Rain Frenzy, more commonly known as Lady Synestra, is the apprentice of Darth Rellik. Known as Sith Assassin of the New Sith Empire for over year service to the Emperor. She carries double-bladed lightsaber that hangs from her belt of her Imperial outfit. She is tasked with overseeing the Intelligence department of the Empire. Her cruel methods with dealing with informants makes her feared by the agents that work for the Imperial Army of the Empire. Her knowledge of torture makes her adverse in many unknown practices of the Dark Side.



As little girl raise up on Ruusan. Rain Frenzy is the fifth generation great grandniece of Cosinga Frenzy. Rain doesn’t talk much of her family's past. Both of her parents were killed during the fall of Korriban during the rule of Assembly of Darkness, the birthplace of sith species. She wandered back home to Ruusan where the House of Tigerpaw took her in from the cold and shelter.


After reaching the age of 13, Rain Frenzy travel the known galaxies. From the Bormea sector from known worlds as Corulag, Chandrila, and Brentaal. Learning from different educational teachers.

On her 15th birthday, Rain Frenzy was stranded on Yavin IV during a rebellion that shocked the New Republic. Rain became increasable interested in sith lore, most doubtfully from her heir from her Noble bloodline. Snuck aboard Star Cruiser that making its way toward Byss. A remote planet with in the Core Worlds, which is lava base planet with grand structures. She seeks out knowledge from the Dark Lords of the Sith. But was only met with no acceptance of it great grand order that was founded by Darth Padar. At the time ruled by Emperor Destius. Angry at the rejection from grand order, she returned to Yavin IV towards the end of the rebellion.

Fuelled by rejection and hatred of non-acceptance, the young female glowed with dark side energy that caused disturbance in the force. This disturbance in the Force, led Darth Rellik to her. Sense the great potential in the young female, Darth Rellik befriended and guided the young female to become his apprentice, Synestra.

Sith apprenticeshipEdit

During the year and a half of her apprenticeship to Darth Rellik, had tasked her with find out what it was to be called sith. Among her studies, she was also aside to infiltrate the Senate upon Coruscant to assassinate a senator known as Zack Andel. Although, not knowing that he wasn’t just Senator but also Dark Lord known as Darth Erebos. Which she had a difficult time assassinating Zack Andel? I took the better part of two years before her 19th birthday that she was able to kill the Dark Lord.

Resurface of the apprenticeEdit

After a year in the unknown regions (3 years Out of Character) of the galaxy, Synestra. Reappears at Umbara, during the birth of New Sith Empire ruled by her Master, Emperor Rellik. When she arrives on the surface, she is greeted with open arms, but with questioning looks as to where she has been at. She explains that she has been traveling the unknown regions searching for the old sith empire that reigned during Darth Revan’s time but the journey had been fruitless, and had been nothing more than a wild ghost chase.

Disobeying discipleEdit

Umbrara 002
Lady Synestra having been accused of not joining the Emperor Rellik's cause was furious with an Acolyte that was gloating her on into blind less rage. The Disciple could was egging Lady Synestra, and force shocked her with his Red Lighting storm that he conjure through the Force.

Lady Synestra having expert skill over power the disciple with her own unrelenting storm of lighting.

Wanderings of Rain FrenzyEdit

Having learnt her infinity for deception and temptation. Rain Frenzy had arrived on Yavin IV a place where she was corrupted by Darth Rellik. Her Former life was gone; the Sith Order that she grew up in had self destructed, once again she was alone. She would hide amongst the Jedi, until she knows for sure where she belongs. As for Synestra she will just abide her time await a new Darth to finish her training.

Behind the scenesEdit

Randi Frenzy isn’t a well-known Star Wars Role-player and has been absent from the current events for five years since August 2011. But has excellent skills with narrative wording.

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