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"Even the oldest and wisest Jedi Master is but a Youngling in the eyes of The Force"

— Ptolemy Halcali


This is a dramatization of the experiences of the Second Life resident Ptolemy Halcali. Ptolemy rarely role-plays, but instead attempts to teach the real philosophies behind being a Jedi in the realm of Star Wars Role Play. This profile is written so that his students and associates whom choose to role-play may reference his Second Life experience and enrich their own stories in a way that is sympathetic to role-playing. Therefore much of what you are about to read is his interpretation of real events told with the pretence of role-play and may differ with "official" storylines.

Note on aging

From the creation of his account in December 2007 until February 2014, Ptolemy's character aged unlike other characters in the SWRP universe. This was calculated at 2 RP years per 1 real month plus his character's starting age (10 years), even during periods of absence from Second Life. As such, Ptolemy's character is now older than his contemporaries and in fact out-ages some of his instructors. As of February 2014, Ptolemy now ages in real time (1 RP year per real year).


General Overview

"I am a Jedi. I do not need a title to know what I am."

— Padawan Ptolemy Halcali to the Jedi Council upon refusing to continue his Jedi trials, minutes before being named a Knight of the Order.

Formerly a Tarnga (Jedi Knight, having passed Jedi Trials) in the order of Jedi Guardians of the Peace based on the planet of Ossus. Ptolemy left Jedi Guardians of the Peace just prior to the order's dissolution and wandered the galaxy alone to further his understanding of the force. On the planet of Haashimut, Ptolemy was reunited with his old Master Maximus Blankes, to aid in the construction and running of the revived Wandering Jedi. The order later moved to another temple on Falang Minor, where Ptolemy was elevated to the position of Kerton Rimidon, (Jedi Master appointed to the Jedi Council). After several years the Jedi of Wandering Jedi went their separate ways, Ptolemy among them, returning to his home planet of Haashimut until his services are called upon again.

Genetic information

"Nothing that makes people back away from me like you just did should continue exist!"

— Child Ptolemy Halcali's reaction to his Midi-chlorian test results after crashing on the planet Ossus.

Ptolemy appears to be a human of average height (5'10") with tanned skin, long black hair and brown eyes. However, DNA analysis has revealed that his ancestry is something of a cocktail of races. After lengthy study it has been discovered that Ptolemy's parents were only part human and an exceptionally small part at that. As it turns out, Ptolemy's father was descended from a union between a Human and a Chev, whom are a human-like species known to have a life-span in the centuries rather than the decades of humans. His mother was also a mix of long-lived species, in her case being part Borneck and Epicanthix. It is unknown if this degree of race mixing has ever occurred before, how rare the conception of such a child is, or if conception should even be scientifically possible at all. It may well be that The Force had a hand to play in Ptolemy's birth, if the later is ever proven to be the case.

This amalgamation of genetic material seems to be a unique occurrence and has resulted in a strange but not unwelcome effect on Ptolemy's apparent ageing. As a result, despite now having lived over a century, his physical features still appear to be of someone in their later twenties, or early thirties. It is unknown what Ptolemy's ultimate life-span could be, but it is within the realms of possibility that he may have the potential to become one of the oldest living sentient beings in existence. Due to his bizarre combination of genetics, which as far as all records suggest make him a unique being in the universe, it is expected that his longevity may rival or even exceed that of the Shi'ido.

The genetic testing which discovered this occurred in the short period of time which Ptolemy spent under intensive care in the medical facilities on the planet of Ossus, due to his being rendered unconscious in his crash arrival and having sustained severe injuries. This thorough genetic research was apparently required to insure correct treatment of the patient. During this time a Midi-chlorian count was performed, those who were present at the time have commented that the result was "shockingly high" for a child of his age. However after regaining consciousness and witnessing the reaction of the test administrators, Ptolemy demanded that the results be redacted from all records and samples destroyed. He has never again taken a Midi-chlorian test or willingly given blood, so that the exact results would never be known.

