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CT-P-8410, P-8410, or simply Rush is a Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) clone trooper serving under Orange Legion, Udesla Company.

Rush was born within the cloning facilities on Bakura where many clones at the time were born. The Grand Army was deeply rooted to the world after years of protection and cooperation between the Clone Council and the Bakuran government. He arrived at his first unit which would have been Omega Squad (if it wasn't recently disbanded), under the 724th Platoon, Udesla Company of the Orange Legion under current Commander Fawnz. Rush's first deployment came as the Revenant Armada was quickly becoming a more casual force than the Grand Army's true mortal enemy.

It wasn't too long before Rush witnessed the birth of the New Republic binding together many of the Grand Army's allies and friends such as Dantooine, Yavin, and Coruscant. It was during this era of his career that he witnessed The Battle of Uvena Prime when the Revenant Armada would attack Uvena Prime and blockade prompting a relief effort from the New Republic, GAR included, and others. He was promoted to the rank of Corporal during a horrible Rakghoul outbreak which infected several systems including Dantooine, Yavin IV, and Nar Shaddaa.

The war front for the Grand Army took them against multiple foes such as the Disciples of Ragnos, Galactic Empire, and other foreign enemies in the name of the Republic where he eventually came to the Battle of Tython which earned him the rank of Sergeant. However the constant battles would be short lived as dangerous corruption ensued.

Rush would face infighting between his own General, General A-7001 "Runes", forcing Rush to leave the Grand Army for many months as he escaped to Nar Shaddaa. There he was employed under X-Play and their club. General Runes however would face extreme defeat by being discharged and removed from the Grand Army causing a small schism in the ranks. The 501st Corps would follow General Runes to form a new Army loyal to only the New Republic which caused the Grand Army to depart the Republic all together.

After the Grand Army would leave the New Republic, reformations would be put into place changing the structure and integrity of the Army. Rush would return re-enlisted beginning at Private again as he worked his way back to his NCO status. He'd return just in time for the Battle of Mustafar where the Grand Army and an alliance of Mandalorians and others would assault the Imperial Inquisiton taking the system victorious after a long and bitter campaign. He quickly in record time retook the mantle of Udesla's Senior NCO by achieving the rank of Staff Sergeant.

It was after the Battle of Mustafar the Rush noticed a trend... Several systems were allies and had all left the New Republic which primarily controlled the Core Worlds leaving several patches of the galaxy alone. Rush quickly assembled delegates from Dantooine, Naboo, Yavin IV, Tython, and Onderon to meet in secret talks to build a new faction that would continue their constant cooperation. The Galactic Federation was born.

Rush was no politician, but he knew when friends needed to join forces and was quickly elected Federal Mediator to plan the future talks that would soon become the foundation of their new government. The delgates soon became representatives and senators, and the meeting quickly became the Federal Congress and eventually these meetings would produce the Constitution that would officially create the government of the Federation. Rush was proud, but he was still a soldier at heart. He'd return to the battlefield after announcing he'd not run for any federal offices until the first round was over.