Pantera Asturias

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Master Pantera Asturias (along with Darth Aridian and Kokiri Saarinen) was a founding Council Master of the "Jedi Master" Order of Jedi. Known for his wisdom and powers of philosophy, which complemented the dynamism and drive of Masters Aridian and Saarinen, he was a noted teacher and perhaps out of the original Masters of the Order was the one that Jedi of today would recognize most easily as an archetypal Jedi Master, in the vein of a Jedi Consular.

Character Biography

Pantera Asturias 001.png
Master Pantera Asturias (sporting an earlier appearance. He later changed his avatar to a 'darker' tone in the last years of his time, mainly because he was tired of being visually compared to Jesus, but it did not impact on his mentality, which was very much Light Sided).
JMHQ (Rhodes 005 - Lesson by Master Pantera).jpg
Master Asturias (standing) as he holds a lecture. Seated, clockwise from the right: Padawan Kizzie Troughton, Knight Leo Mission, Padawan Dash Fardel, Padawan Zoom Kilian, Master Kokiri Saarinen and Knight Nrom Normandy.
Master Asturias was a stabilizing influence on the development of future Jedi Master leader, Leo Mission, after the defection to the Sith Order of his original Master, Praegorn Sachertorte. Riddled with guilt and self-loathing at having failed to prevent the fall of his Master to the Dark Side, Leo Mission (then at the cusp of his Knighthood Trials) was plagued by strong emotions and might have fallen himself as a result but for the calm reassurance of Master Asturias. Without it being formalized as such, Asturias became the de facto Master of the young Mission, who followed him in his travels around the Galaxy and learned much from this wise Jedi. This arrangement continued until Mission was claimed by the Grand Master Aridian as his Padawan and adopted son. Master Asturias retired from the Jedi Order in due course and faded into the mists of time, though the teachings he espoused lived on in those he taught, several of whom themselves became Jedi Masters in due course.

Personality and Traits

JMHQ (Pantera Training Padawans).jpg
Master Pantera holding a training session at the original Jedi Master base on Bespin.
Although not especially known for his combat abilities (which were nonetheless decent), he conducted regular Lightsaber training of Padawans and Jedi Knights. More important to the development of the Jedi order to which he belonged was the teaching in philosophy and the Jedi Mindset which he gave to the Padawans of the Order.

Behind the Scenes

Back in 2005/2006, the lines between OOC and IC were sometimes less well-defined than they are now. One of the aspects of Pantera's philosophy was being a good person in all aspects of one's life (be it RL or SL), a precursor to the Jedi Realism that Jedi Master later became known for.

In SL at the time, public Sandbox Sims were plagued by griefers in a time before "No-Push" could be set for land parcels, meaning you could be orbitted or pushed sideways several sims without consent by an enterprising griefer. One of the wonderful things Pantera would do would be to go to such sandboxes, dressed in full Jedi gear to denote his role as a Guardian of the Peace, and he would show residents of SL how to resist these attacks in a peaceful way without resorting to counter-griefing themselves. This often attracted the ire of griefers themselves who would attack him but be foiled by his peaceful counter-measures and thus publicly demonstrating the effectiveness of his approach to any bystanders.

This eventually led to the development by Kokiri Saarinen of the tool "Force Prophecies" which amongst its features included a non-physical shield, which allowed users to 'sit' (thereby being protected from orbitting) and yet move around apparently walking as normal and to escape from cage traps. Whilst Kokiri was the scripter of this, the idea of a non-violent response to griefing was Pantera's modus operandi and no doubt influenced Kokiri in the creation of this tool.

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