Ptolemy also "suffers" from Congenital insensitivity to pain which he developed before birth. This condition renders him, as the name suggests, entirely indifferent to pain of any kind. However, he does continue to feel all other sensory input such as physical discomfort, it is just far less incapacitating than it is for other beings, almost to the point of being simply ignored. As such his early years were fraught with accidents and mishaps, due to his being unprotected by the body's natural pain-induced defence. But as he began walking with confidence these occurrences lessened gradually, eventually becoming rare. With hindsight Ptolemy puts this down to the Force working to keep him safe at a young age.

Historical Overview

"Be mindful of history and learn from it, for there is no 'present', there is only the near future and the recent past."

— Ptolemy Halcali as a Jedi Master.

Ptolemy joined the Jedi at the tender age of 10, but was still considered a late starter compared to the Taskih Padawans (Padawan learner in a class under 7 years old) but he was immediately accepted as an Obsiskius Padawan (Padawan learner in a class over 7 years old). Yet despite his late start Ptolemy has had the pleasure of learning from a great many Knights and Masters on various subjects ranging from philosophy and diplomacy to construction and the art of the lightsaber.

Ptolemy studied in a group of Padawans until he was about to reach the age of thirteen (the traditional 'drop-out' age of the Jedi). The instructor for this group would be a Jedi Knight (later to become a Jedi Master of the Council) by the name of Tercenya Watanabe, who was a talented engineer in addition to possessing great skill with a lightsaber. Over the years of Ptolemy's training the two did not see eye to eye, and in many things they continue to disagree. However as he matured and reflected back on her teachings, Ptolemy realized that a great many of the things which she tried to convey had become the basic building blocks of his own attitude. He now understands that it was not that the lessons weren't correct in their content, but that the student and teacher were incompatible.

Despite only having nearly three years of training compared to many of the other Obsiskius, who averaged around five to eight years, his potential was noticed by several Jedi. Ptolemy was however disappointed to be rejected by the Master whom had inspired him to join the Jedi and whom he had twice personally requested to take him on officially, Master (later Grand Master) Zoom Kilian. Over time he grew to understand why he thought had been rejected, as he saw the great workload and pressures which were put upon the aging Master, although this did not stop him from fervently learning every scrap of knowledge the councilor would throw his way. Instead, Grand Master Leonardis Mission took Ptolemy to be the latest in his long succession of Padawan learners, making him a Quarton (Jedi Padawan apprentice in one on one training with a Jedi Master). In later years Master Kilian would reveal that in reality he had not rejected responsibility for the Padawan and would actually have been quite happy to have mentored him, but the Grand Master had in fact veto'd their partnership, possibly in order that he might take young Jedi for his own. Regardless of this, the partnership was short lived as the pair could not create any kind of working understanding or relationship.

After several months of training with Grand Master Leonardis Mission their partnership deteriorated to the point of no return, partly due to the requirements of being the Grand Master of an Order. This however was not a great problem as a former Jedi Knight of the defunct Jedi Master order returned to Jedi Guardians of the Peace. This Jedi Knight would go on to become a Master of Jedi Guardians of the Peace and Grand Master of the Wandering Jedi, Maximus Blankes. Ptolemy found that his learning style matched well with Maximus' form of teaching and he prospered in their partnership, not only becoming much improved with a lightsaber (with which he later surpassed his Master and became the first Dueling Champion of Ossus) but also philosophically.

This partnership challenged the young Ptolemy until he completed this training, becoming a Markib (Jedi Padawan whom completed Jedi training under a Jedi Master) and beginning his Jedi Trials, which he concluded aged twenty. If one were to look at them technically, Ptolemy did not complete his trials. This was down to a number of issues, all of which were conflicting with his opinion on what would be ethical for a Jedi to do. Later on, Ptolemy would look back on his two technically failed trials in a different fashion, thinking them trials which would test his ethics and Jedi-like behaviour, rather than his ability to follow instructions. This was proven to be accurate at the time, since despite having failed the initial intention of the trials Ptolemy was Knighted by Master Zoom Kilian mere minutes after his refusal to continue.

