Reecko the Toydarian

Born: Toydaria

First place of business: Tatooine, local hyperspace drive fuel trader


Ord Mantell Fuel Depot shipping manager [Defunct]

Coruscant Naval forces hyperdrive fuel contract [Unservicable] (Transfered to the PGA?)

Velmor Industrial Group fuel and industrial solvent contract, part of the great Food for Fuel deal brokered by the Intergalactic Banking Clan

Manager, Nar Shaddaa fuel depot [Lost to the Hutts]

Sub-contractor, Rhen Var fuel depot [In abeyance, under review]

Sub-contractor, Raxus Prime fuel depot [Collapsed]

Sub-contractor, Zapedski Salvage Yards

Tatooine hyperspace drive fuel local merchant [contracted out, limited service]

New Tibannopolis hyperdrive fuel and tibanna gas contract

Alzoc III Industrial waste and solvents hauler

Hoth Ice-7 water prospector

Reecko has recently added several large Supertankers to his fuel tanker fleet.

Reecko's business pattern has changed along with patterns of change in galactic trade and politics. Reecko still runs the largest hyperdrive fuel fleet, with the city of New Tibannopolis orbiting Bespin as his primary source of hyperdrive fuel. The Ord Mantell fuel depot went out of business a long time ago, and the Imperial Naval forces hyperdrive fuel contract is now unservicable while Imperial forces are scattered and have lost credit. Reecko also lost his Nar Shaddaa fuel depot when it was seized by the pirate fleet of Huttila the Hutt. After Reecko's fuel depot on Nar Shaddaa was seized, Reecko returned to Toydaria and successfully sued Huttila the Hutt in several Toydarian business councils. Huttila's response was to bombard Toydaria- Huttila's pirate fleet was driven away by Toydarian defences before inflicting serious damage. No credits were recovered from Huttila the Hutt by Reecko.

There are rumours that Reecko has brokered a deal with the Empress Teta system involving the carbonite trade, but this has not been substantiated.

Brief BioEdit

Little is known of Reecko's past. He is rumoured to be around 100 years old. He has been in space since an early age, and like many Toydarians is an accomplished pilot.

Also like many Toydarians, Reecko loves money, deals, and has a fascination for junk. He is not addicted to gambling, though, and is not totally ruthless in his dealings with others. Though quick to take advantage of obvious stupidity, Reecko tries to make most deals a win-win transaction, even if it is Reecko getting more of the winnings.

Reecko has no real interest in politics and will trade with almost anyone, although his experiences with the Hutts make him wary of Hutt-kind. Though Reecko spends a lot of time in New Tibannopolis, his fuel fleet services a huge swath of the galaxy.

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