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PedGouv or just Ped is a SWRP character in Second Life.
Ped is a mutanted human with a height higher than 2 meters tall, red eyes and physically improved skills caused by mutation. He arrived to Zonama Sekot with a scarf in the face and with memory loss...he didn't remembered anything and tries to begin a new life and recover his memory. If you want to contact him, just send an IM to PedGouv Walmer.

Ped's Skills

PedGouv's mutation gives him some advantages about aglity and strength.

His armor isn't heavy and he has 4 kinds of blasters, who he is most skilled, and a knife:

- The Dantooine Guards official gun (wich he uses now again).

- ISC E-11 Blaster Rifle V2.

- DC-15.

- one knife.

- Two Westar-34 (only on disguise).

His major weakness is melee fighting. He is pretty bad at it, since he never dealed good with knifes or sabers or swords.

Ped on Yavin IV with his new blaster rifle drawn

The strange arrive to Zonama Sekot

The first thing he remembers is when he wakes up and takes off the scarf covering his red eyes. PedGouv is written on his cape, so he knows his name; but that's all he knows. Master Leysha scanned PedGouv's body searching for physical injuries and she found none.

After that situation Ped learnt that the friendship he's gaining on Zonama people like lady Leysha, Master Salene Lusch, Master Flint Mokeev, Susallia Arida, Cobalt Ra'ann and others, were very important and he loves them all. That friendship and the beautiful nature of Zonama were the principal reason for he sent a form for the Zonama Sekot Rangers: to defend the people and the land he loves so much.

When Ped arrived on Zonama with the black scarf covering the face

Zonama Sekot Ranger

In a day who Ped called "The day of the ships", Pedro had his proudest moment in his life: He became a Zonama Sekot Ranger.

The day began with him talking withSalene Lusch. They talked about his Starfighter. It was an ancient Eta-2 Actis-Class Light Interceptor as known as Jedi Starfighter gave by a friend of him called Makew. At the end of the day came Master Flint too, and both concluded that starfighter was been used maybe for stealing or smuggling. PedGouv said for himself "I don't need to fly on a ship I could be suspected of stealing...I will try to find a new one." Makew and Susa came too. Makew to exaplain the origin of the ship and Susa to helping on detecting something wrong with it.

While PedGouv was looking for a new ship on the mall, he has been contacted by Commander Zak, of the Zonama Sekot Rangers. He said to Ped to meet him on the Landpad and PedGouv did it. They met and Ped had to pass a test to become a Ranger: piloting the Newest Zonama Interceptor. The last, the new generation, just for him; he just couldn't believe in his luck!

PedGouv started piloting it with some problems because of the 3 wings, he was not accustomed with ships like that. He avoid a potential crash but after he piloted it like the ancient starfighter. After the report of his adventure The Potentium Masters and the Commander had the same opinion: PedGouv is now the newest private of the Zonama Sekot Rangers.

The moment he was elected with the new ship

The travell to Mos Espa and the first recalls of the past

When PedGouv travels to Mos Espa, he always sensed something familiar on that place; like he belonged there on other life... One day he went on Medbay to recover heal and his curiosity made him walking thought the stairs for the next floor. There, he recalled the bed where he was 5 years ago. WHen some kind of black suited doctor gave him an injection, causing him a lot of pain, and after be like he is now. Since a blond, blue-eyed young boy, his eyes became red, his hair black and now, as adult reaches 2.13m tall. His speed,his strength, his day vision is better than the usual humans, but his nitght vision is a little worse.

That is what Ped recalled: a black suited man, giving him an injection and he screaming of the pain

Days after, He travelled to Nar Shaddaa with Salene and Flint, to investigate the dangerous plants that are in that city. When the 3 came to the underground, when the problem is really much worse and disgusting, Ped fallen into a hole that opened by itself. Fortunately PedGouv's improved reflexes because of the mutation were enough to he activates the jetpack before he falls on the strange water, but when he came up he beat with his head and he recovered more things: there he saw himself looking at the mirror seeing he's blond and blue-eyed. He saw himself piloting speeders with his friends on Mos Espa and coming to his father with a Mandalorian armor. But he didn't see his mother...

The Discovery of his father

When on Mos Espa (Tatooine) occured an event of lighsaber duels, Ped was there to watch the duels. He sit just on left side of a man he knew one week ago: Emperor Nakamura. There, so close to him, he got the strange sensation of some kind of connection to him when he saw Emperor's eyes and his face shape so close, so similar to Ped's. Emperor's himself noticed "Look at your face and look at mine. We are equal hehe". So, after some time, by comlink, he gain courage to talk to Emperor Nakamura. On the next day both made a DNA test with the presence of Rain Titanium and the result was positive. Emperor Nakamura is PedGouv's father. And they came to a conclusion: probably Ped was part of an OSE (One Sith Empire, a Mos Espa clan) project to create a mutant human to work for them; and somehow, Ped scaped and landed on Zonama Sekot.

Ped on the bed, doing a DNA test with Emperor Nakamura and Rain Titanium

When Ped found love

Actually that day didn't start much well to Ped. At afternoon he went to Mos Espa, helping a man who asked help by Mos Espa comlink service and he was there to ask what happened. A guy was throwing some grenades and Ped was going to talk to him, but the thug, called Gabs, started shooting at him and he was obligated to shoot at him almost until he dies. Ped, with guilty at his shoulders took him to Medbay. After that came 2 men from an Hutt Clan who suffered the grenades explosions too. Ped told Gabs about their jurisdiction saying he is not from Mos Espa, so they would areest him as they want. Gabs, when felt better, lanched another granade and shots blaster bolts. Another guy started shooting and before Gabs pull other grenade Ped finished with his life. Ped had his first killing.

