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Ram'ser was born from Zeos Protogenoi, also known as Falcon Fett, and an unknown Shi'ido on Jasier around the time that Queen Ankara was ruling the world (Exact year is unknown as no one ever knew Falcon had a wife).


Ram'ser never really knew his parents because her mother was either killed by giving birth or left her husband with their newborn son and exiled herself. In either case Falcon was unable to take care of his own child being Advisor and close confident to Queen Ankara was too demanding, so he asked a good friend of him, Ruun Damaku, to take care of the child which Ruun did secretly until the kid was 5 years old and as Ruun was too busy to take care of him, Ram'ser left for tython and wandered there for about 5 years. One day Falcon, who had apparently died when Ram'ser was 2 years old, was the guard of the Paramour family and had met a very old friend, Ithoros Imari, who he kindly asked to "kill him" because he was suffering too much, Ithoros accepted only if Falcon did fight him in a honor duel. After being defeated Falcon asked that Ithoros raise Ram'ser as his own son, Falcon had seen that Ram'ser was no longer with Ruun and that he needed a parental figure. Ithoros accepted to raise Ram'ser as his own son.


Ram'ser was raised in the mandalorian culture by Ithoros and during his adolescence he trained many years to excell in marksmanship and melee combat. At 15 Years old, he saw on the news that a certain Janis Aldan wanted to know more about her aunts Anya and Ankara, Ram'ser had heard his father knew them so he went to Jasier and talked to her. They slowly became friend, and Janis made Ram'ser realize he wasn't meant to be a mandalorian. One day, their friendship took one step forward because Ram'ser was more and more often on Jasier helping the jedi when in fact he wasn't suppose to, because Imari aliit had a peace agreement with Kata aliit. One night as Ram'ser was with Janis in the Jasier jedi temple, they exchanged their first kiss, from this time they were always seen together. Months after their first kiss, Ram'ser left mandalorians to stay with Janis that he was now loving with all his heart.


3 Years had pass since they shared their first kiss, one day Ram'ser Proposed to Janis which she accepted right away. Few months later Janis became pregnant and the Kata clan was drove out of Jasier by GAF. 9 months after Janis gave birth to twins on the new mandalorian liberated Jasier, kids were named Tirus Falcon Protogenoi and Zana Ankara Protogenoi. 3 years after the kids were born, Janis and Ram'ser finally married on their homeworld of Jasier. Few months later Janis became pregnant and they are now waiting for a little boy that they will name Dylan Heracles Protogenoi. Ram'ser is the only survivor, along with his two sons and his daughter, of the jasier core explosion. He recently fall into the dark side but he still has light somewhere inside him, it only needs to be awaken.