Once Ptolemy's trials were concluded, he settled down into the tasks of a Tarnga (Jedi Knight having successfully passed the Jedi Trials). Assisting in unofficially training Younglings and Padawans, minor border disputes and on a couple of occasions dealing with incidents involving the Sith. This way of life endured for some time and for a while it seemed as though it would never end. However, a dark presence was slowly filtering over the Jedi Order and this did not go unnoticed by the new Jedi Knight. Gradually he began to withdraw from the group, a feeling of discomfort, or unrest, rising within him although he did not understand what it meant. He began to mistakenly question himself, to ask if he truly was a Jedi or if it was him who was the darkness he felt.

This feeling just wouldn't shake, despite all reassurances from the Jedi Masters that he would not have been granted the title of Jedi Knight without being ready for it. Ptolemy tried to put these feelings to one side and tell himself that he was worrying over nothing. He tried hard and put real effort into the order, looking after the Younglings, checking up on the training of Padawans and everything else which was asked of him. This ended suddenly however, as at a meeting of the order things became uncivil, many Jedi lost their heads and the whole situation became very heated. Reflection on this meeting later revealed the conclusion that the dark presence that Ptolemy had been feeling in the months leading up to this meeting and believed to be either himself or his imagination, was actually emanating from certain members of the Jedi Council.

Ptolemy now holds the belief that the upper echelon of the Council had allowed themselves to be influenced by the Dark Side of The Force, becoming over-bearing, power hungry and iron-fistedly controlling. After the meeting things became quieter, it felt to him as though the Jedi were falling into line, just accepting the dictate of the Council. Soon things became so settled that he believed he was the only one who still saw the problems which existed and that feeling of darkness continued to hover over his head. It was at that point which he decided that for the good of the order he had to silence himself by going into exile. Less than half a year later, Jedi Guardians of the Peace succumbed to the pressure of the Dark Side, and closed it's doors forever. Their home of Ossus was left undefended and soon fell to the Dark Lords of the Sith, who retain control of the planet to this day.

It had been fifteen long years since the child Ptolemy Halcali boarded the salvager's spacecraft which had inadvertently brought him to Ossus and to the Jedi. Taking with him only what was necessary and important to him, Ptolemy climbed into his personal fighter and flew from the planet that he had called home for so many years. Taking the path of the wanderer, he sat back in the pilot seat and abandoned himself to the will of The Force. He flew from colony to space-station back to colony for many months after parting ways with the Jedi of Ossus. Each hyperspace jump taking him a little further away from his recent past and closer to the life that he barely remembered.

After one particularly long hyperspace jump the Jedi exile found himself drawn to a forest world he saw below him. From orbit it much resembled the planet he had intentionally left behind, but to his keenly tuned force sense he knew it to be different, and somehow familiar. He set down on the top of a large hill and climbed out from the cockpit, looking around him as memories began to surface. Large trees falling, rain beating down on him, a home falling into ruin before his eyes. As the images disappeared from his mind, they became reality. Before him in the valley stood a large pile of stones, over grown with grass, moss and fungus. On the summit of the larger hill, over the forested gorge stood an ancient Jedi temple in a shocking state of disrepair and in his mind the elongated dying scream of a mother he remembered almost nothing more about.

So Ptolemy had come full circle to return to his home-world. Discovering the planet being named Haashimut and that the temple he had sprinted from so long ago would hold so much significance for him now. Fifteen years on from his desertion of this world, Ptolemy returned to the temple and began to repair as best he was able. Time passed slowly, and his work progressed even slower. Days became weeks, became months. Until on one day, much like all the others, a crackle came over the communicator and a familiar voice spoke to the Jedi exile. "Ptolemy..." the static rang out between every word, "...Maximus... ...the Jedi...", each decipherable word straining against the speaker, "...wandering again... ...join us." Ptolemy, unable to turn down a request from his former Master and knowing the history of his wandering from their long conversations, did just that. So it was that Maximus Blankes and then later the other Wandering Jedi came down to Haashimut, taking up the ancient monument of the Jedi. Restoring it to something resembling it's former glory, and opening an academy for new Jedi.

