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Pennie Iscandar, age 14, on the planet Naboo.

Pennie Iscandar was born on the planet of Naboo. She grew up in a fairly poor house hold but not starving or anything like that.  Aside from being a bit of a brat growing up she had a pretty normal childhood. However, at the age of 14 she like everyone else was at the parade to usher in the newly elected Queen of Naboo.  During the celebrations  she was noticed by some of the Naboo royal guards that she looked extremely similar to the new Queen of Naboo, so much so that she was actually mistaken at first to be the Queen her self.   Knowing this the Royal House of Naboo offered Pennie a job as the Queen's body double  with the promise that her and her family would be very well taken care of, essentially living as royalty them self's.  Of course she accepted the offer as any 14 year old girl would, given the chance to be the Queen of an entire planet, or at least pretend to be.   Shortly after  Pennie and her family moved into the Theed Royal Palace for the next 4 years.

Pennie took to her new life pretty well, enjoying the amazing perks that came with it. Her favorite being the fashion and even more so the makeup the queen was expected to wear. However it was not all fun and games, in fact most of her time was spent learning the names of important Dignitaries, Ambassadors, and Senators as well as all the in's and out's of business and political life, she also had to go through  "Royal" training all in an effort to make her as convincing body double as possible.  If this wasn't bad enough any enjoyment she still got from the job came to an abrupt end when the unthinkable happened. Pennie's space ship was attacked on her way back to Naboo by a group of space pirates. The pretend Queen was taken captive and held for ransom. To Pennie's shock the Royal House ignored the demands of the pirates and refused to pay the ransom, she was just a body double after all. The pirates held Pennie for weeks until she was finally able to convince them she was not the real queen and was no use to them. Deciding to cut their losses the pirates let her go, but not before stripping her of all her valuables including her clothes and taking her ship.

When Pennie got back to Naboo she told her family she no longer wanted to work for the Royal House but her family now spoiled from living the high life forced her to go back into it, fearing they would lose their free ride if she quit. Pennie started to hate being the queens double and even more her family for forcing her to continue to do it. Soon she grew tired of the near endless demands put upon her and wanted desperately to have a life of her own.   News came in that the current sitting queen had own her second term as the Queen of Naboo,  meaning Pennie would be suck as her double for many more years to come,   this was Pennie's breaking point as she couldn't bare the thought of being stuck in the Palace any longer.  A few weeks later it was Pennie's 18th birthday, It was also the day she decided to steal a Naboo star skiff with a suitcase full of credits. she left Naboo before anyone had even noticed and never looked back, ending that chapter of her life.

Current History Edit


Current Photo of The Pretend Queen on Teth.

After leaving Naboo Pennie wandered around the Galaxy for a little over a year, learning a lot about the galaxy. Living a rather sheltered life she had a lot to learn about how things really worked. However, It didn't take her long to pick up on the ins and outs of the underworld, at least enough to not get her self killed. She was already fairly savvy in business and negotiating thanks to her time spent dealing with Senators. After awhile Pennie made a little name for she self as "The Pretend Queen" a name that stuck with her after her kidnapping by pirates earlier in her life. She even went as far as adopting the queens look of painting her face, tho Pennie of course adding her own touches to the look making it her own.

Pennie eventually found her way to a ship refueling station just outside of Hutt space on the planet Teth. It was here she thought would be the Ideal place to call home, It was the perfect blend of being enough of out the the way that no one bother come looking for her but close enough to Hutt space that she could still keep her ear to the ground to any lucrative deals in the making. Pennie sold her Naboo star skiff and used the money to create The Bombed Out Club. The building it self was an old condemned communication center used by the refueling station. The building was condemned do to a pirate attack many years ago. During the attack one of the bombs dropped on the station embedding it self into the roof of the communication building but failed to explode. Rather then taking the risk of detonating the bomb while trying to remove it, it was decided simply leaving it there was the best option, thus giving the club it's name.

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