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P-2883, nicknamed "Bralor", and later known as named Fox Bralor Keto. Created for service to the Grand Army of the Republic by Commander Fonzarelli until finding complications in trusting his commander. Retiree of his second enlistment in the Grand Army while under the command of Commander Bandit and Commander Fetuccio. Emperor of the Tetan Empire and husband of Empress Xera Keto.


Birth and Early Years

P-2883 was "born" on Kamino in a hidden cloning facility in 210 after Commander Fonzarelli started working towards creating a new Grand Army of the Republic with the last remaining facility. Among the first generation of "Advanced Adaptive Intelligence" Clones, Fox proceeded through training that the facility's automatic cloning program offered and proceeded down the path of a standard grunt. In Later Years the newly formed Grand Army of the Republic would proceed away from Kamino and into the awaiting galaxy.

Fox participated in numerous campaigns during the Grand Army's early years, assisting in securing the Grand Army's place in the galaxy along with many other Clones. Nothing in Fox's history stood out until after the Grand Army was established on the planet of Bakura. One of the first missions Fox was a part of after securing their head quarters on Bakura was a raid on the Sanguine Syndicate's base of operations in Little Mos Eisley. The operation proceeded with no complications, due to the fact that the Sanguine Syndicate had abandoned the base before the Grand Army's arrival.

Bakura 1.0

Shortly after the "victory" over the Sanguine Syndicate at Little Mos Eisley Fox was forced to participate in a 5 hour battle in an attempt to retake control of the Grand Army's sector of Bakura. Sanguine Syndicate members ambushed Fox while patrolling the streets of Bakura, narrowly escaping the attack with his life and calling in reinforcements from across the galaxy to help aid in guerrilla warfare against the Sanguine Syndicate members who were occupying Bakura.

A small band of Privates arrived to assist for a 4 hour struggle, however the tide of the battle was changed after more Grand Army reinforcements arrived and command of the battle was taken by Sargent Dowding. The battle later ended with a retreat by Sanguine forces.

Over time the Sanguine Syndicate was mopped up until they were a force that retreated from the eye of the galaxy. Soon after the retreat of the Sanguine Syndicate, a Sith group identifying their selves as the Cult of Ragnos appeared and threatened the Grand Army. Conflict was scarce at first with only minor skirmish's, the first real battle erupting after Corporal Raymaker decided to venture around the planet of Mustafar on his own and soon was discovered and attacked by Cult of Ragnos forces. Larger battles were fought across the galaxy between Grand Army and Cult of Ragnos forces, ending in a climactic large scale invasion by Grand Army forces on the Cult of Ragnos base on Mustafar.

The Cult of Ragnos, contrary to popular belief, was not gone. Making a climactic return some great time after their defeat the Cult of Ragnos assaulted the Grand Army base on Bakura as an act of revenge for their defeat at Mustafar. Both forces were forced to withdrawl from the long battle with Grand Army forces admitting a defeat after a heavy loss of forces, soon after the battle Grand Army and Cult of Ragnos forces continued to clash once again. During the entire conflict, Fox had participated as a single Private, lost in a sea of others just like him. During the re-sparked conflict with the Cult of Ragnos Fox found himself promoted to the rank of Corporal finally, taking his first steps with his ability to command other Clones in battle.

Near the end of the war with the Cult of Ragnos, Grand Army forces found their selves on the planet of Thule to investigate rumors of hidden Cult of Ragnos forces. Soon after landing on the surface Grand Army forces found members of the Sith cult and were instructed to leave before they were executed. Clones slowly withdrew from the surface as Sith forces closely watched them leave until two Sith ambushed a lone Clone and sparked a brief skirmish. Fox took a round in the battle and was left on the surface wounded, lost in the chaos of a quick retreat by Grand Army forces. He was able to send a message over his comm to Grand Army forces that he had been taken prisoner before his armor was forcefully removed.