The Wandering Jedi stayed on Haashimut for close to twenty-two years, recounting their history and teaching their new Padawans their ancient ways. During this time Ptolemy took on his first Padawan apprentice, becoming a Herskan (Jedi Knight with Jedi Padawan). This somewhat lazy and difficult Padawan went by the name of Exar Thunders and was a shape-shifter. Although they never really explored the subject it in detail as Exar seemed hesitant to discuss the matter and Ptolemy had no pressing need to know, it is believed that the Padawan was of the Clawdite race as their sex would also change along with their appearance. During this period, due to a lack of numbers in the higher ranks of the Wandering Jedi, Ptolemy served as a Council member, although only being a Jedi Knight. This proved to be a success as with the finalizing of Exar's training and his entry into the Jedi Trials, Ptolemy was named a Kerton Rimidon (Jedi Master appointed to the Jedi Council), as a formality while retaining his seat on the Jedi Council.

All this time the temple continued to give up it's long-forgotten secrets. As each new datapad and storage device was uncovered, so the Jedi learned more about the old order of Jedi whom had come before them. In one of these archives was discovered coordinates of another such temple, located on the deserted world of Falang Minor. Having restored Haashimut as best they could, the majority of the Jedi packed their scarce belongings and left the temple. Leaving only a skeleton inhabitance on Ptolemy's homeworld, they travelled to Falang Minor to do as they had done before.

The Wandering Jedi arrived on Falang Minor] much as they had arrived on Haashimut, moving into the temple and repairing its long derelict stonework. For the next 18 years the order would inhabit Falang's restored temple and continue to train those new Jedi who showed potential. But over time the remoteness of Falang Minor proved too much for the wanderers, they individually decided that they could not detect enough potential Jedi for training in such a back-water system to ensure the longevity of the order. Thus they scattered into the galaxy, each of them seeking out their own path, be that self-enlightenment or the search for new Jedi to pass on their teachings to.



"As Jedi we learn from everyone, and sometimes the things that we learn are how to avoid the mistakes of others."

— Ptolemy Halcali as a Jedi Master.

Ptolemy regards those who have taught him important lessons regardless of official ties, to be his instructors. Thus the complete list will continue to grow, but only the most prominent of these teachers will be listed here. Those listed here are in order of overall rank, then subdivided in order of importance.



  • Droid Artisan Model 124CB4+1 (Ayrn Wake)


"Sometimes I just feel... so... old..."

— Ptolemy Halcali as a Jedi Master to Master Kalypstra Viatruso.

The Tome of Ptolemy Halcali

When approaching his fiftieth year of life and having been a Jedi Knight for some years, the thought came to Ptolemy that it would be easier to instruct future Padawans and seekers of Jedi knowledge, if he clearly documented his philosophies in a tome of knowledge. Thus the first pages of the First Tome of Ptolemy Halcali were brought to be.

A hundred years, including many decades of solitary communion with The Force later, Ptolemy revisited his idea of a Tome. He found the first version to be a good start but it was the writings of a Jedi Knight, he was now a Master. It needed intense revision and a new focus. Ptolemy would not write his own obituary in the pages of his Tome, instead he chose to dedicate it's pages to the teaching of Jedi. The objective of the Second Tome of Ptolemy Halcali would be to create a manual in such depth and scope that it's readers would begin a Padawan and finish a Knight. His thinking in this; That should the last Jedi pass from the galaxy, still there hope remains for a new generation.

Childhood - "These four walls"

"I build things... it's what I do."

— Ptolemy Halcali as a Youngling to Grand Master Leonardis Mission.

Ptolemy Halcali as a child

As a child Ptolemy lived with his parents on his remote home-world. Far from the general populace, inside the perimeter of a large forest and relatively close to a long abandoned Jedi temple of what he believed to be minor significance. This of course would later prove quite the opposite for the young boy, but he was not to know this for many years to come. This location was essential for Ptolemy's mother, an archaeologist by trade, specializing in Jedi ruins and artefacts. Each day he would watch with keen interest as she brought home one relic or other, usually heavily damaged with impacts from blunt objects or scorches from blaster fire, even the occasional gash from a vibroblade or a lightsaber. Watching her examine these artifacts day in and day out nurtured a healthy fascination in these seemingly ancient and wondrous items of the 'Jedi' he heard so little about.

