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Rannik Nurr kept a record of his findings, and own memories, of the Revenant Armada, which is listed here.

Entry 1: Days after the battle[]

-A voice fades in- "In the days following the Battle of Coruscant, things looked grim for all sides. Homes were left demolished, and children without parents. The vast amount of death on the planet no doubt rippled through the force, and all that could feel it, as it still does now. With the joint PGA-GAR assault, the Armada was meeting resistance, but still managed to hold its ground in the city. As conditions worsened, we drew closer and closer to present day" -The voice fades out-

Entry 2: The Second Battle of Coruscant[]

-A voice fades in- "The PGA and the Imperials had both decided that the Armada had held the core for far to long, and after several months of planning, gathered their forces, had departed for the Core. As the PGA Navy entered the system, they took the Armada by surprise. The galaxies two most powerful navies, the PGA and Armada fleets, battled it out above the planet. While the battle was ensuing, the PGA manged to drop units of troopers, consisting of a mix of GAR troopers and PGA marines, onto the planet. Into the battle, an Imperial fleet entered the system, and immediately began sending soldiers to the planet. As the troops, of all three factions, landed, they were met with heavy resistance. With almost all of them dropping straight into the heat of the battle, the chances of surviving the mission were grim. I remember watching from the outer rim, over the holonet, of the carnage. Seeing the Acolytes brought to their knees, through the shock-wave that was being sent through the force. It was clear from the beginning that no-one side would emerge victorious from this battle. -The voice fades out-

Entry 3: The Great Stalemate[]

-A voice fades in- "With the fall of Coruscant, the exile of the Fel Empire to various systems across the galaxy, and the unrest in the PGA Senate, the Armada was left to consolidate it's forces. Coruscant was suffering, and no doubt anyone who felt the force could tell. From the halls of the Great Temple of Talus, to the tombs on Yavin, the suffering could be felt everywhere. With only the Armada profiting from the situation, there seemed to be little hope for the galaxy." -The voice fades out-

Entry 4: The First Battle of Coruscant[]

-A voice fades in- "After months of speculation, and little preventative measures on the Empire's side, the Armada had made it's move. As the capital ships rained gunfire down on the planet, gunships landed, Marauders invaded, I could already tell how the battle would end. With orbital defenses gone, and the palace under besiege, The Empire and it's Emperor, Christopher Novastar, had no choice but to gather it's already wounded forces, and depart the planet. Exiled, The Empire left for Ryloth, where it would conduct various more operations against the Armada, until it's later merger with the Imperial Remnant."-The voice fades out-

Entry 5: Suspicions, and tensions[]

-A voice fades in- "Imperial Intelligence was returning reports, which left many Imperial Officials uneasy. Although well informed of the imminent attack by the Revenant Armada, little preventative measures are taken. Tensions were rising in the Imperial ranks, and it is speculated that tensions between the Empire and the PGA were also on the rise, which would explain the little to no amount of aid offered to the Empire during The First Battle of Coruscant. These tensions still continue to plague The Galaxy , and threaten progress against the galactic threat that is the Revenant Armada."-The voice fades out-