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R34llty H4ck3r5 Combat System (RHCS) is a free combat system designed for Star Wars Role-play, originally developed by Qitarah Muramabhad and the R34l1ty H4ck3r5 team along with many players providing feedback and suggestions.

Official development for the system ended mid-2012 when Qitarah quit Second Life.

RHCS is now regarded as a legacy system and is Given out inworld by Glitch Tennant.

The R34l1ty H4ck3r5 team consisted of: Qitarah Muramabhad, Ethereal Fremont, Thordain Curtis, Glitch Tennant, Wakizashi Yoshikawa, Jamy Haiku and Kumon0naka.

Weapon Compatibility

RHCS works with ALL standard SWRP weapons.

RHCS works with all melee weapons that use a left-mouse-button + direction control scheme (Fusion, LCK, etc)

RHCS works with all ranged weapons that rely on SL physics collisions to do damage.

Note: In some regions, RHCS is configured to ignore damage from non-RHCS integrated, non-deflectable ranged weapons. This means that non-RHCS explosives, arrows, spears, and flamers won't work. Take a look at the yellow text that comes up when you put on your meter or enter the region to understand the rules of that region.

PLEASE NOTE: Weapons made and/or sold by the Reality Hackers team offer NO combat advantage in RHCS! NONE! In fact: The RH Tempest blaster/plasma grenade launcher is probably one of the LEAST effective ranged weapons you could choose. So don't believe it if someone tells you you need RH weapons for RHCS. They're 1) ignorant or 2) lying.

User Infomation

RHCS is designed with SWRP in mind. It is designed to be a roleplaying *tool*, not a roleplaying *assistant*. That means that the actual roleplaying is left up to you; RHCS handles combat and combat only.

The first goal of RHCS is to offer an engaging combat system that is *NOT* a button masher. Lightsaber dueling was kept closely in mind during development; running around flailing a weapon is heavily penalized.

Health and Focus

RHCS has only two combat statistics. Health is exactly what you'd imagine. You start with a bunch, and when it's gone you die. Focus is meant to represent how "with it" you are in the fight. Are you a calm and collected fighting machine, or are you panic stricken?

Things that negatively affect your Focus:
- Attacking when there is no target in range
- Attacking and missing with a ranged weapon
- Blocking
- Trying to attack while you're already attacking* (AKA button mashing)
- Taking damage
- Using Force Powers

  • If you want to know when it's safe to attack again, keep an eye on your meter ball. It turns white while you're attacking.

Things that increase your Focus:
- Time spent away from immediate combat (backing off)
- Successfully attacking an opponent
- Using a StimPack

Keep your focus up! When you're focus is low, your attacks will be slower and less powerful. Slow attacks don't only mean a low rate of damage, but the inability to block while you're still attacking. When your focus is at 0, an attack takes over two seconds, as opposed to one half of a second when it's at 100. Also, when your focus is under 5, you will be unable to block effectively.

Depending on the settings in the region you are in, you will slowly regain health without any medical treatment.

Bacta tank makers, please contact Qitarah Muramabhad about adding RHCS healing to your tank!

Melee Combat

Combat in RHCS is not unlike other combat systems, at the most basic level.

Melee combat is achieved by holding down the left mouse button and using the WASD keys, or the arrow keys. For the sake of this manual, we'll not talk about keys, but types of attacks:

Regular Attacks

Forward = High Attack
Back = Low Attack
Left = Left Attack
Right = Right Attack

Power Attacks

Forward + Back = High Power Attack
Forward + Right = Right Power Attack
Forward + Left = Left Power Attack

Power attacks have a longer range and deliver more damage than regular attacks, but they also take longer to complete, require very precise aim, and reduce your focus *considerably* if the attack is unsuccessful. If you perform a power attack on a target that is standing still and blocking, the target will be thrown back a bit an briefly stunned.


To block other melee weapons, simply face your attacker and *don't* attack. You can block while moving, but you may still take a portion of the damage potentially dealt by the incoming attack, increasing as your focus decreases.

Ranged Combat

Combat with a ranged weapon is accomplished by shooting it at people.

When you first hit another RHCS fighter with ranged ammunition, you will be prompted to register your weapon with RHCS. You will be required to do this for EACH TYPE of AMMUNITION that your weapon fires. Certain types of ammunition, such as explosives, may require multiple registrations for a singe round, due to the way such weapons work. It is recommended that you try out a new weapon before the real battle begins, so that all of your weapons are pre-registered with the system; unregistered weapons produce no damage. You can register your weapon on using the included RHCS Weapon Registration Monolith included in your RHCS box. Rez it on the ground, shoot it with each weapon that you plan to use, then delete it. If you are a walking arsenal (that means you, Mandos), you may find that you occasionally have to re-register a weapon you haven't used recently; this is normal.

