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Rannik Nurr, born approximately 198 A.B.Y, was part of a rich and well known family.

Jedi Training/ Departure from the Order

Shortly after his birth, about 3 years later, a long time family friend, named Kenja Dek, had came to the homestead, in search of potential students for his order. His parents, knowing that sacrificing their child for the Jedi, the peace-keepers of the Galaxy, was a noble thing, allowed Kenja to take him away. Throughout his training Rannik met some difficultly, often failing his trials, but showing great interests in the history of the Galaxy, and it's many mysteries. At the age of 22, and after years of growing tensions and distrust between him and the Jedi Council of the time, Rannik departed the Order.

Traveling years/ Fel Empire

He spent the next few years as a wanderer, before finally finding his way to Coruscant. It did not take him long to join the Fel Empire's Stormtrooper corps. During his time there Rannik noticed the Revenant Armada's growing presence and interest in the planet. Disturbed by the Emperor's lack of action against the obvious threat, Rannik took his own under the table actions. Forming the Unseen Legion, he gathered a team of Jedi, Mercenaries, and close friends. In the weeks leading up to the Battle of Coruscant, the UL would gather intelligence on the mysterious Revenant Armada. When the Battle of Coruscant finally took place, the UL attempted to delay the Armada forces while the Fel Empire evacuated the city. After the Imperial forces regrouped, the Fel Emperor learned of the Legion's presence, labelled Rannik as a traitor, and expelled him from the planet they were seeking refuge on.


After his departure from the Fel Empire Rannik moved to Onderon, and soon afterwords Troiken. Once there Rannik began to rebuild the Unseen Legion. He began recruiting members from Nar Shaddaa, and similar planets. After settling in on Troiken, and gaining an amount of troops, an attack occured. It is not certain who the attackers where, but they took the Legion by such a surprise that Rannik had to call his forces off the planet, and onto a freighter orbiting above. Those who did not make it to the freighter had either died, or found other ways off the planet. After the attack on Troiken, and meeting with several officers, Rannik had come to the conclusion that a moving fleet is more stable than a base on a single planet. A small fleet was gathered, approx. 3 freighters, and 2 destroyers, and then set out for the outer rim. While en-route to the outer rim, the ship carrying Rannik was ambushed. It is presumed that the same people who assaulted Troiken, were responsible for this attack. With Rannik kidnapped, the Legion's officers stood up, and took the titles as 'Adjudicators'. The Metus Imperia was born, and would prosper in Rannik's disappearance.


When Rannik awoke, he found himself on a space station orbiting Geonosis. After awaking, he found a smuggler, also captured, by the name of 'Bett'. He knew just as little as Rannik had about the station and their pursuers. After escaping their cell, Rannik and Bett managed to overload the reactor of the station, and escape on a ship docked in the hangar. While in the hangar, Rannik and Bett were met with two assailants. As the battle ensued, Rannik had lost his hand to the black headed woman. They managed to board the ship, and leave, just as the station exploded. Bett, wanting retrieve his ship at its last known location, set course for Nar Shaddaa, and as they were entering it's orbit, they were shot down by two fighters that had been trailing them. While on Nar Shaddaa, Rannik acquired medical treatment for his hand, and Bett, his ship missing, assisted Rannik in rebuilding the ship. In order to leave Nar Shaddaa, because of a quarantine of the planet due to a viral outbreak, Rannik had to acquire documentation to leave. After a meeting with several huts, the documentation had been acquired. The night before their departure, Rannik was contacted by Sehkmet, a woman he had become very close to in the past few months, in a dream. She asked where he was, and why he was missing. Rannik answered, and hoping this was actualy Sehkmet, he decided to wait another day for her to arrive. While wandering the city, Rannik felt a feeling, one he had not felt since his time as a Jedi. His sight of the area in front of him, left. Rannik saw several figures, gatherd around a door. As the door opened, a figure stepped out. A very foreboding feeling engulfed Rannik, who's vision returned, by the violent shaking of Sehkmet, who had tracked him down. While leaving the planet aboard Rannik and Bett's ship, he told Sehkmet of what he saw, and why he had disappeared. After convincing Sehkmet and Bett of what he had seen, they decided to set course for Onderon. While there, they wondered into the tombs below the palace, and another vision was triggered, but this time for Sehkmet also. Their questions answered, they left the tombs. As they did, a Imperia Intelligence agent appeared, and informed Rannik of what happened to the legion. Knowing his next course of action, Rannik left to meet the Imperia, and gather men for an expedition to the 'Chaos Gate'.

Expedition to the Chaos Gate

With the team gathered, Rannik disembarked to Nar Shaddaa, and the Chaos Gate. While they were surveying the gate, Rannik came into contact with it. As the gate attempted to pull both Rannik and Sehkmet into it, an officer flung both of them away, throwing them against the wall. As Rannik rose to his feet, he knew he had found what he was looking for, and more. He left, his connection to the force rejuvenated.

Return to the Force

"I'm glad, I've been given a great gift. But, it comes with a cost"

— Rannik, to Sehkmet, on his renewed sense of the Force

Unsure what to make of his renewed connection to the Force, Rannik went to Ossus. His mind at rest, Rannik returned to the Imperia. He was shocked at the amount of progress the Imperia had made; The increase in numbers and influence. Adjudicator status was returned to him, and he was given Commandant status of the Decessus Cell of the Imperia. Leading multiple crusades across the Galaxy, Rannik began to question the Imperia. He believed there was more to the missions he was going on than the other Adjudicators would lead on.

A new life

"Playing dead wasn't exactly how I planned on spending my twilight years"

— Rannik

While being sent to Dromund Kaas to clear up remains of Spes, a cell that had gone rogue, Rannik was attempting to hack through a door and was shot by his troops. Not suspecting such a thing, he wasn't able to raise defences, and fell to the ground to be left for dead. As Decessus left the planet, under the new command of Kaej Rael, Rannik lay seemingly lifeless. But, like so many times before, Sehkmet found him through their bond in the Force. She could tell he was badly hurt, and vowed to find him no matter the risk. He was near death when she finally arrived. The hope she had given him had kept him going, though, and she was able to get him aboard her ship to administer proper treatment.

Currently Rannik is spending his time on Talus, keeping a low profile and living under another name, in hopes that the Imperia wont track him down.