While Grand Army forces grew larger in space to prepare for a large scale rescue with the assistance of New Order Jedi Fox was subjected to torture from Force Lightning attacks and forced into a Bacta Tank repeatedly while Sith forces attempted to extract information. Fox refused to give up any information and the interrogation was cut short when a New Order Jedi Knight stumbled across the room in the middle of the large scale battle, but was quickly forced out. After being located finally, three more Jedi Knights broke down the door to the building and drew out Fox's captors in a diversion to allow Fox to leave. Seeing his chance Fox ran through the door and across a battlefield in nothing but his skin suit and no weapons.

Grand Army forces withdrew after getting Fox out safely and brought an end to the Battle of Thule in a draw. Fox was then promoted to Sargent after the end of the final end of the war with the Cult of Ragnos, and founded the Epsilon squad which formed the second squad in the 333rd Platoon. During this time of peace Fox proceeded to train the Clones of his squad until he was met with another promotion to Lieutenant. At this point, many Clones had begun to see potental in Fox, including Clones in high ranks, and were willing to follow his command and aid him in achieving higher ranks. After becoming a Lieutenant Fox found himself on the forest world of Kashyyyk, aiding New Order Jedi forces in securing the planet from Imperial forces led by Empress Evalyone Shilova.

Many skirmishes were fought on Kashyyyk to help protect the natives and a newly forming rebel faction opposed to Empress Eva's Empire. The most notable event of his time on Kashyyyk in Fox's eyes was when a Knight of the New Order Jedi presented a small child to him and stating the child had knowingly committed crimes against New Order Jedi and Grand Army forces which lead to many deaths for both factions. The Knight sought proper justice for the crimes committed by the boy and Fox was happy to oblige after escorting the child into the middle of the forest and arranging a firing squad.

After securing Kashyyyk from Imperial forces, both Grand Army and New Order Jedi forces moved to Coruscant to dethrone the Empress. After countless skirmishes on Coruscant Fox suggested a tactic to New Order Jedi and Grand Army forces during a strategy meeting to proceed with a plan to execute the Empress which eventually morphed into a plan of a large scale attack on Coruscant and Grand Army special forces breaking into the palace to execute the Empress, Fox was then added in to the Grand Army Commando squad Verda as a marksmen.

During the attack, Verda forces proceeded through the city undetected and infiltrated the Imperial Palace from the roof, attempting to get in by cutting into the elevator shaft and going down to the floor she was located at. But due to an error in intel gathering, Verda forces breached on to a floor that was empty and were forced to watch as the Empress road the elevator to the top and escape the planet.

After failing to kill the Empress Grand Army and New Order Jedi forces retreated and the Grand Army began scouting likely safe houses for the Empress to hide in, locating her quickly after a hunch that Fox had on the planet of Mustafar. Grand Army forces invaded Mustafar once again and proceeded quickly through the facility they had landed at to locate the Empress, finally finding her in a cave with one of the Empresses Governors and her Royal Guards. Grand Army forces quickly dispatched the guards but were unable to claim either the Empress.

Bakura 2.0

During the war a Star Destroyer was crashed in to the surface of Bakura and destroyed the sector which the Grand Army operated out of, forcing them to locate to another sector of the planet to continue operations. The Grand Army soon caught wind of an impending retaliation strike by the Empire on Bakura. Fox devised a plan for the defense of the planet utilizing tactics the Grand Army had yet to utilize. The tactics proved successful and the Grand Army once again was victorious. Many members within the Grand Army pushed for Commander Fonzerlli to promote Fox to the rank of ARC Trooper, but the Commander settled for a promotion to Captain.

Shortly after their attack on the Grand Army base on Bakura the Empire slowly ceased to exist, having been driven from their own worlds. Hostilities for Fox did not end there how ever, rogue pirates assaulted the training center in a surprise attack which left Fox hurt but alive. The Grand Army soon retaliated after sending out scouting teams to locate their base of operations. A small team was sent in to negotiate with Fox at its head to discover why they had attacked the Grand Army, negotiations failed quickly and a fire fight broke out soon in the base.