When you fire your ranged weapon, your meter will turn blue to indicate that you are in ranged mode. You will remain in ranged mode until five seconds after you finish firing. While in ranged mode, you cannot perform melee attacks or defend against them, and you cannot use Force powers. You will also lose focus as you fire. If you choose your shots, the loss of focus will be negligible. If you're Rambo, it will not. Each ranged hit registered by the system will restore some focus (if you're a perfect shot, you'll never be below 100% for long). There is a five hit-per-second limit on ranged hits.

If you've incorrectly registered a weapon, you can clear all registrations by entering "/9 clear" into local chat.

Please note that, due to SL's limitations (or perhaps mine?) some weapons cannot be properly registered using the RHCS Weapon Registration Monolith. If you try a weapon on the Monolith and it doesn't give you a dialog, try it on a friend (or enemy) instead.

Ranged users in RHCS are NOT forced to used ranged weapons and only ranged weapons. To help facilitate your ass-kicking, use the included RHCS Kick gesture, bound to the G key by default. This allows you to perform a power attack without depressing the mouse button. If your target is standing still and able to block, they will be pushed back; otherwise they will take some damage. Try kicking a stationary target and then getting a few rounds in while they're still stunned!


The included grenades will work in regions with non-deflectable ammo disabled.
- To use the included RHCS CH3RY Grenade:
- Wear the grenade. It can ONLY be worn on the left hand.
- Activate the included Arm Grenade gesture. It is bound to Shift+G.
- In combat, disable whatever other ranged weapon you are using (unless you're Rambo.) Weapons with a gesture for safe or holster are ideal for this.
- Use the Arm Grenade gesture to... arm a grenade.
- RHCS Explosives (such as this grenade) don't need to be registered.
- Hold down the mouse button for between 0 and 3 seconds. The longer you hold it, the more powerful your throw will be.
- Release the mouse button to throw the grenade.
- Wait 20 seconds.
- Rinse (the blood off of your hands) and repeat.
- To disarm an armed grenade, simply use the arm grenade gesture again.
- To switch between types of grenades, use the included Grenade Mode gesture, bound to Shift+V by default.

Two types of grenades are included:
- Impact Grenades: These detonate 0.5 seconds after hitting something.
- Sticky Proximity Grenades: These will stick to stationary objects (not people) and then detonate when someone comes near. They will disappear after five minutes.

Grenades will detonate if they are shot, or if another grenade detonates nearby. They can also be force-pushed by force users, so be careful!

Being Stunned

In certain situations, you may be briefly stunned and, depending on the situation, you may lose the ability to move, attack, defend, or use force powers. When this happens, you HUD and meter will turn light blue. These situations include being Force Thrown, hit by Force Lightning, knocked off balance by a power attack, and hit by certain weapons, such as RHCS explosives.

Falling and Collision

You may lose health as a result of falling or colliding with a large stationary object. The degree of damage you sustain is a function of your focus and the speed at which you collide with a given surface. When your focus is at 100, little damage is taken, and no damage is taken from landing a Force Jump or Force Dash, although if you bounce off something and crash into something else, you may still take damage.

Modes and Commands

Commands are issued in local chat on channel 9.

To reset RHCS, or come back to life, enter: /9 reset

If RHCS is behaving badly or not responding at all you can do a full reset by entering: /9 hard reset After a hard reset, remove and re-wear your RHCS meter.

To enter Lightsaber mode, enter: /9 ls on To exit Lightsaber mode, enter: /9 ls off To toggle Lightsaber mode, enter: /9 ls To toggle the lightsaber sounds, enter: /9 ls sound

To hide or show the meter ball, enter: /9 meter

To set your armor rating, enter: /9 armor [number] [number] can between 0 and 10. To take off all armor, enter: /9 armor 0 To put on full armor, enter: /9 armor 10

To turn force powers off, enter: /9 force off To turn force powers on, enter: /9 force on

To perform a force throw, enter: /9 force throw To start or stop using force lightning, enter: /9 force lightning To activate a force grabbable object, or drop the one you're controlling, enter: /9 force grab

To unregister all ranged weapons, enter: /9 clear

To toggle training mode, enter: /9 training

To fly a colored flag, enter: /9 flag [color]. Available colors are: black, white, red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, violet, pink, aqua. Example: /9 flag red To put away your flag, enter: /9 flag off

To show or hide the meter title and version, enter: /9 version

To enter/exit TCC Mode enter: /9 tcc


You can wear armor while using RHCS. Armor protects you from damage, but comes at the price of impaired mobility and agility. Your armor rating can be set anywhere between 0 and 10. To set your armor rating, enter: /9 armor [rating]. For example, "/9 armor 10" will set your armor to the strongest rating, while "/9 armor 0" will take it off entirely. You can only increase your armor rating ONCE between deaths/resets. You can always decrease your armor rating if it's above 0 (yes, you can ditch that heavy old breastplate during a fight).

