Imperial Senate. During the next few meetings, the intentions of the RLF became more public, but few incidents of note occurred until the last meeting of the Imperial Senate. Acantha Heron, taking advantage of a security distraction and Queen Janick's absence, stormed Empress Jael's podium and attempted to assassinate her. Immediately, Imperial Knights filled the senate hall. The assassination attempt was foiled by Knight Katti Meili, and Acantha was imprisoned. Selkisto Horten, with the help of a former Imperial Knight, broke into the prison, and was stopped by Imperial Knights and the Empress herself. Both were surprised when stormtrooper reinforcements unexpectedly turned on their Imperial commanders and freed Acantha, escaping with Selkisto to a brief exile on Korriban.

Onderon, and Imperial Impositions[]

Standard issue to Velmoran infantry, the Velmoran Combat Armor became the unofficial uniform of the Republic Liberation Front

While restructuring Velmor's government, Hyacinth Janick received a messenger from the Royal House of Onderon, who revealed that she was the next member of the royal bloodline to succeed the throne, following a long and bloody civil war in its capital city of Iziz. She hurried to the war-torn planet to organize reconstruction of Iziz, and settled into her new home, hoping to use it as a base of operations for the Republic Liberation Front, which had set its aims to restoring the Galactic Republic. After Selkisto, Acantha, and the defected Stormtroopers joined her following a harrowing escape from Imperial pursuit on Korriban, the former Intergalactic Banking Clan representative was placed under house arrest in the Onderon Palace, punishment for the assassination attempt which had jeapordized the RLF's peaceful path to reform. Immediately Hyacinth, now acting queen of Onderon, began tentative diplomatic relations with the Galactic Empire, allowing for an Imperial embassy in the capital city. The embassy was soon revealed to be a spy outpost used to listen in on encoded transmissions from the Royal Palace, and was shut down by the RLF and the former stormtroopers who became a mercenary group named the Ordinus Cruoem.

Tensions Rise[]

Despite the grave and aggressive implications of this action by the Empire, Hyacinth refused to commit to a war, and proposed that the Empire and Onderon instead commit to a joint stimulation and patrol of the Perlemian Trade Route, a trade hyperlane some distance from Onderon, but which lead directly to the Imperial capital of Coruscant. War was averted, and a fragile peace maintained for the next several months.

Seeking to strengthen Onderon and the RLF, Queen Janick established a loose alliance with the Mandalorians of the nearby moon of Dxun by regularly supplying them with goods from the city. She also reached out to the Beast Riders, a group of exiles who lived in the jungles outside of the city, offering them amnesty, as well as residence and citizenship in Iziz. During the formation of these alliances, the queen set her sights on forming a new senate, which would be seated on Onderon, which she planned to restructure into a democracy, as she had Velmor. Acantha left Onderon, and the RLF, and Raavi Mann, a former leader of the RSF, replaced her as admiral of the RLF. During this time, Queen Janick was revealed to be pregnant, and gave birth to her daughter Calliope, fathered by her husband Selkisto Horten, though the couple had opted to keep their marriage a relative secret.

Seeking to permanently destroy evidence of the Empire's illegal spying, Ardonis Commodore, leader of Spectre, a commando squad affiliated with the Galactic Empire, infiltrated the Onderon Royal Palace, secretly putting a virus on its main computer and setting off numerous explosions around the city. Selkisto Horten lead an investigation of the incident, eventually uncovering one of the members of Spectre and her involvement in the raid. This confrontation lead to a standoff in the Onderon Cantina, where the bounty hunting group House Morane was first employed to aid the Onderon Royalty against the Empire. A small skirmish ensued, and in the aftermath, Atticus Jetaime, commander of the Imperial Knights and husband to Empress Jael, turned himself in in the place of the Spectre agents. He was imprisoned in the palace.

Selkisto organized a mercenary defense force from House Morane, and prepared for retaliation by the Empire. Sensing a approaching storm, Queen Janick told him that if anything were to happen to her, that Selkisto assume her role as commander-in-chief of the Republic Liberation Front.

Massacre of Onderon[]

On the day of Atticus' trial, Empress Jael invaded Onderon with overwhelming military forces, including Stormtroopers, Spectre, and Imperial Knights. The queen was captured before she could be evacuated to safety, and House Morane, the Palace Guard, and a last-ditch defense by Jedi from the nearby enclave folded before the onslaught. Much of the palace was destroyed, and many of the Royal Guard killed. Surviving members of the RLF fled and scattered while the Jedi sought to heal and shelter the remaining members of the royalty and guard. Soon after, the Empire declared that Queen Janick had been killed. Her newborn daughter had also gone missing. Devastated by grief for the loss of his wife and child, and reeling from the defeat, Selkisto went into hiding, and was eventually taken in by the Mandalorians, who had a change of heart and turned him over to the Empire. Following a drawn-out but ultimately futile assassination Selkisto attempted on the Empress who came to collect him, he was drugged and taken to a secret location in the Braxtant sector, in Imperial space. Empress Jael revealed to Selkisto that Hyacinth was comatose, not dead, and both she and her daughter were captive by the Empire. Mysteriously, Selkisto was again rendered unconscious and released, but now had the motivation to fight the Empire and get his wife and daughter back.

Birth of the Republic Liberation Forces[]

Selkisto escaped to Velmor, where he met with clone troopers, scouts who had been searching for the leadership of the RLF at the behest of their creators. They offered the services of the clones, on the condition that the future Republic they would help form would support their creators and their work. Selkisto agreed, and he and the clones returned to Onderon, which had recently been taken over by the Galactic Empire in the aftermath of their invasion. Selkisto made contact with the Jedi who had been sympathetic to the former Queen Janick, and linked up with former members of the Onderon Royal Guard, including a guard who would later become his right-hand man and close personal friend, Colonel Carlinso. Selkisto assumed the title of Commander-in-Chief and declared that the time for diplomacy and reform through politics and peaceful sovereignty had long since passed. It was time to fight back. Organizing all of the Republic Liberation Front's military allies, Selkisto formed the Republic Liberation Forces, a guerilla group whose sole purpose was to fight the Empire, and free Onderon from its oppression.

Primary Planets of Operation[]