Fox was forced to retreat with the forces that assisted him, and reinforcements were quick to arrive. With more Clones and a gunship to support Fox and the other Clones quickly suppressed the threat, but the Pirates of the Red Furry Pirates withdrew without being seen. Finding no signs of the pirates anymore the Grand Army moved on, tension was growing between the New Jedi Order and the Grand Army and conflict was nearing. Finally things went too far and conflict between the groups erupted, the Grand Army instituted Order 66 and invaded the New Order Jedi's homeworld to attack. Fox stayed out of the conflict, feeling that it wasn't right to attack comrades, he picked up a lightsaber from a dead Jedi near him and decided to hold on to it to remember the day. A great time Order 66 the Grand Army began supporting a rebel faction growing in power in the city of Izziz on the planet of Onderon known as the People's Galactic Alliance, and with the Grand Army's help were able to liberate the planet of Onderon from the Fel Empire's grasp.

After the defeat of the Fel Empire in Izziz, the Grand Army and the People's Galactic Alliance moved outward to strike at other Imperial targets. By this time Fox was finally promoted to the position of ARC-Trooper in the Grand Army and was aided by ARC-Trooper T-8011 "Otty" during the campaigns against the Fel Empire. The Grand Army was suffering from a number of internal issues, so Fox decided to work on fixing the internal issues while Otty focused on the war effort.

After many long battles the Fel Empire was crushed on Coruscant and the People's Galactic Alliance took the throne on Coruscant. Shortly after their victory the People's Galactic Alliance held an award ceremony in the recently claimed palace to honor the heroes of the war against the Fel Empire, all of the high ranking officers of the Grand Army attended the ceremony to watch their brothers be honored for their work. During the ceremony the head of the People's Galactic Alliance and was quickly pursued by Grand Army forces, although was lost in the vastness of the city.

Fox suspected there might be more attempts on the heads of the People's Galactic Alliance lives so Fox committed his time to assisting with crackdown's on local terrorists on Coruscant. Many attempts were made on various people of the People's Galactic Alliance and Fox was growing weary of the constant pursuit of them, as well as near death escapes. Elections were held and a Chancellor was voted in, the leader of the People's Galactic Alliance rebellion movement was the head of the growing body of government, one of his first acts was to declare all Grand Army Clones citizens of the People's Galactic Alliance. Back on Bakura tension was growing even more within the Grand Army and Fox found it harder to push through the red tape to do his duty of keeping things running within the Grand Army.

Quite often Fox and Otty found their selves ignored by their Commander when presenting problems and solutions to them, while the Commander ordered tasks that furthered the growing issues. One of the Shock Troopers who had been supporting Fox's climb up the ranks grew weary of his work as well, having already faced the same issues Fox and Otty were going through, and stepped down from his position in the Clone Council while nominating Fox as his replacement. The majority of the council, being aware of Fox's actions and work, approved his acceptance into the Clone Council and during a large promotion ceremony for the Grand Army Fox's new promotion was announced.

Fox's promotion to Shock Trooper was short lived however, things were getting worse for him when attempting to fix the issues plaguing the Grand Army, and it reached the end point when Fox was given orders to clean up after the Commanders mistakes, as well as other complications. Fox immediately resigned from the Grand Army, turning in a holotape of resignation to both of his Commanders and leaving the planet without any discussion. He found himself heading towards Nar Shaddaa to take up the offer of a friend of his to join a better life style.

Clan Bralor

Naakla Bralor was a long time friend of Fox and was well aware of the stresses he was enduring while in the Grand Army. She extended an invitation to Fox to join her clan, Bralor, where he would be better accepted for his skills. Fox accepted the offer hoping for a better life in his late years, being the old age of 20 now, and was granted a last name at long last of Bralor.

Within Clan Bralor Fox found himself the Alor Ad, third in command of the Clan and being thrown to the wild to learn how to become a Mandalorian. Fox had a personal distaste for Mandalorians, having fought many in his years and hearing of their actions. He himself never referred to a Clone as being of Mandalorian heritage, and hated when others made such claims, he kept to his Clone heritage in the Mandalorian Clan regardless of how others viewed it, as well as his armor.