Occasionally Ptolemy would get told poorly-memorized and often largely improvised stories about mighty 'Protectors of the innocent' and 'Guardians of peace and justice' from his father. He was an engineer, keeping the family's technology in working condition and attempting to restore some of the functionality of old Jedi datapads and other data-storage devices, more often than not with little-to-no success. From watching him work on these objects and crudely 'dissecting' datapads with no more value than the weight of their parts in plastisteel, Ptolemy gathered a small but impressionable understanding of the inner workings of electronics.

However as is inevitable in the galaxy that we live in, things for the young Jedi potential would not be idyllic forever. It had been a day like any other, if of course any other was in the rainy season. Black clouds rolled overhead like threats waiting to be executed and the rain thundered down against the roof of Ptolemy's home. Still, this was nothing out of the ordinary he recalled, as he tucked himself up into bed for the night. Yet he was unsettled, tossing and turning among the sheets as his rest was dominated by nightmares. His dreams showed flashes of images, pillars of light melding together against the darkness; Red, blue and green, all dancing together a horrid waltz of destruction. The bizarre medley of colours illuminating a tree, two trees, a forest stretching out far beyond the strange and disturbing echo of manufactured thunder claps.

Suddenly a moment of clarity or perhaps pure instinct as the young Ptolemy's eyes shot open, his bright blue eyes shining with the moonlight flickering off the sodden forest outside his window. Without a moment's thought as to why, he bolted from his bed and reached out for his night robe which seemed to almost float into his hand. Throwing the garment about his shoulders he barged through his door frame with an anti-socially loud bang. He moved swiftly through the main chamber of the house, towards the open front door as it clattered against it's hinges. Eerie moonlight flashed outside the wide portal, as he slowed within inches of the wood. Moments became seconds, and seconds became minutes as Ptolemy watched two silhouettes against the dark grain of the door. A woman's scream, distorted and elongated dragged through his ears as the light was snuffed out by blackness. It was but a moment later that a giant tree trunk erupted into splinters against the sturdy wall, the house rumbled as stone fell away.

No thoughts ran through Ptolemy's mind, no flicker of inspiration, not even a vague understanding of what was happening. His home of as long as he could recall was collapsing around him, but he remained completely oblivious. In a matter of seconds the far corner buckled under the impact, dust and dirt filled the air as the shelter bent under the stress. The ceiling beams cracked and splintered, breaking away from their housing and swinging viciously towards the small defenceless child. For a long time after the event Ptolemy still could not find an explanation for what happened next, so impossible was it that The Force was working through him at such a young age. Yet he has no other explanation and so must conclude that greater things were required from him, in time to come.

Child Ptolemy laying by the remains of his home

The huge ceiling support beam swung down at young Ptolemy as a hawk plummets to acquire it's prey, yet in that brief instant the prey was gone. The dust swirled around his night robe, illuminated by stray strands of light invading through the newly created pin-holes in the walls. His feet moved of their own volition, pivoting on his heel and executing what could only be described as a picture perfect evasion manoeuvre. His robe flowing out behind him gracefully as the brutal crushing force of the twisted wooden beam embedded itself into the far wall. Completing the turn to face the open portal again he seemed to glide from the floor, becoming weightless as broken pieces of masonry flew towards his back, only to be swatted away with the trailing of his robe. An instant later the future Jedi's hand grasped the timber frame, twisting in the air as a falling branch whistled past his cheek, before crashing to the ground outside his former life.

The soil was drenched from the rains and gave way under him as he slid unceremoniously through the mud, looking back with a startled expression as his home creaked for the last time, imploding on itself with an almighty crash. While the last of the structure fell into place, Ptolemy slowed and rather rudely came to a sudden but gentle stop at the foot of another tree. After taking a few minutes laying in the sodden earth regaining his breath, he propped himself up with a mud-coated hand and looked over the scene. The only sign of his parents fate was a large and rapidly disappearing dark smear over the ruined architecture. So it came to be, that young Ptolemy Halcali was all alone in the world.

