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Prudence Setsuna was a female Sith blooded. She was mostly known for the fact that she was BORN with the sith Genome unlike most of the curent sith in the galaxy. her life is still at an early stage.. thus, she never achieved anything of importance.


Early life

Prudence was supposedly born in 211 ABY. Her homeworld is unknown and so are her parent's true identity. She 'appeared' in the galactic scene as a orphan in 212 ABY and was adopted by a familly of legal traders who brought her back to their home in Corulag. She was raised like a 'normal' child in modern environement. School, friends, familial love and no appearent problem except for her 'gift'.

The girl was force sensitive and her parents feared that.. due to her blood line, she might end up using it for the wrong goals, despite how well they raised her. Because of this, the girl was sent by her good parents to the jedi academy on Ruusan, the New Order of the Jedi to learn the ways of the force and how to use it rightfully. They also intended to move in eventually to better support the girl morally. However, their hopes were quickly shatered and turned into what they feared the most..

First steps as a force Adept

Upon her arival on russan, the lightly spoiled girl quickly and unfortunatly discovered the harsh truth of life away from home. No food beside her nutrition capsules, no place to stay, no bed to sleep in.. Prudence was forced to stay in the academy's courtyard for it was the only safe place she could go to. The academy's doors were locked and she did not know it's code.. so she was stuck outside wether it was a nice day or a stormy night outside. It took fairly long for anyone to actually notice her, a returning padawan who had been away for a while finally noticed her and tried to help her out, inviting the young sith in the academy to have actual food and a place to sleep. That padawan's name was Marie Swords. Marie quickly became a friend to Prudence, mostly a sister to some point, even if the red skined girl never raised any of these facts.

the rest of her time on Ruusan went pretty well. She was slowly initiated to the jedi ways, some times, a master or an other would stop by and teach her, most notably Greg Mills who taught her how to center herself in meditation. A skill that she would put to use later in her apprentiship.

Prudence at the age of 11

After mostly 2 weeks on Ruusan, Prue began to go around the place, meet people and discover things on her own instead of relying on the jedis. This is how she met her first teacher. A sith pure blood who responds to the name of Lady Savant. At first frightened, the girl was quickly seduced into folowing her out of the planet to become her apprentice by promises of being tought the true and unaltered history of the sith.

Sith Apprentiship

Prudence joined the sith lady and become her follower. She was free to go when ever she wished and had great liberty over many things, one of them being aloud to visit Rhelg's holocron room at least once and the emperor's temple on Byss

Setsuna during her time as a Sith apprentice

After a few weeks of roaming around the librarie of byss, the girl was brought to an outer rim world called Saleucami where she was unwillingly forced into a cold war between rebeling forces and the Byss empire.. Byss troopers were quickly withdrawn from the world.. and Savant became more and more absent, leaving the apprentice on her own against a group of violent and darkly tainted 'liberators'. For a little while, the girl managed to keep the armed lot calm but her prowess and short victories were by far, not enough to keep the situation stable. Fortunatly for her, The sith lady, Darth Savant came back for her shortly before the rebelion finally declared war against the empire. She was allready back on byss when the Saleucamian temple was destroyed by Savant's devices, killing hundreds of the liberation force.

Return to school

Some time passed.. a few weeks to be more exact. Savant was obviously busy with other matters then her apprentice and seemed to have abandoned her to her fate. Stuck on Byss and barelly able to feed herself with the little money her parents sent her, Setsuna spent most of her time in the DLoTS' librarie studying history and politic, wich were now the subjects that interested her the most. Many days passed and she just kept on reading and learning untill she eventually grew tired of the heat and the lack of diversity in her readings.

The girl went back to her parents and spent a few weeks with them, while sending away applications to different schools and academies around the galaxy. Upon the return of the answers, Setsuna was overjoyed to see that the place she had the most interest in had accepted her application, mostly because of the high level of scholarity she had been blessed with, thanks to her parent's wealth and her previous school's reputation.

This academy she was so excited about was a 'girl only' Collegiate institute, situated not too far from the University of Charmath. Setsuna was a quick study and managed to get through her 'high school' time two years earlyer then normal, allowing her to be admited in the university shortly after she received her accreditations. her fields of study were psychology, politic and any other fields that may be needed for someone who intends to eventually become a politician.

Return to Ruusan

Shortly after she received her first diploma from the University of Charmath, Prudence decided to return to Ruusan where she had left her friends, years ago. She wanted to live a few 'jedi adventures' before she tried her luck with the empire's political system and moved back there, heading for the academy. What lies ahead is unknown to her, but she is sure to find wonderfull surprises upon her arriva, Notably, the knighting of her friend, Marie Sword.

Behind the Scene

Prue is played in Galactic Unity sims, as well as non-afiliated ones, such as Little Mos Eisley.