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The term Post-Legacy era describes a time period that many SL-SWRP sims operate in, most notably the Galactic Unity Sims. As a result of the idea’s popularity in Second Life SWRP, many sims have followed suit and also exist in this fictional time period that is separate and apart from developed Star Wars time periods such as the Legacy era, The Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War time eras.

The concept of the floating timline should be made familiar with as well as it is instrumental in explaining why characters in SL-SWRP do not age. Another useful term when dealing with timelines and characters is rapid aging also known as Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome or SORAS. This explains how a younger character might age into an adult over a period of days, weeks or months.

The Post-Legacy era exists about a century after the Legacy era. The Legacy era is described as the time frame occuring from about 40 ABY (After the Battle of Yavin or the destruction of the first Death Star) to approximately 137+ ABY on the Galactic Standard Calendar. The year most assign the Post-Legacy era is approximately 220 ABY which is nearly one hundred years past anything described by the Star Wars movies, novels and comic books. This solves the problem of individuals coming into SL-SWRP and trying to play roles from said Star Wars media and forces roleplayers to come up with entirely new roles and situations to play. This time period would also include the vast majority of the history of SWRP such as the creation of groups and sims well known in the SL-SWRP community that have come and gone. The Post-Legacy era is meant to be a very loose, broad time period and could include anything not descibed by Star Wars media from the fall of the Fel Empire in 137 ABY to past 220 ABY.

Post-Legacy era

141 ABY - 200 ABY

201 ABY - 210 ABY

211 ABY - 220 ABY

221 ABY - 230 ABY

231 ABY - 240 ABY

241 ABY - 260 ABY

261 ABY - 270 ABY

271 ABY - 290 ABY

291 ABY - 325 ABY

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