After this traumatic experience, Ptolemy found he could stand to spend less and less time in the place where he had called home. It wasn't the same on his own, it felt dark and heavy, as though the trees were drawing closer together in an attempt to crush his body and spirit. As time went on, he began spending increasing amounts of time wandering around the outskirts of the forest. Over a matter of weeks or months, at this point he had lost track completely, Ptolemy found himself drawn more towards the ancient Jedi ruins his mother had been exploring. With each passing day he would venture closer to them, often gazing at the ruined temple for hours at a time. Their ancient secrets called out to him, a beacon for him to come forward and explore inside.

The Ruined Jedi Temple - "Bright light in the darkness"

"I can't go in there... It's dark like the temple... so dark.."

— Ptolemy Halcali as a Jedi Youngling to an unidentified 'Jedi'.

Eventually as time passed the seasons changed. This brought with it the chill of autumn air to the forest surrounding the temple, causing each night to become more of a challenge to survive without the comforts of four walls and a dry blanket. So it was that young Ptolemy could no longer avoid the shelter which the ruined temple offered him so readily. One tentative, shivering step after another the child passed under the great stone arch in the front of the ancient building, stepping in his mother's footsteps, into the darkness.

However once inside, the future Jedi found that in fact the temple was not as frightening as it appeared from the exterior. Past the first few small chambers, cracks in the stonework began to form and that little amount of light took the harshness away from the dark. As the sun rose outside the decrepit building, it's warm and supportive rays sneaked through the thick but ancient walls. Over time, Ptolemy began to grow quite fond of the pale brown stone and the golden rays of light which streamed down like warm rain on a summers evening. He even took to exploring the deeper chambers, finding surveying equipment his mother had left behind. This filled his days for some time to come, rushing around from room to room, picking up objects from under piles of old furniture and fallen stone debris. The young explorer found a great many things which his parents would have been more than happy to keep away from his inquisitive fingers, stating that they were "too important" for him to be playing with. While few of these objects were in a state of repair which he could have made use of, there were some surviving pieces of parchment with writings of no real significance on, which Ptolemy enjoyed reading repeatedly.

Events continued like this for some time. Ptolemy would busy himself searching through piles of all sorts of things, looking for interesting artifacts, things which he found familiar and fascinating. However one particularly bright morning, he recalled vividly as the thin beams of light extending finger-like from the ceiling were especially luminescent, it came to the young boy's attention that behind a bookcase he had paid little attention to previously was a small doorway. Curiousity got the better of him as his underdeveloped muscles strained against the case, he heaved it upright and unbarred the portal. Upon entering this room, he could not help but notice that it was in far better condition than the rest of the temple, this was mainly due to the fact that there was only one ray of light expanding from the ceiling to make the whole area barely brighter than midnight. Yet that light was enough to catch the shine of a metallic object, half hidden under a pile of stone and dust. As though channeling his inner magpie, young Ptolemy swooped down on the source of interest, his fingers gripping it firmly and pulling the object free. Looking down into his hands, the future Jedi saw himself holding what appeared to be a badly damaged, but still unquestionably awe-inspiring, lightsaber.

Ptolemy stood silently in the single beam of light that pierced its way into the chamber of the ancient Jedi temple. Its illumination scattered over his fingers and the object that lay within them. He was shaking, for he knew what he clasped in his immature hands; The weapon of a Jedi. He had read about lightsabers, among the damaged datapads in the temple and in those that his father had repaired over the months and years prior to his sudden and untimely death. He stood in the shaft of light for what felt like minutes, as though he had turned to stone at the touch of the Jedi relic. Slowly his excitement waned and tears began to form in his eyes, the realization that holding this treasure would have been the highlight of his parents work on the planet, of their entire lives as far as his young memory knew. Up until this moment he had been relatively unscathed by his parents demise, mostly due to shock and disbelief, but now the reality of it all came crashing home. Sinking to his knees, Ptolemy wailed through the daylight and into the darkness of the temple chamber, its emptiness amplifying the poignancy of his distress. Tightening his fingers around the battered tube and wrapping his arms around his own shoulders, he wept for his family.

