Rakian spice is a rare spice found in the Unknown Regions, in an area of approximately a dozen planets known as the "Ancient Spice Empire."

Rakian spice is sought after for its medicinal qualities, being able to provide bursts of energy and insight in low doses. In higher doses rakian spice produces a trance effect and vivid hallucinations. The experience of these hallucinations is so powerful that many believe they have actually experienced visions of possible future events. Prolonged use of rakian spice can produce rakian spice psychosis, where the user is unable to make a distinction between fantasy and reality. Rakian spice addicts often believe that every choice they are making will have a profound effect on the unfolding of the Universe and that they have been somehow choosen for a unique role in the unfolding saga of the galaxy.

Some studies attempt to prove that rakian spice can boost midichlorian activity in susceptable individuals. This claim has not been substantiated. Orthodox Jedi practice discourages the use of artificial means to increase ones understanding of the Force. Using chemical or technological means to boost midichlorian activity or Force effects is regarded as unnatural, and a possible gateway to the Dark Side.

Oftimes chronic rakian spice users believe themselves to be force sensitive, and attempt to perform force level feats, even procuring light sabers. One should use extra caution approaching a rakian impaired individual with an activated light saber, as such individuals have been known on occassion to hurt themselves or others. If you encounter this situation, communicate with the afflicted person in a calm but commanding voice, using simple, easy to follow instructions, such as: "PUT - THE - LIGHT - SABER - DOWN!"

Rakian spice possession is illegal within the Empire except to licensed medical practitioners.