The higher your armor rating, the slower you will walk or run, and your ability to jump will be hampered. Your agility is also affected; melee attacks take longer to perform, and your chances of successfully deflecting blaster bolts with a lightsaber are diminished. Also, performing a Force Jump or Dash will take more focus, proportionate to your armor rating.

Blaster Deflection

Lightsaber users can deflect blaster bolts and bullets when their lightsaber is on (that is, on in RHCS, enter "/9 ls" in local chat to activate your lightsaber, and DON'T FORGET to turn it off when you're not wielding it). You will deflect blaster bolts automatically while facing your attacker. Enter mouselook to aim the deflected rounds. As your focus decreases, so does your ability to deflect blaster bolts; the arc around you will become smaller until you will only be able to deflect rounds that you are looking directly toward. When your focus drops below 5, you will not be able to deflect the incoming rounds. Each round that you deflect will take away a bit of your focus. You can never deflect bolts coming in from directly behind you. If you hit a target with a bolt you have deflected, you will regain some focus; if you are a very skilled lightsaber user, you can fend off your gunslinging foes indefinitely.

You may use a ranged weapon while wielding a lightsaber, but you cannot deflect while in ranged mode.

You do NOT need to be a force user to wield a lightsaber, but you MUST be a force user to deflect.

You can use the included gesture to toggle your saber, it is bound to L by default. If you are holding an RH Fusion saber in either or both hands, it will also toggle your Fusion saber's power. For this to work best, set your RH Saber Master's "Ignition" setting to "Off". Draw your hilt(s) and then use the gesture. The saber(s) will power up/down and RHCS will turn the lightsaber features on/off together.

Force Powers

When using a force power, your meter will turn purple. During this time, you will not be able to perform melee attacks or defend yourself against them. Choose the time to use your powers wisely.

If you are not a force user, you can disable force powers by entering "/9 force off" into local chat. You can turn them on again by entering "/9 force on".

Currently supported force powers are:

Force Throw

Often referred to as "force push" elsewhere. To perform a force throw, use the included "RHCS Force Throw" gesture, bound to the T key by default, or enter "/9 force throw" into local chat. The lower your focus is, the longer it will take you to center yourself in the Force to perform the throw, and the weaker the effect will be. You must keep yourself aimed at your target during this time, or the throw will fail. Effective range is 15 meters. Attempting to perform a force throw and failing due to being out of range or poor aim will decrease your focus by 1/3rd. A force throw will have no effect on a target whose focus is more than twice yours.

A force throw can also be used to push away thrown RHCS grenades mid-air! This takes some practice.

Force Jump

You can perform a force jump by double tapping the crouch key. Hold the second tap longer (up to five seconds) to charge your jump and jump higher. Your focus will take a hit for performing a force jump.

Force Dash

Double-tap forward with Always Run turned on (PC: Ctl+R / Mac: Cmd+R), or triple-tap forward with Always Run turned off to dash. Costs 10 focus. On the ground, it will propel you approximately 15 meters very quickly. In the air, you can get different behaviors by experimenting. Combine with Force Jump to swoop in on your enemies. Be careful not to smash into stuff.

Force Lightning

To use Force Lightning, use the included "RHCS Force Lightning" gesture, bound to the V key by default, or enter "/9 force lightning" into local chat. Use the same gesture or issue the command again to stop. Effective range is seven meters, and you must be pointed at your intended victim. Force lightning will be delayed during a "wind-up" period relative to your focus, during which time a ball of lightning will dance around your left hand. You will lose focus rapidly while zapping your victim, and stop when your focus reaches 0. Attempting to use force lightning and failing due to being out of range or poor aim will decrease your focus by 1/3rd.

Force Grab

Force Grab works with objects containing an RHCS Force Grab script. To find grabbable objects around you, use the included RHCS Force Grab gesture, bound to the Q key by default. Grabbable objects will glow, and emit yellow particles. While the object is emitting these particles, click it, and you will be controlling the object using the force! To drop the object, use the Force Grab gesture again. Alternately, you can throw the object using the Force Throw gesture! An "RHCS Force Grabbable Crate" is included in your RHCS Box for demonstration purposes.

You can also force grab other players in much the same way. In the same way you see a Force grabbable object emit yellow particles, you'll see other players' heads do the same. Click their head to grab them! You can't grab while grabbed, but you can use a Force Throw or Force Lightning to get out of a grab. If you are thrown while grabbing someone, you will automatically throw them as well. If you are not a force user, and you've been grabbed, I recommend a fully automatic weapon. Or prayer.