The Tool of a Jedi - "Self-defence"

"You! You did this, you killed him"

— Scavenger to child Ptolemy.

Hours must have passed, since when Ptolemy woke he found himself laying on the chamber floor with the days light fading away. His fingers still firmly grasped his new-found possession as he pulled himself up into a sitting position and wiped away the dried tears, dirt and dust which encrusted his cheeks. Quietly, he studied the relic. First turning it all around, examining the casing like he had watched his mother do so many times with artifacts of lesser import. He made mental notes about every scratch and scar which layered it's surface, before he found the method for removing the casing. Over the next few days, the young boy studied the inner workings of the device. His crude dissections of his father's waste electronics serving to assist him in a small way, it provided a flimsy basis to understand this object.

As chance would have it turn out, while the casing of the lightsaber was approaching the point of dereliction, the core components were in surprisingly good condition. Ptolemy concluded that once he had reconnected a few wires and pushed some strange gem-like objects back into place, everything seemed to be in acceptable order. The only thing that he could think might be a problem at this point was that, like the datapads that he had used to entertain himself in the past, the battery must be discharged. Cocking his head with interest, the young Jedi potential identified what he thought was the charging point and attached it to the power generator which had formerly powered his mother's survey equipment. Not knowing how long it would take, or even if it were possible, for the weapon to become charged, Ptolemy curled up in the most inviting corner of the temple, closed his eyes and slept.

The child's dreams that night were distressed, partially by memories but also by something else, something clearer. In his mind before him stood a large opening, like a cave but made of metal. Around him were strange boxes, covered in netting and adorned with bizarre symbols unlike anything he had seen before. A sound rang out behind him, high pitched and unnatural, almost like an animals squeal. It sounded familiar somehow, only it was distorted, like hearing through water. Then there was another and then a third. With the third shriek came a line of glowing red which flew past his face and detonated against a nearby crate. Startled, the young dreamer wheeled around to look behind. He was momentarily blinded by bright light, but as that light dimmed he saw... himself, holding an azure flame in his right hand. Sprinting and skidding forwards across the muddy ground with his long hair trailing out behind him, striding head-long towards the metal opening, as more red objects sped past.

Suddenly Ptolemy was awake and sat bolt upright, although he would not remember having moved. With the shock of his vision still reeling in his mind, the future Jedi brought his hands up towards his face. Before he could slip into thoughtfulness however, a movement caught his attention from the corner of his eye. He knew nothing moved inside these walls unless he caused it to, and as he turned to look at the source of the motion there was a shout. Leaping to his feet, Ptolemy stared across the room and saw a tall man in an unkempt leather outfit, in his hands was a long shining piece of sharpened metal. From the cracks in the temple walls above, light shone onto the newcomers face. His teeth radiated back the sunlight, sharp and snarling. A moment later his snarl became a bellow, as his blade raised above his head and he charged across the room towards the panicked child. One step, two, a third and into full stride the shark-toothed invader launched himself into the air and descended towards the Jedi potential, whom was now falling backwards against the temple wall and raising his hands to protect himself.

In the next moment a jarring, unnatural noise rang out inside the temple, corresponding with a grunt of pain and a bright blue light. He did not know how it came to be there, but clutched in his raised and shaking hands Ptolemy held his ignited Lightsaber. The startled child looked from his hands, along the blade and up it's length to discover the shaft of cerulean piercing his attacker's throat. A moment later the brute slumped away as the radiant blue shaft cut effortlessly through his neck to free itself. Ptolemy staggered away from the corpse of his attacker, his ignited Lightsaber still tightly held in his grip. As he stepped back and contacted the far wall another two figures came racing into the chamber, apparently the fray had caused some commotion. The two stared between the Lightsaber wielding child and the fallen assailant for a moment before one broke away at a run, to the now deceased man on the floor.

