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The People's Galactic Alliance, or PGA, was a constitutional democratic republic succeeding the Republic Liberation Forces, and founded upon the ashes of the Galactic Empire on Coruscant. It recognized the principles and lessons of past republics, with a major focus on protecting civil rights, fostering selective voluntary membership, and the maintenance of a strong standing military. It developed an aggressive stance against Sith and the Imperial Remnant, while supporting monetarily and militarily the Fel Empire and various Jedi organizations.


The PGA had two branches; the executive and legislative. The executive branch consisted of the chancellor and vice chancellor, who were elected by general ballot with minor limitations on candidacy. The role of the chancellor was primary representative and diplomat, as well as commander in chief of the military, while the vice chancellor chaired the meetings of the senate.

The legislative branch consisted of the senate and its members; senators and representatives. Representatives were appointed officials who represented the interests of the PGA's close military and economic allies. They were permitted to speak and to listen in at meetings, but were not permitted to vote. Senators were elected officials, elected by popular vote from among the constituencies they represented regardless of individual citizens were or were not PGA citizens, which were required to be worlds that observed the laws of the PGA constitution. Senators would speak, listen, and could raise and vote on issues. Bills were passed into law by simple direct majority. The PGA senate governed government spending and taxation, trade arrangements, could amend the constitution, and held the power to declare war.

The PGA drew most of its revenue from taxation of trade routes and through the regulation of military hardware and narcotics. Member worlds paid taxes proportional to their GPP and corporations paid taxes to the PGA for the use of its patrolled trade routes, including the majority of the Perlemian Trade Route as well as sections of the Corellian Run, Corellian Trade Spine, and the Hydian way. The prevalent and liberal use of the PF-1 Aurek space fighters and Hermit-class missile boats as trade route security kept pirate attacks at an all-time low for space-faring transportation and trade within PGA-controlled territory. Trade sectors were eventually designated as a means of regulating large corporations and preventing them from achieving galactic monopolies while encouraging small business growth.

The PGA's military consisted of the People's Galactic Alliance Forces, or PGAF, a naval branch that included attack, defense, and patrol fleets. The PGAF also included groups called ISSRs, or Independant Security in Service to the Republic, including GAR and the Old Jedi Order. The PGAF's primary role was to establish and patrol the PGA's trade routes and form defense fleets for its member planets. It went through several reorganizations as the PGA was confronted by different threats over its lifetime as the focus shifted from security and defense to war fighting.



After the Republic Liberation Forces took control of Coruscant, Atticus Jetaime was appointed to act as interim president of the occupying forces while the constitution of what was to become the PGA was being written. Misinformation given to Jetaime by the Imperial Remnant lead him to allow their presence on Coruscant once more, affording them control of half of the Palace District that RLF forces had fought tooth and nail to liberate, and with only a few conditions on their behaviour in a hastily-produced treaty. Remnant forces immediately began to harass and abuse the RLF-sponsored push for an independent Coruscant Security Force, and resumed their briefly subverted activities, including a secret military base they maintained in violation of the treaty, as it was within the outside of their assigned bounds.

The move caused immediate unrest among the former RLF and grave concerns among the members of its former constitutional convention. A growing number of critics professed that Jetaime was showing weakness to or even colluding with their enemy in the dangerous interim period, while a small number of supporters, including his temporary cabinet and the former RLF commander Horten, professed that his lack of ambition was an asset to ensure a smooth transition out of power once a democratic government was up and running.

As criticism of Jetaime grew and Remnant activities became more flagrant, pressure on the completion of the constitution and universal elections reached a feverish high. Finally, Jetaime resigned from his post and dissolved his cabinet, leaving the fledgling government leaderless. Ardonis Commodore, Executor of the Imperial Remnant, declared complete control over Coruscant. The date for republic elections was accelerated and the constitution's first and most vital article was published not long before they took place. The elections were held on Coruscant, and while automatic citizenship under the provisional constitution was exclusively assigned to declared members of the Republic Liberation Forces, including a progressive blanket-inclusion of the GAR clones as full citizens, citizenry was applied for and granted at the election booths.

The initial ballot included two candidates; Emily Howton and Kishoshima Kohime. While former commander Horten had professed he had no desire to run for election, members of the constitutional convention nominated him in time for voting and his name was placed on the ballot. The final results follow:

Selkisto Horten : 68%
Emily Howton: 0%
Kishoshima Kohime: 30%

While the second article of the constitution was still being written, it established that in an election for chancellor, the person with the most votes would become chancellor, and the person with the second most votes would become vice-chancellor, and so the combined winning ticket was Horten/Kohime. With its leadership chosen, the new government officially took on the name "People's Galactic Alliance"; 'Galactic Alliance' used in recognition of the legacy of galactic republics, and 'People's' deliberately chosen to illustrate the emphasis on the democratic processes inherent in its maintenance.

The Beginning of the Fel Empire

Empress Naja Fel and Knight Captain Christopher Novastar.

