Former Second Life roleplay region, featuring the imperial military academy on the planet Raithal.

History Edit

The region was on second life in the second quarter of 2008. Founded by the notorious and controversial Moff Ravyn Rayn.

Here cadets were trained in using a combat system, RP, and weapons.

It was a great start to a character as there were some great teachers there.

When you arrived it was in a shuttle bay with a Lambda class shuttle behind you. You were given the rules and the leaders of the sim were posted on the wall with their online status.

Exiting the shuttle bay was a cantina and vending tents. This was the area that anyone could visit.

Directly in front of the bay was a drawbridge and a wall. At the top of the wall were two laser cannons. Clearly you were not meant to go there unless you were a member of the academy.

There was a temple for the Ordo Sith order. A memorial to all the fallen stormtroopers, and a base.

The base had a library, detention center, hospital, barracks, command center, and landing bays.

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