Ptolemy saw as an angry hand was raised towards him that the attackers companion was female, and one with a look on her face that threatened to flay him alive. "You! You did this, you killed him!", She screamed across the room as she reached towards her hip, her fingers finding a blaster. Unlike the vibroblade of the first man, Ptolemy knew what a blaster was, his father had carried one to ward off predatory animals from the forest. His eyes widened as he realized what was about to happen and he flung himself towards the man standing in front of the door. A shot rang out against the sudden silence as the child flew through the air, his arm unconsciously swinging upwards as a bolt of red light sped across the room towards him. Ptolemy's Lightsaber rose with his arm and as the crimson spike flashed towards his face the two made contact, the shaft deflecting the deadly munition. As he tumbled forwards, the terrified orphan heard the man in front of him scream, when he looked up there was a waft of black smoke rising from a gaping wound in his chest. With the woman howling like a banshee, Ptolemy scampered past the second man as he fell backwards and dived through the door.

Misadventure - "Auto-pilot off"

"They say that some people fly like a leaf on the breeze. I fly like a log in a river."

— Ptolemy Halcali as a Jedi Knight, on his piloting skills.

The Furry Jedi - "Boing!"

"Don't expect to levitate a beer out of the fridge"

— Grand Master Zoom Kilian to child Ptolemy.

Padawan - "Isolation"

"You are your own teacher, we are simply guides along the way."

— Ptolemy Halcali as a Jedi Knight to Younglings and Padawans.

Jedi Knight - "Self-imposed exile"

"My path no longer runs parallel with that of this order, thank you and goodbye."

— Ptolemy Halcali as a Jedi Knight to the members of Jedi Guardians of the Peace.

The Wanderers - "Origins"

"The Force guides us, leads us where we are supposed to go... I believe that is why I stand here again."

— Ptolemy Halcali as a Jedi Knight upon returning to the temple on Haashimut.

Jedi Master - "New beginnings"

"Is there something on my shoe?"

— Ptolemy Halcali as a Jedi Master when being bowed to by another Jedi.

Backwater - "Off the beaten path"

"I've had a lot of time to meditate on my past in this place, it has given me time to recover, to understand and to document it."

— Ptolemy Halcali as a Jedi Master, on the peacefulness of Falang Minor.

Illumination - "Reunion"

"I am Grey. I encompass the entire scale and spectrum of The Force. I take what is 'taboo' and combine it into something beautiful; A glorious harmony unlike anything either side can muster, and they call me wrong for doing so."

— Ptolemy Halcali as a Jedi Master, on The Force.

Personality and traits

Powers and abilities



"It is commonly believed that the Lightsaber is the weapon of a Jedi. It is not. The Lightsaber is a tool and like any tool, it may be misused."

— Ptolemy Halcali as a Jedi Knight to several Padawans.

Ptolemy's Lightsaber History

Ptolemy's Lightning Powered Lightsaber

Following a long succession of 'standardized' Lightsabers. Ptolemy now uses a unique variation on the theme, in that his current lightsaber has no built in power source, only a temporary storage facility which is charged during usage. In order to cause Ptolemy's Lightsaber to function, the Jedi using it must channel a small amount of electrical Force energy through the conducting strips which run along the length of the hand-grip. This makes the lightsaber useless to those who are unfamiliar with the tool's charging method, or unable to use the Force. It is for this reason that Ptolemy names his lightsaber "Solomon", or to understand the names true meaning "Wise man".

Additionally, there is a backup power storage unit inside the Lightsaber, which collects excess power put into the hilt during operation and stores it for a short period of time. Should the power to the blade be stopped for any reason and the power switch not returned to the off position, such as intense concentration during combat, the Lightsaber will continue to function for up to ten minutes before the battery is depleted (assuming it is fully charged to begin). If the battery is filled while the lightsaber is still in operation, the dynamo and power dispersion weight will be powered by any excess electricity passed through the conductive strips so as to avoid damaging the Lightsaber's circuits due to excess power flow. In addition, if the power switch is turned to the off position, the dynamo will spin at full speed to empty the temporary storage chamber as quickly as possible.