Qarlo Tek, more often simply referred as Qarlo, is a male Skakoan prosthetic engineer, residing on Zonama Sekot.


Early lifeEdit

Little is known about Qarlo's past, mostly for the reason it has nothing exceptional. He was more than likely born on the ecumenopolis world of Skako, where he was employed as a medical engineer upon reaching adulthood. Unlike his fellow Skakoans, however, Qarlo was a naturally curious individual, and wasn't afraid to travel abroad, therefore investing in a Skakoan pressure suit designed to help him stand low pressures environnments of other worlds.

Zonama Sekot : Travel and ExileEdit

"What brings me here? Curiosity... And convictions my people may not necessarily share."

— Qarlo

The Skakoan's travels ended up leading him to Zonama Sekot, home of the Potentium followers. There he made acquaintance with and befriended several Masters and Knights, including Salene Lusch and Flint Mokeev. His superb skills in prosthetic science also came in handy on several occasions, notably in the case of the Zeltron Master Susa, who had recently lost her left leg after being assaulted by an run-away Acklay, and Tw'ilek Master Gram Aeon (who was missing one of his lekkus). Using Skakoan's advanced knowledge of graft and genetical reconstruction, Qarlo designed avanced prosthetic replacements for both of them from their very cells. His superiors, though, soon became discontent about him treating with extra-planetaries. While they had generously turned a blind eye on him growing a replacement leg for Master Susa, they however refused to leave him use their installations for Gram's lekku, forcing him to do it illegally. Unfortunately, Qarlo's treachery was discovered, and the Skakoan Elders condemned him to exile for betraying Skako's isolationist laws.

Now exiled onto a planet that isn't his homeworld, and having to accept the perspective of spending the rest of his life concealed into his pressure suit, Qarlo was first very distressed and even considered suicide for a moment. He however soon got over it and, true to his fatalist nature, accepted his fate as a potential sign from his religion's gods.

Present times : questionings and the ForceEdit

"How long can a fish live if taken out of water? Yes, i suffer and i won't try to hide that fact. The last choice i made cost me my freedom. Yet, if i was given a second chance, i would do it again. I can forgive my kin for banishing me, but i couldn't have forgiven myself for going against my own consciousness."

— Qarlo

At the moment, aside from going on working in Sekot's medical bay under the direction of Lady Leysha (the Potentium head Healer), he has started interesting himself in the Force and the ways of the Potentium, hoping to give a new sense to his life. He has received a training saber and was able to study its inner workings, finding them somewhat primitive and deserving to be improved, and also managed to fashion a lightsaber hilt by salvaging spare parts from the containers that concealed Susa and Gram's replacement organs. The hilt itself was remarkably well-crafted and sturdy for a first try, though it still required a proper crystal to work. Later, Qarlo embarked on a quest to open himself more widely to the Force, and went to Sekot's Force caves in order to try and tune himself with a Power crystal. The first moments were hard, as the Skakoan's love for logical thinking and rigor prevented him to fully open to concepts that where beyond all logic. Strangely, he was mentally seeing a Skakoform diagram of sorts, concealed into the very nature of the crystal, and also perceived its chime, but wouldn't let it penetrate his mind. After several hours of resisting and trying to find a logical answer, though, Qarlo finally gave up and decided to abandon himself to the crystal's chiming. From that point, all missing pieces started finding their place, and soon enough the Skakoan had harmonized himself with a rare Viridian crystal .

"That was truly a fascinating experience. At first, i wouldn't let the chime penetrate the inner layers of my consciousness. It was illogical, without apparent cause nor consequence, and i was, in some way, afraid of it. But at the same time i was equally determined to resolve the enigma and complete the schematics behind the crystal... Then, after a moment, i eventually came to the conclusion that the only logical solution to the problem was a totally illogical solution. I therefore let the chime penetrate my mind and abandonned myself to its lullaby... From that point, all suddently became clear. Crystal-clear, should i say, if i wanted to make a bad pun..."

— Qarlo

The completed result is a weapon of remarkable power and capacities for a somewhat rookie Force user. The blade emitter itself is equipped with a Pontite lens, allowing it to generate a destructively cold beam, able to damage living and non-living matter with as much ease as a classic lightsaber blade. Additionally, Qarlo discovered the Viridian crystal inside the hilt wasn't using his whole potential with a single blade, and later modified his hilt's rear end to generate a shoto-size secondary blade with the residual power.
Qarlo's lightsaber

Qarlo's lightsaber hilt

Now that his saber is completed, Qarlo goes on dedicating his time to the study of the Force, which he perceives as an enigma that needs to be resolved, while knowing that each layer he uncovers reveals not only new possibilities, but also new mysteries...

Rescuing reporters:Edit

Qarlo Tek is responsible for healing GNN Reporter Daana Kira's injured leg after she and Rakiko Lowtide crashed onto Zonama Sekot.[1]

Personality traitsEdit

While Skakoans are widely perceived as cold, unsensitive, and also xenophobic to a degree, Qarlo doesn't share his kin's stiff principles of isolationism. He is naturally curious about extra-planetary life and goes towards strangers with a mix of interest and good will. On a moral plane, he is quiet, kind-hearted and selfless, and defines himself as a non-violent. He tends to remain away from intense activities, preferring to assume the position of an observator and learn from what he sees. He abhorres fights and rarely enters them, being aware of his own vulnerability in battle. A simple breech into his suit would indeed cause him to decompress explosively, with dramatic consequencies for both him and the people in the surroundings. He is, however, what one would call a falsely calm person ; indeed, if sufficiently provoked, he is still capable of becoming terribly angry. On another note, he takes his role as a Healer very seriously (one would say almost religiously) and can be easily offended about that : giving him money for his services, for instance, is perceived as a grave insult.


As a member from a scientifically advanced species, Qarlo is a skilled technician and a specialist of medical graft, making him a precious element among Zonama's medical personal. His native language is called Skakoverbal, and the written form is known as Skakoform. This highly complex, almost machine-like language ressembles a form of Bocce including elements of Binary, thus Qarlo has a natural understanding of common droid languages. Having evolved under atmospherical pressures that are several hundred times higher than normal pressures and composed of many exotic gases, his species is also naturally tough, with a extremely high skeletal density and a natural immunity against many toxic emanations such as methane and cyanogen. Qarlo has also been recognized as Force sensitive, but his powers haven't been developped yet.

Behind the scenesEdit

Qarlo is played by Leysha Jehangir, who is in SWRP since December 2007. His name is an hommage to Qarlo Clobregnny, a character from an episode of the original Outer Limits TV series, "Soldier". This avatar has been entirely created by its user via the SL building tool. Qarlo is my secondary character on this account, along with Lady Leysha.



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