Players and objects can also be grabbed from in mouselook. Use the Force Grab gesture to activate them, then double-click on them. This has an range of 15 - 30 meters, depending on your focus.

Force grabbable objects will return to the spot where they were rezzed 20 minutes after the last time they were moved. To store a new position, stand near your grabbable object and enter "/420 remember" into local chat. If a force-grabbable object comes to rest in a parcel belonging to a group other than the one under which it is rezzed, it returns to its stored position immediately to avoid being auto-returned. Force-Grabbable objects also do their best to avoid leaving the sim.


Non-Force-users can use a little power-up called a StimPack. A StimPack is like a little adrenaline shot you can self-administer in a desperate moment; it gives you +25 focus and restores your health up to 20 if it's below. The number of StimPacks available to you depends on region settings; the default is 2. After using a StimPack, you'll get another after 15 minutes. Use a StimPack by entering '/9 stim' into local chat, or using the included gesture, bound to Z by default.

TCC Mode

For those who prefer a slower-paced roleplaying experience, RHCS has [TCC] mode. When in this mode, your hud and meter will turn cyan in color. All RHCS features function as described above, but no damage is dealt or taken, and no focus is lost. You get all of the effects of RHCS without the combat statistics. Those in TCC mode cannot effect or be effected by those in combat mode, and vice-versa. To toggle TCC Mode, enter "/9 tcc" into local chat.



Different attacks have mildly different properties. High attacks have the longest range and do the most damage, but require the most precise aim and are the easiest to block. Left and Right attacks have medium range and damage, require pretty good aim, and are medium-blockable. Low attacks have the shortest range and lowest damage, but don't require precision and are the most difficult to block.

Damage from ranged weapons is detected using Linden collision detection. A missile must have a velocity of at least 10 meters per second to do damage. Extremely fast-moving missiles often fail to register a velocity above 0, or at all, so you may want to ask a friend or the creator of a weapon before buying it for use with RHCS. Velocities between 20 and 70 m/s have been tested and work, although velocities as high as 70 have been observed to register inconsistently on a laggy sim.

If you already use gestures to activate/deactivate your lightsaber, you can add RHCS chat commands to them in order to turn lightsaber mode on/off with your lightsaber. For example, with R34l1ty H4ck3r5' *wonderful* and *highly recommended* Fusion sabers, you can turn the saber in your right hand on and activate RHCS lightsaber mode with these chat commands in a gesture:

/99 fusion_power rh on /9 ls on

Lightsaber Integration

Using an RHCS integrated lightsaber conveys NO combat advantage; it's just a nice touch. An RHCS integrated lightsaber does exactly 3 things that a non-integrated lightsaber does not:

1) When the saber is ignited, lightsaber mode is turned ON in RHCS (equivalent of chatting "/9 ls")

2) When all sabers are disignited, lightsaber mode is turned OFF in RHCS (equivalent of chatting "/9 ls")

3) When you are defeated in combat, any ignited lightsaber will disignite As of RHCS v0.9.35, RH Fusion sabers and RHCS are integrated! RHCS will activate/deactivate lightsaber mode along with your Fusion sabers! To make sure that this feature is turned on, make sure that your RH Saber Master is updated to at least version 1.2.4. then open the RH Saber Master dialog (click the Saber Master or enter /99 fusion_dialog) and go to Setup => Addons => RHCS => and make sure it's enabled. You no longer need to activate/deactivate the RHCS saber features, just use your Fusion saber like you always did; RHCS knows what's up!

All other lightsabers can be integrated the same way by contacting Qitarah Muramabhad inworld and asking her for the RHCS Lightsaber Integration Kit. It's easy, it's FREE, and it's copy/trans, so you can put it in sabers you plan to sell.


ExtraSpecial thanks to Ethereal Fremont, for his amazing everything!

UberSpecial thanks to Thordain Curtis for his knowledge, wisdom, and contributions.

Special thanks to Glitch Tennant, Wakizashi Yoshikawa, Meralin Sabra, Neo9 Nightfire, Mycroft Macarthur, DjJoe Magic, Kumon0naka and Jamy Haiku for their excellent contributions, builds, textures, animations, feedback, suggestions, and technical support.

Thanks to Rhialto Tereshchenko for his suggestions and support concerning TCC Mode.

Thanks to my loyal testers: Anthisium Orsini, Charles07 Sabretooth, DarthVenger Blackheart, Dominus Core, Lucifer Kirkorian, ShadowXV Sapphire, Jamy Haiku, Kumon0naka and Walida Farquart!

RHCS Region Server Kit

RHCS offered parcel owners a "Region Server Kit" which allowed some control of certain aspects of the combat system within a region.

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