Very little happened for Fox in the Clan of Bralor, he went about customizing his armor, since he was no longer bound by the Grand Army's rules regarding armor regulations, but the most important thing that happened was Naakla supplying Fox with the means to prevent his advanced ageing. He grew his hair out longer and kept it in check with a bandanna so his helmet would fit on fine, but as his age caught up to him he grew less interested in battles and more interested in other aspects of life.

He spent time doing research on technology and worked on his own starships when he wasn't escorting Naakla around to meet with her husband. Using money granted from the People's Galactic Alliance for being a Grand Army Clone Fox aquired various old weaponry schematics from the Clone Wars as well as vehicle schematics. He spent his days attempting to re-engineer DC-15 weaponry until the day he heard that Naakla was killed in a ship accident, the second in command for the clan had gone missing so Fox become the Alor of Bralor.

Fox's time as the Alor of Bralor was short lived, as he did not like the Mandalorian way of life and he was still in mourning for the loss of Naakla. For her sake he sought to attempt to create a future for the Clan by attempting to follow their ways under the banner of the new Mandalore, Naakla's former husband. This did not last long as the new Mandalore sought only conflict, and clans centered around warriors became the heads of the pack, Bralor was forgotten. Fox grew weary once more and abandoned assisting the clan and began to wonder the surface of Mandalore as a wonderer, never residing too long in any one place and under constant threats of Mandalorians for his excessive expression of his Clone heritage.

After repeated attacks by Mandalorians, Fox left Mandalore in search for relics of an ancient Clone from the Clone Wars. The Clone was identified by his ID of CT-2288 and had lived longer than most Clones. After finding the Clones ancient home hidden in the swaps on Naboo Fox found something of great value to himself, a suit of Mandalorian Shock Trooper armor made from beskar'gam which he took for himself and fit him like a glove. From then on other Mandalorians left Fox alone since he looked like them until the day he picked a fight with the Mandalore in a bar on Mandalore.

Fox had grown tired of the Mandalore boasting about battles that he was sure had never happened, as the Mandalore spent most of his time in a bar. He wasted no time in discrediting his battles he claimed he won in an argument that lasted a few hours. The Mandalore had challenged Fox to a duel after a few hours to settle the issue, and at that time two more of the Mandalore's Mandalorians had shown up to assist their leader with more insults. Fox knew them well and turned his back on the Mandalores demand for a duel, knowing that even if he had won he would have others to fight, and not wanting to waste the time on pointless battles, he left the Mandalorian way of life behind him.

Fox decided to stop wearing his Mandalorian Shock Trooper armor in favor of an older suit he had ignored which was given to him by Naakla before she died, and returned back to the galaxy he'd abandoned. It wasn't long before he received a message from a former Grand Army Clone who was forming a new Clone army after he and his men abandoned their posts to flee from the growing issues in the Grand Army, they formed the 202nd Clone Battalion.

202nd Clone Battalion

One of the squads in the Grand Army had found reason to distrust their Commander for the actions he was taking and decided to, as a whole, leave the Grand Army and form their own army with other Clones who either defected or wondering the galaxy already. Fox was offered a position as a Lieutenant ARC-Trooper, these Clones having done their homework knew what actual ARC-Troopers were. Fox's new position and rank left him with very little to do, he spent most of his time on the newly reclaimed Kamino facility while other Clones in the 202nd went about their work fighting their own battles.

The Grand Army saw the 202nd as an enemy faction, and the two ended up in conflict with each other and skirmishes broke out across the galaxy. Fox had only been a part of one skirmish on the planet of Nar Shaddaa, after the short battle he ordered 202nd Clones not to harm any of the Grand Army Clones, and instead to retreat before their reinforcements arrived. He refused to assault the Clones he used to train regardless of what was going on.

Some time after the battle Fox learned that the 202nd would be joining a rising Imperial faction. Fox not being a fan of any Imperial faction decided that if the merger happened he would find himself somewhere else to go. Fox was promoted to the rank of Captain and put in command of the 41st. His time as command of the 41st however was small as he was removed from the 202nd without any explanation, he decided to go on his own from then on. He decided to attempt to bring Bralor back once more and returned to Mandalore where he found his niece Rikku Fett.