After that Ped went back to Zonama where he explained the situation to them and they understood him. Other people came and Ped decided to sleep a bit because he was tired. Then, surprisely appears Unia. A very present Ped's friend. Who goes with him several times on travells and who he enjoys always her company. A blond crazy sweet woman. PedGouv woke up and talked about the incident of that same day and she agreed with Flint and Salene. After they went to Jacuzzi when Ped discovered both feel the same feeling about each other: love. After they kissed themselves romanticaly on his bed and both slept.

When Ped and Unia discovered their love

A new begining

WIth time Ped was feeling himself less helpful on Zonama Sekot. Of course that is what he thinks, but he didn't think on leaving Zonama until his love arrives. Unia disapeared for a while and Ped was worried. WHen she came she said that she wanted a new begining. Ped agreed, specially after he knew a good friend of him died recently. Ped needed a new start, and both they decided to start on Dantooine with DJE (Dantooine Jedi Enclave). Zonama population reactions were not good, specially from Salene Lusch.

Dantooine Guards

PedGouv has been recruited on Dantooine Guards few days after his arrive. He was proud and very anxious to the test, to be private. He made a trainig one or two days after with a very good result. Ped was almost out on the training but he could finish it, even when he had 2 jedis against him. Commander Lyianeta was so impressed that mades him the written test to be private and Ped had been accepted. She said also "If you continue like this you will earn more and more respect by your superiors and you will be better and better soldier."

Ped trains a lot, with friends, and superiors. Ped won 2 times on a training spar against his Corporal "Sparx" and 2 times against Master Agen of DJE.

Difficult situation

Things are not going right to Ped. After Warren left DG for mando's for unknown reasons, he and Unia bring up Warren back to Dantooine to make some questions. Ped after a while was sleeping and on next day Unia, his girlfriend told him she helped Warren scaping because Warren met her parents. Unia is a Mando and now she's with Mandalorians too. Ped's heart is broken in half. They decided to stay engaged, however with so big distance and DG superior highly desapointed with both, Warren and Unia, Ped is afraid that he never more can be with his love. After the com-link conversation, Ped unburden with General Liyaneta who told a very similar story. Ped decided to not quit from Unia but he decided too, to not leave Dantooine Guards "I make the promisse of stay here twice. I will not break a promisse again.", he said.

Eventually Ped and Unia had been meeting sometimes: as on Vjun, or Yavin IV, or Dantooine. And the relationship stills good and healty.

Ped and Unia. The changes are big: Ped with ponytail and Unia with grey hair.

DG Progresses

Ped works a lot. He patrols everyday, and trains with the Dantooine Guards and the Jedi Enclave very much time and always with good results by everybody. But one day Ped faced another treat. For the second time as DG, he faces a Sith Lord, now with the help of 2 Jedi Masters: Blade Kamala and Raven. He helped them good and they became very proud of him after his performance and their victory: so much, that both agreed to level up Ped, not to Privat First Class, but to Corporal! And with a Medal of Honor! Ped cried of emotion..

Weeks passed and Ped was gaining more importance on Dantooine Guards. He is always called and only one of few DGs there to help DJE. So, for his effort, in just some weeks, he gained the rank of Sergeant. That only makes him effort hard and harder to continue with positive performances. Generals like him very much, not just for his skills, but for his passion and dedication to Dantooine Guards.

A visit to his old home Zonama

When Ped had still the rank of Corporal he visited Zonama to see his old friends. But things weren't right. Zonama Sekot had problems and Ped felt himself obligated to help them: "If you need me, I will help you. And it sounds you need as much people as possible.", like he said sometimes. After Zonama people, specially Commander Zak, congratulate him for his corporal rank and medal of honor he knew the story of a cult which is rising on Zonama with people sacrifices and people who hate strangers. Salene Lusch, the Magister of Zonama and the most powerful Potentium Master of all, never would let that Ferroans tribe kill people just because of a god. And actually was not a god; it was a giant beast that days after Ped, Zak, Salene, Flint, Marek (JJA Padawan who landed on Zonama and doesnt know why), Ash, and a mysterious person who didnt have name, the Nameless, go into a cave and killed the best. A granade lunched by Ped put the giant unbalanced and it fallen on the ground wonded and almost dea

Ped and his friend, encontering the beast Ch'guncha

d. Some time after the Nameless used the Force to communicate with people spirit who was in beasts body and they left the best who dispensed all his strenghts on recovering the souls unsucessfully and died with a Force Energy Explosion that made Ped, who was close to the beast, fall in the ground wonded. After that its eggs were destroyed and Ped came back wonded to Dantooine. "Wonded, but happy", as he says.

Coming back to Dantooine

During a Patrol arround Dantooine's allies, his ship crashed violently in a place situated in Tatooine. After walking during days, he find a village, not very far from Mos Espaanda kind person helps him with his ship. Since he was injured a lot, he stayed one year and half in the planet. He told to the guy his life story and the little mature man told him things he never faced. He told him about peace. About, why fighting each other, why jedis call themselves protectores of peace if they bring war, plus the sith, to the planets habbitants who didn't made anything to live their lifes with this terrible non-ending fightings.

When ship crashed in Dantooine

So he arrived to Dantooine. In total, he was two years out. And he arrives not only to see his old friends, but to obtain his answers and to make finally, the final path to his short life.

When arrives everyone are still sleeping, and he sees that basically it looks like the same thing. "Would they still remember me?", he thinks.

And actually we was welcomed in Dantooine, as usual was. He gaines new friends, a new blaster, and a new promotion: he became Lieutenant. However, the bad news had arrived also. He sees his DG empty. Maybe one or two soldiers remained, and he heard by a misterious GAR soldier that his woman, Unia, is dead.