Newly elected Chancellor Horten did not disguise his personal disdain for the Imperial Remnant and the period of inaction during which he had no authority to move lead to a flurry of activity immediately after being granted his new title. Horten appointed his cabinet (including Secretary of Defense "Church" and Secretary of Transportation Ikest), raised federal forces, and recruited spies within the Remnant and immediately presented the Remnant with a show of force and mandate withdraw from the planet entirely or face military force.

Activity of both sides increased significantly over the following week, and the night before the mandate expired, Ardonis Commodore infiltrated the PGA building while pursuing a civilian, attacked Horten with the Force, and escaped. The following day the PGA's response was an overwhelming assault on the palace which narrowly missed capturing Ardonis, though the Imperial and Mandalorian forces the Remnant assembled were defeated.

When the dust cleared, Horten gave a speech declaring the Remnant defeated and its existence criminal, but offered unilateral amnesty to any low-ranking Imperial forces who wished to surrender and forbade their persecution by members of the Republic. He also declared that a true heir to the Fel Empire would be welcomed to Coruscant if they wished to reform a 'legitimate' Empire, so long as that government did not attempt to oppress members of the PGA as the former had done. (Read the transcripts of that speech.)

Empress Naja Fel

Recognizing that many inhabitants of Coruscant still considered themselves Imperial citizens and not wishing to prolong the PGA occupation of the planet, Horten encouraged 'Deuce' to return to Coruscant as a governor after his long exile, as the former Storm Corps colonel had long tolerated the Republic Liberation Front and showed the abilities needed to keep the remaining Imperial citizenry from fragmenting violently. Not long after, Naja Fel arrived on the planet and declared her desire to reform the Fel Empire and base it on Coruscant, prompting Deuce to return to exile and pursue his mercenary life. After confirming her identity through a DNA test, the palace and attached garrison and prison were turned over to her control, and the PGA consolidated its operations to a single building on the planet, though it continued to enforce security and maintain the local medical centre. (Read the first ultimate Imperial/Alliance treaty.)

'The Organization', Exodus, and the Mandalorian Insurgency

As the PGAF was being formed to provide security for the fledgeling republic, a new group calling itself "The Organization," first made itself known with an assassination attempt on Vice Chancellor Kohime, and while the attempt failed, Jilea Legionary, who was pending trial for multiple terrorist acts including the bombing of Jedi buildings on Onderon and Coruscant, fatally took the wound intended for the Vice Chancellor. The Organization also comitted a string of terrorist attacks, including the use of a biological weapon on the medicenter. As the PGA responded with emergency medical transports and field hospitals, it worked with the Fel Empire to investigate the source of the attacks. Chancellor Horten spearheaded the investigation for the PGA side, while the Fel Empire's contributions were lead by Christopher Novastar, now Imperial Knight Captain of the Empire, and the two rekindled their close friendship.

The first investigation that lead to violence ended in defeat for the Imperial/Alliance forces, with a brief confrontation being met by overwhelming Mandalorian forces who supported The Organization, lead by then Mandalore A'denla. While Mandalorians had fought as allies of the Imperial Remnant in both previous battles of Coruscant, their violation of their own honor code (including a core principle of refusing to outnumber an enemy) and support of terrorist activities that targeted noncombatants and civilian centers lead the Imperial/Alliance forces to regard them as a threat on the same level as the Organization. Soon after the initial defeat, The Organization captured and tortured Conclave Jedi Master Eva Lekach, and Imperial/Alliance forces tracked them to their base and eliminated the terrorist cell completely. Exodus was captured by the PGA, and while he eventually escaped the Organization's activities ceased permanently. After control of Coruscant was handed over to the Fel Empire (see Anti-Sith Alliance below), however, a group of Mandalorians attacked Fel Empire forces in the Coruscant undercity. The ensuing fight resulted in the removal of significant criminal Mandalorian activities from the planet.

The Anti-Sith Alliance

Combat with Sith in the lobby of the PGA building on Coruscant.

Sith activity rose after the removal of the Remnant from Coruscant, and while Vjun had been largely destroyed by the former Galactic Empire, Korriban remained as a world under Sith control, and small and infrequent eruptions of conflict between the Sith and the allied forces of Coruscant, both locally and on Korriban itself, continued throughout the first few years of the PGA's creation.

While effort to secure Coruscant and create PGA security forces (ultimately named the PGAF) were a substantial focus from the outset, efforts to create a senate and recruit member worlds for it were a primary priority. Barlok, Onderon, Rendili, and Velmor were taken for granted as member worlds from the outset, but the submission of requirements for the senators of member worlds to be popularly elected in every planet, regardless of the form of government of the planet, was met with a sudden withdrawal of Onderon from the pool. Queen Astra claimed that local democratic elections voted on by the people would simply be a 'popularity contest' and not a true reflection of the planet's will. While the queen's decision was initially accepted, Onderon was simultaneously taken over by a known Sith as well sith from the planet of Korriban, and PGAF first intervened when allied Jedi forces on a peaceful mission to the planet were attacked, captured, and tortured.

