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Reekel Dykkoss was a human, male, mandalorian mercenary affiliated with several criminal syndicates and the Hutt Cartel, later in life has taken part in countless conflicts under his clan's banner, bringing honor to his name and to mandalorians that would follow him in battle.


Reekel Dykkoss, born in a mountainous region of Concordia, Mandalore's moon. Growing up in mandalorian standards on a family that mostly cared about his future as a warrior, being taught since young on all aspects of battle and honour, after passing the verd'goten and receiving his beskar'gam, Reekel was advised by his father to join the Imperial Academy, believing that would bring the good eyes of Imperial officers over the young mandalorian. After one year in training, the recruit kept receiving warnings about his conduct and behaviour, not being one to mostly follow orders around from non-mandalorian officers who forced others to respect them instead of earning, Reekel was always taught that respect is a thing one does never enforce.

The problems became worse and Reekel was then expelled from the academy, returning to his home in Concordia not being able to face his father disappointment, selling most of his things to pay for transport to another planet, he would begin this journey all by himself, and would be like that for a long time.

Reekel was 17 years old by the time, he left his home and had nowhere to go, working around on small side jobs not officially integrated in the bounty hunters guild, getting in practice what he learned from his parents to keep him in advantage, but always having a hard time around when working by himself in more difficult jobs. It was during his period in life he would meet a small band of mandalorians that took him as their recruit, helping him to get the better understanding of working by himself the best way possible to achieve the better outcome, not simply fighting until he had no more strength. After two years with the group he would not be a simple soldier any more, but a mercenary as good as those he have met before, having acquired knowledge on different creatures and possible adversaries he could risk facing, learning his way not just with the fist but with his charisma.

It wouldn't be long until they walked different paths, having learning all he could from the group and paying the favor they did to him during his time serving a mercenary, Reekel would continue his journey now more prepared than when he left, meeting others of his own culture and profession that taught him more than he could ever expect, practice was the best teacher, so he would always work on his learnings to the best he could.

Back to working by himself in the outer rim region, now being 23 years old, Reekel would meet a man by the name of Ja'ir, also known as Hawke by friends, from the Vau clan, the tall mandalorian that joined his culture instead of being born in it, Ja'ir would share several works with Reekel and they would soon join forces, leaving Reekel's lone career stagnant as the two would form their own crew, Ja'ir taught him even more about dealing with others using the brain more than the gun, should they be employers or even possible targets, showing him that the strength was not always the only way of acquiring credits, even though most of their operations always ended up in a shoot-out or a brawl.

The two mandalorian worked for 4 years together, passing by a good amount of trouble and having met others that joined their crew, it was when Reekel had 27 that the crew moved to Corellia and got in contact with the Black Sun Syndicate, working under Artimis "Talon" Raiden as mercenaries, the planet gave the crew a lot of new opportunities, dealing with both the criminals and planet security, as well with the sith and the jedi orders unofficially. Known to always be looking for outside help for some side missions and even personal favour, Reekel would be introduced to some of the people he would learn to trust and like in the planet, Artimis Raiden, The Vigo of the Black Sun, would be just one of them, as well as Reekel's crew members, Rose, a young girl genius in all aspects of technology, born mandalorian but never taught about her own culture, and Zora Starbright, a Echani woman and martial artist that Reekel would learn to respect and even love with admiration, also some of the Black Sun workers as Sera Runo and Alythea.

Reekel during mission in Bespin

Reekel's first job with Rose and Zora would be a complicated one that would mark their relations for quite some time, Ja'ir's old employer in the Hutt cartel betrayed the group and attempted to have them eliminated using his droid guards, the fight was intense, Zora was eaten and Rose shot, luckly Reekel could use of Rose's ion grenade that disabled most of the droids and Hawke's distraction with his verpine rifle to approach the Hutt and cut off the creature's head, both the echani and the mandalorian girl survived and would keep working with the crew for a long time.

Together with these groups he would also met some adversaries of his employers, as Ryva Nia the Togruta force user that kept a friendly and close relationship with the mandalorian and worked as a dancer and soldier with Eva Syphex, a human that also worked as dancer in the Hyperdrive Bar, owned by the Crimson Dawn, Layli Starstrider an officer from Corellia Planetary Police was introduced to Reekel after his crew was caught in their day-to-day problems and soon both the mandalorian and the officer had their share of meetings, the jedi and the sith were likely introduced, Denson a knight of the jedi temple of Corellia that hired Reekel to acquire information from the sith and had a more or less friendship after they solved their differences, as well as Shadow and Ootarion, two jedi masters that advised the mandalorian in times of need, the only sith Reekel met fortunately was a young Sephi named Re'Ya Y'Kone, she was rescued from the sith and became a jedi, just to be taken back not a long time later, Re'Ya and Reekel shared a bond after he took part in her rescue and they spent time as lovers and companions before she was taken.

Reekel would then spend more time with Zora Starbright, learning more about her culture and even their way of understanding one another, making his admiration for her only grow, but after personal problems having caught up with him and making Reekel not believe in himself as he used to, he abandoned his helmet, a part of himself, with Zora and left Corellia for a lonely trip to better cope with his own failures, later joining up with the crew and other allies in Mygeeto to support Hawke in his quest, to prove for himself he was worthy to wear his beskar'gam once more and bring honour to his name and the Mandalorians.

The group was caught by surprise by the soldiers that were defending against their foray, Reekel lead an flanking strategy while most of the others charged in the front, he was only surprised to see that jedi have thought the same thing when Reekel, Sera and one of their allies had to fight them in the hills surrounding the temple they were charging at, before the two flanking groups could meet, Reekel was able to kill one of the jedi padawans with his verpine rifle, soon being forced to change to his melee strategies when the jedi got too close, four padawan charged against Reekel that now only carried his lightsaber, being able to defend from all their attacks and kill three of them before the last one would surrender, only to be killed later on by Kairys, a sith spawn that accompanied Reekel's crew from time to time on their dealings against dark force users.

