Moff Ravyne Rayne was the notorious leader of the Southern Imperial Fleet headquartered in Mos Eisley. In Mos Eisley she was head of the Imperial Navy. Soon after the ousting of General Bulldog Liberty, he was the general of the Storm troopers there, she then became the head of all Imperial business on Eisley.

One day She was approached by Dark Sith Lord Malphas, with a plan, a position she would not dare to let pass...

Rising through the ranks to sector commander or other known as Moff, Moff Ravyne Ravyne took her elite stormtroopers and Imperial Naval Pilots, leading an invasion of Coruscant's Temple district, seeking to fulfil the Dark Empress Prophecy. (The initial fighting witnessed one of the larger RP events in SWSL history). Months of desultory fighting left her stormtrooper ranks weakened and depleted, and the Jedi Temple site in ruins.

A few close to the, then Empress often spoken of dark energies and often sudden changes in the Empress's behaviour. It was rumoured that she found a dark crystal that in which belonged to a dark Sith lord. That spirit then possessed the Empress.

Eager to win the battle the Empress devised a plan to strike down the Jedi. A mock treaty was planned. A trap was set. She was betrayed. One of her own had spoken to the Dark Lord Malphas of her ideas. "Traitor!' he called her. But this she was not. She sought to destroy the Jedi.

Forced to retreat from Coruscant, She has no choice but to go into hiding. She spoke to Master Mass Questi. He aided her, yes a Jedi this is true. Survival was her goal, no matter the price. master questi assisted The Empress with expelling the dark Sith lord that possessed her. For a long time, she had forgotten who or what she was. The Jedi had begun their process to try and convert her to the light.

That is till the day, Lord Sion kidnapped her finishing the ritual, making the transformation complete. now the Sith lord was joined within her for good. Once her meditation was complete and she once again had full power and memory was regained. She was told that The dark Lord Malphas had been killed, yet this was never confirmed.

Her reign as Empress was a dark one. many lives, both Imperial and Rebel were lost in the war over Coruscant. She was not known to show mercy and was quick to strike. Unforgiving to those who betrayed her, those who did were quickly reminded of her power and stasis.

The Moff reappeared as the Commandant of the independent Raithal Academy. There she become Supreme Moff and it is believed that the Empire took no further action against Ravyne Rayne as it was heavily engaged in the Vjun War. Later was it known that she was given full pardon by the Empire. She upheld her duties as Head Master, also taught flight manoeuvres.

Raithal Academy also became the home to the Moff's own Sith group called, The Ordo of the Serpentess. There on Raithal a Temple for the Ordo was built. it was not known to all the connection between the two. Only those within Her Imperial chain of command and the Ordo knew.

Moff Ravyne Rayne used her knowledge of the Dark Side to blind and confuse people, there was never a time she didn't have thing's her way or so it seemed. No matter the price, nor the lives that were in the way, she always managed to achieve her goals. She was respected and most definitely feared. Many referred to her as Sith'Ari Rayne and or still even after her reign had ended, her most faithful followers called her Empress Rayne.

Shortly after the fall of Onderon, Ravyn Rayn disappeared and the academy was temporarily closed. Rumours are that Raithal had some how been polluted and became inhabitable. Wide notices were sent for all personal to leave the planet and report to the nearest Imperial station. it is also rumoured that The Supreme Moff is hidden in stasis on an unknown planet.

She had many names, but one thing remains, she was a great woman and known vastly throughout the Universe. The Dark Empress will return one day, or so the prophecy foretells it so.

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