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Jedi Grand Master Winter Rain Titanium, of the Jedi Jewels Alliance (JJA) was born in the Adega system, where her parents were Jedi Council Masters. They taught her the ways of the Force and how to live in the ways of the Jedi. Winter Rain Titanium grew up in the Order of her parents, the Jedi United Alliance, and was eventually voted in by the Council as Grand Master, when their Grand Master retired. Years later, the Jedi Jewels Alliance was founded, when Winter Rain Titanium departed from the JUA and pursued a path similar to the Potentium (exploring the limits of the force). The JJA basically follows the view of the Potentium concerning the force. The JJA currently reside in New Tibannopolis, Bespin, where Winter Rain Titanium also represents Bespin in the Senate. Though Winter Rain Titanium is Grand Matser, she also finds guidance from the other Jedi in her Order and is not an aloof leader.

The Battle of Bespin and the JJA

The JJA did their best to defend the planet when the Sith took over under the guidance of Rain Titanium, but to no avail. The JJA were destroyed along with the city of New Tibannopolis. Only a few of the JJA managed to escape, Truth Gravois and Rain Titanum. Rain fled to Yavin 4 where she is now the Senator of the planet, Truth spent many years trying to find her, and now is a member of the Kalway Order of Jedi and personal protector to Rain on her political missions.

The Rebuilt City of New Tibannopolis

After the city of New Tibannopolis is rebuilt in Bespin, Rain returns and is appointed Senator to represent them in the Galactic Republic where she remains to this day.

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  • Rhialto Tereshcenko
  • New Tibannopolis, Bespin
  • Galactic Republic