Reekel after recovering from surgery

By the end of his quest for glory to deserve his beskar'gam once more, Reekel has joined his colleagues in a hunt for a Krayt Dragon, the creature would serve as a worthy opponent for the mandalorian to prove himself and so they departed for their search, the crew found it's way to a baren world filled with hostile life, both fauna and flora, they had to fight their way against giant insect-like creatures before the Dragon revealed itself, once being found, the monster proved to be even more powerful than what the crew expected, trying to call it's attention away from his colleagues, Reekel fought head on against it carrying nothing but his blaster, beskad sword and lightsabers, they all were able to flee from the place with nothing but bruises and light injuries, except for Reekel, the fight against the Dragon took a heavy toll on him, his right arm was taken and a cybernetic one had to be implanted, but surviving such encounter gave Reekel the insight he needed to believe in his capabilities once more, ready to recover his armor that he had left with Zora for safe keeping.

Some time has passed, Reekel's life was going back to the normal day-to-day while working for the Syndicate, his primary source of income, later on meeting the pilot Sonya Wulf, who working for Black Sun to pay her debt with them, being freed by Reekel as he had a deal made with the leader of the gang, Kabriel Le'Sanit, the same man who would in the future fight Reekel and wound his eyes to the point the mandalorian would require surgery, receiving a set of cybernetic eyes to aid him in the future and avoid blindness, after acquiring the services of the woman and not long after, stealing from the Techrats a modified escort droid named Cypher, designed to slice into almost anything, Reekel and Cypher's relation would start with the left foot, even if she wished to be set free from the gang, the mandalorian forced a bolt to restrict her, what was also not seen with good eyes by Rose, but soon later the droid would be released and still choose to remain with Reekel's crew.

Reekel's Basilisk Wardroid - Besuliik class - "The Wasp"

In his many encounters throughout the Iner Rim, the mandalorian would meet one of the most important members of his culture he had yet to know, a woman named Luna, Alor (leader) of the Clan Shekemir, the two would begin meeting in and out of works, increasing their trust for each other, forming a bond of friendship and not too long after a relation that would last for many adversities, being part of a medical and engineering clan, Luna gifted Reekel, a treasure well known and powerful weapon of their culture, the Basilisk Wardroid he would name "The Wasp", such artefact came after Reekel had been entitled Ver'alor (the second in command) of the Shekemir, the droid would appear in many conflicts later on being piloted by Reekel and destroying anything in front of it, even some times being used in escorts and smuggling operations, but even when their trust and love for each other could keep them together, their time and distance between works started to take them appart, soon Reekel kept his vow to the Shekemir more than just to Luna.

The crew would take a heavy hit during one of their most important works, to strike at a major criminal organization head on and take out at same time it's leadership and main source of profit, Reekel went on fighting alongside others of his crew against the leader of the organization and it's loyal bodyguards using "The Wasp" while Zora and others freed children who were sold as slaves by the organization, striking the crippling blow they needed to succeed in their mission, but even then, Hawke would unfortunately meet his end while fighting against multiple adversaries to gain time for the others to regroup and retreat in Sonya's ship, The Mirror, with their work completed.

Things for long went well during his work with Black Sun, but soon things would change as more and more decisions were being made that only made Reekel's work even more tiresome, those he saw as allies treating him without trust, allowing others to put some of the important members in danger and ignoring all that he was hired to advise at, the limit was crossed when after a amateur operation, members were arrested and a blockade was made by planetary security at the Hyperdrive, the bar that now Black Sun owned and used as base of operations, Reekel left the planet hoping to let things lay low, returning only to discover a Mandalorian had been harmed by Black Sun and now the Clans were after revenge.

Reekel's helmet painted with the sigil of the Skirata Clan

He took a hard decision, fighting against his old contractors by the side of the Clan Ordo and the Skirata's, mostly trying to keep Sera and some others alive during the conflict, once things had settled, the bar ruined and the Mandalorians victorious, Reekel bid his farewell to Sera and left to the Outer Rim for some time, returning later once more to the hostile enviroment of Corellia where Shev'la Skirata, the Alor of the Clan Skirata and old ally of Reekel, would greet him with honors and bestow him the sigil of the Skirata on Reekel's helmet as a sign of trust the clan had towards him.


During his life of adventure, work and debauchery, Reekel always counted with his most preferred weapons and tools, known to be a good shooter, his expertise varied from blasters to verpines, from rifles and smgs to pistols and snipers, even though he was seen charging to head on when enraged, brandishing his blades.

Reekel's beskar'gam was completely customized in fabrication by his own father, being made of a combination of heavy plates with beskar for the best protection they could arrange, made the year before of Reekel's ritual to be considered a warrior, bearing the black and grey colors of his banner.

The rifles, smgs and pistols Reekel used were of many types, his preferred one being the verpine rifles that he used so many times against force users, for the ammunition not being deflectable like blasters back to the shooter, the weapon being his first choice for combats of short to medium distances due to the fire power and punch the weapon delivered with it's gauss capability, the blaster smg being his choice for closer and less protected targets due to how much easier was to burst the target with a rain of blasters.

What mostly made Reekel's colleagues surprised was his use with the blades, his training on melee weapons was one to be praised by many of those who trained him due to his capability of learning fast, but one of the controversies he was always questioned at, was his use of lightsabers, as he claimed he had no trouble learning how to use them, many believed he was a force sensitive in denial, even when jedi and sith alike never felt in him the force.