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The SSD Ravager is the iconic flagship of the charismatic Dark Lord and former Emperor, Darth Validus. First seen over the skies of Byss, it enforced the iron will of Darth Validus over his Empire. As such it was held in great affection by his subjects...little did they realise then that it would one day prove to be their destruction.

On one terrible day, Emperor Validus was seen entering a lambda shuttle which was bound for the Ravager. Shortly afterwards, the Ravager was observed to turn about in its orbit so that its main planet-destroying gun was pointed directly at Byss. A disbelieving space control centre had no time to sound the alarm before the giant gun fired on the planet, "ravaging" the surface, scorching it and destroying the great majority of structures and lifeforms in an instant.

Survivors fled across the Galaxy, seeding the Dark Side far and wide...

Soon afterwards, the Ravager was seen to head out at prodigious speed into the Unknown Regions; it and Darth Validus were not seen for many years to come.

Then one year it was seen again, like a wraith emerging out of hyperspace, and this time over the planet of Dromund Kaas. Darth Validus had returned and so had his Order, the Dark Lords of the Sith and the Ravager assisted in the construction and defence of the fortress on this planet. Eventually, Darth Validus decided for reasons best known to himself, that Byss was once again worth occupying, and he gathered his Order onto the Ravager once more and headed into the Deep Core. Yet again, the Ravager turned nurturer, allowing the reconstruction of facilities on Byss and proving a massive deterrant to enemies of the Sith.

Its current location is in orbit around Byss, a shadow of doom.

The Build[]

The ship has been built entirely by Mortious Darragh, who plays the character of Darth Validus. Notable areas include two hangars (vendor area and IC area), a control room, a high walkway, a TIE rack and the main bridge. More is to come.