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Praegorn Sachertorte was a human, male Jedi Master in the notable Jedi Master (group).

Character Biography

Praegorn took his first steps in learning the ways of the Force at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. He became a Padawan at the age of 5, Knight at age 17 and finally became Master at the age of 31. Praegorn went through many difficult times and did some things he would regret later, including falling to the Dark Side, becoming a Sith for three years, until he realised that his place was back with the Jedi.

Here he swiftly rose through the ranks, known for his prowess with the light saber and with the flying of ships. For years he was unmatched in these disciplines and became the Weapons Master and Air Commander of the Order. A battle with the Sith left his human body destroyed and his brain was rescued and placed into the only healthy brain-dead body available at the time....that of a Warrior. Praegorn lived as such for about a year and then mysteriously vanished, presumed to have become one with the Force. He will be missed, but his legacy lives on... Eventually, it was discovered that Master Sachertorte had indeed died, although it was not clear how. A Bounty Hunter had his body stored in carb-freeze and for a ransom released it back to the Order, who then enlisted the aid of Cloners. These alien scientists used brain cells from the dead Master to grow a child who was then growth and learning accelerated so that the genetic gifts of Master Sachertorte were not lost for good. The child was named Praegorn Thunders after his genetic twin but he needed to learn the ways of the Jedi again and these unfortunately could not be accelerated without revealing the secrets of the Jedi to the Cloners. It was therefore decided that young Prae should be trained "again" as a Padawan and that with the grace of the Force, he would regain his former position again one day...The cloning and training process however did not work as expected and it was found that the new Praegorn was less Jedi minded than the old one had been, so he was released to live a normal life and it was heard that he joined the Grand Army of the Republic as a Trooper where he took on a new name and identity.

Personality and Character Traits

Despite his obvious talents and unique sense of humour, Praegorn always felt the pull of the Dark Side, giving in a couple of times to its allures. However, he always managed to return to the Light, giving hope to all who find themselves in that position.