The creation of the Anti-Sith Alliance

Additionally, the Onderon queen went missing during this period, which prompted an investigation by the PGA into her whereabouts. These events, all surrounding the Sith takeover of a planet with a significant part of the RLF's history, resulted in the creation of the Anti-Sith Alliance, and it was during the meeting that produced this alliance when Christopher Novastar proposed the withdrawal of the PGA from Coruscant, and Chancellor Horten reluctantly agreed. His stated concern was the worry that the Fel Empire would not be capable of adequately providing its own security, a concern that would prove itself in the future to be prophetic, but it was ultimately agreed that the Fel Empire would assume full control and security duties for Coruscant, though the PGA would assist them if formally requested to.

The Imperial Remnant, and its leader Ardonis Commodore, soon came to Onderon, negotiating with the Sith to take control of the planet in their stead. An officer of the Onderon Royal Guard named Riley West, still loyal to the monarchy, formally requested military aid from the Fel Empire, PGA, and their Jedi allies. While a joint operation had been in the works since the Sith takeover of Onderon, concrete battle plans were quickly laid out and approved by the joint forces, which included Imperials, Jedi, and GAR, with Chancellor Horten acting as joint commander. A force of nine was sent to Onderon, which linked up with West, who went into the palace and ordered Ardonis to withdraw his forces, which included Imperial Remnant forces and the Remnant-allied 202nd Clone Battalion.

Commodore immediately ordered his forces to attack the Anti-Sith Alliance forces, and Remnant and 202nd rushed into the palace and opened fire, but Commodore was taken down within moments of the order and the remaining forces were pushed out of the palace. The allied joint strike team eliminated all but one of those who remained in a street battle that spilled into Onderon's jungles and back. While the joint forces declared the operation a total victory, Queen Astra denounced their actions and ordered them to leave the planet, claiming then that the Remnant and 202nd had been invited, as the Sith had been before them. The Alliance forces had no reason to occupy the city, which had by then been largely evacuated, and with the monarchy's hostile position left the planet to its own devices.

Brief conflicts erupted soon afterwards on Korriban, primarily between GAR and the

GAR engaging Sith on Korriban

Sith forces on Korriban. While sustained combat lasted only a few days, typically ending with GAR victories either on the ground or in the air, tensions between both sides remained high, and though the PGA remained unaffiliated with the operations the PGA lent minor support. This continued until another less official joint action took place, primarily consisting of a few clones, elements of the Fel Empire including Christopher Novastar, and Chancellor Horten. Once the operation was concluded, Sith activity on Korriban had tapered off significantly.

These events were significant in that they solidified the military relations between GAR, the Fel Empire, the Jedi, and the PGA. GAR and the Jedi assumed more and more of the PGA's security and military duties as the PGA senate became a primary focus for the Chancellor's efforts.

The PGA Senate

Xesh trainers above the Senate Building on Rhen Var

Amidst the remaining troubles with Korriban and the Imperial Remnant, the Vice Chancellor, Kohime, had all but disappeared to a sudden "sick leave." Horten assumed the dual role of both Chancellor and Vice Chancellor in his absence, and singlemindedly pursued the construction of the senate and its voting body. Finally, it was completed on Rhen Var, the declared capital of the PGA, and was joined by senators from Alzoc 3, Barlok, and Velmor. Rounding out the meetings, the senators were joined by representatives from the Banking Guild, the Fel Empire, and the PGAF.

Early meetings codified the existing Article 1 of the constitution into law and approved the validity of the treaties with the Fel Empire, granting official status to the PGA embassy on Coruscant while providing for a sister embassy at Antilles Station, then still under construction, to represent the Fel Empire.

Senator Yven of Bakura with members of GAR

The senate would soon be joined by Bakura, Kashyyyk, Rothana, and Talus as its first term progressed, and it passed a number of federal bills. In addition to passing into law the second and third articles of the PGA constitution, it expanded military spending, established trade zones, and authorized military actions, including the action taken on Onderon. However, during this period the senate never produced an official fourth article determining its own federal powers.

Prelude to the War with the Revenant Armada

During the excursions on Korriban, a number of sources reported that the Assembly of Darkness, one of the principle Sith organizations on Korriban, was mustering a fleet. While these sources were concerned that it indicated a threat, most military analysts judged the information on the fleet, with most of its ships at less than full strength, to be a ruse, if it was even accurate.

The AoD fleet did appear, however, making a suicidal run against Coruscant. While as outmatched in combat as it appeared on paper, it battered itself against the defending Fel Imperial defenses, unleashing a small Sith attack force, including creatures produced by Sith alchemy. Fel and GAR forces ultimately routed the invaders while simultaneously, a small pirate fleet launched on attack at the Rendili shipyards.

The allied forces raced to the shipyards, destroying resources there before they could fall into enemy hands, although a section of the facility was stolen. Soon, Takaki Rejkus emerged, claiming responsibility for the heist, and as both the Fel Empire and PGA determined a response to these events, an uncertain calm set over their affairs while the Revenant prepared for war.

Relative Peace

War with the Revenant Armada

The Third Battle for Coruscant and the Second PGA Elections

The Fourth Battle for Coruscant and the Second Occupation

The Liberation of Coruscant and Beyond


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