Rai Fenri is the COO of Coruscant Security Force, the governmental and judicial power on Coruscant that works hand in hand with the Empire in security, public service, and rooting out sedition and rebellion wherever it may be.


Fenri was born into a family of Nobles, and was in school for the majority of his life. He became employed by Coruscant Security Force on a high level - as a policy officer. He paved his way up to the top through dedication to the organization, and is respected by his peers.

Fenri became the COO of Coruscant Security Force immediately following the Sith Coup. He was not placed by the Sith, however the timing of their invasion couldn't have been better timing for the ageing politician. He shortly became disappointing in the Empire - it lacked the same pride that the Republic once held.

In 257 ABY, Rai pushed Bill C87 through the senate which allowed CSF security droids to operate in the levels 100-900 in the Lower City of Coruscant, where outspoken resistance against the Empire's control was most prominent. With the constant patrol of Imperial Stormtroopers, many politicians didn't understand the need for more battle droids - however the bill was passed, and droids began patrolling the city.

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