Qwel Tannix was a female Omwati who served in the Navy, referred to as the Autocracy of the Revenant Armada. She held the rank of Commodore of a small but efficient battle-group with the Nights Pride as her flagship.

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Character Biography[edit | edit source]

Qwel was born on Omwat in the outer rim. Shame brought to her family forced her to flee with her father at the age of 7. They fell in step with refugees from all sectors. No one spared a glance at the light blue skinned pair. It is unknown how they came to be there, but Qwel and her father turned up in Cinnagar where he died weeks later. With no where else to go and no one to look after her she took to pick pocketing in the desperate areas of the planet. When she was 9 she tried to rob an off duty Sergeant of the Tetan Royal Forces. He caught her, but she struggled, kicking the man in the jaw when he picked her up, laughing at her weak attempts to resist. Small and frail like all her kind, the sergeant just laughed harder. He dragged Qwel along behind him, taking her to a recruiting post, where after a brief conversation in which it was decided the 'little bird-brain girl' would be taken on by the army and Qwel spat in the sergeants face.

But young Tannix didn't stay in the army for very long. After taking several aptitude tests she was taken in by the Royal Navy. The records of Tannix's test results were lost many years later when a slicer named Jewel deleted thousands of archived files from the data core to cover their tracks. What is known is that Tannix rose slowly through the naval academy. She seemed bright, very bright in fact, and more than capable, but other things prevented her from progressing more quickly. She often disagreed with her instructors about battle tactics and the ethics of war. She got into regular fights, not being particularly physically violent, rather mentally aggressive. She made a habit of goading her opponents in the battle simulations into making anger induced foolish mistakes, and they'd beat her up after losing. These blemishes on her record and the aggravation she gave her instructors made the academy glad to see the back of her when she graduated 9 years later, nearly double the normal timespan.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Commodore, don't you think you should take some rest?"

"When the galaxy is at peace, when our enemies are beaten, when I've finished these reports, and when I find an XO who doesn't bother me with trivial things like rest, then maybe, maybe I'll consent to a nap. Until then Captain Morgath, get back to your station and prepare to jump to hyperspace."

"We're going after them?!"

"Of course we are! I'm not letting them get away!"

"But our ship is crippled and we're out gunned!"

"Since when has that ever stopped me?"

-Captain Dorian Morgath and Commodore Qwel Tannix-

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