Fox found himself in the same position as before once again back on Mandalore and it wasn't long before he left once more and left Bralor on its own as well. Fox decided one of his biggest problems was getting involved in groups that had existing conflicts he didn't believe in and formed his own mercenary group. He wanted his group to consist of nothing but Clone Troopers, feeling they were suppieror to all other combatants in the galaxy, it was, in his own vision, a freelance version of Verda Squadron.

ARC-Trooper Otty joined Fox in this group after finding his own reasons to leave the Grand Army behind. Two Clones would not stand much of a chance of surviving conflict in the galaxy and Fox knew this, he went about finding new resources he could use for his group and eventually came across a rumor of a cache of strong weapons on a planet out in Unknown Space and soon Fox was on the hunt for them.

His search lead him to an ancient Sith world where he found an automated ship yard and a derelict ship docked with it. He claimed the derelict ship for himself and soon found out the schematics of the ship were already programed into the ship yard, after powering the station up it started construction on a second copy of the ship. The derelict ship had a number of T3 astromech droids aboard it that Fox activated, and they quickly went about repairing the ship. Fox reprogramed them to work how he wanted them to and took one as a companion. After the second ship was finished some great time later Fox dubbed the first ship the Red Serpent for the look and color of the ship, the second ship however was a darker red and Fox dubbed it the Crimson Fox, he had also found some relic Neo Crusader Mandalorian armor.

Fox took his new droid companion with him on the Crimson Fox and had the droids on the Red Serpent to hide the ship in another system, shortly after Fox returned to known space and tracked down his niece. He found her setting up a cantina on the planet of Kuat.

On Kuat, Fox attempted to form a band of elite former Grand Army personal to assist the Black Sun crime lord of the planet in removing the Imperial presence on the planet. He also enlisted the assistance of his niece, Rikku Fett, to try and supply his effort. After months of no success with new members, the Empire's growth of power over the planet, and news of the death of his niece Rikku Fett Fox decided to leave Kuat while he could and took on the life of a wonderer, traveling the galaxy.


A year after leaving Kuat behind and beginning his travels of the galaxy, Fox received a message from Otty, informing him of his re-enlistment within the Grand Army, and the condition of the Grand Army. Upon hearing of the new Commanders of the Grand Army Fox decided to head to Bakura to rejoin.

When Fox rejoined the Grand Army, he was given the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and the duty of being an Executive Officer to the Grand Army's Udesla Company. Fox went head first in to establishing his new command and learned he commanded the 501st Platoon and the 724th Platoon, being head of security for Bakura, Fox set about an attempt to reinforce protection on Bakura and its Monarchy.

Problems on Bakura began to increase when the Grand Army joined a group of governments calling their selves the Galactic Coalition, which was at war against a faction called the Galactic Dominion. Along with the increase of attacks came internal issues for Udesla Company as Clones who were raised in times where trust was hard to place began acting without orders, forcing Fox to divide his attention to fix these issues.

From this, Fox drafted a transfer policy and presented it to the Clone Council for approval in an attempt to halt the free unrestricted and constant movement of Clones between Companies, Platoons, and Squads. The policy was accepted and put in to effect quickly, but other issues arose for Fox. The Commanding Officer of the 724th in an attempt to prevent the issues from getting worse, and the 724th found itself on hard times as numerous Commanding Officers would be put in command, and leave these positions shortly after.

While on Bakura Fox met another of his nieces, a clone of Rikku Fett who's name was Ezri Fett. Ezri Fett had informed Fox of her affiliation to a body of government which existed beyond the reaches of Known Space called the Commonwealth, and was seeking governments and various military's in the Known Galaxy to assist the Commonwealth with integration with the galaxy. Fox presented a proposal to the Council, which accepted the proposal after speaking with Ezri whom represented the Commonwealth on the planet of Kathalon.

The proposal called for the Grand Army's assistance in protecting the growing settlement on Kathalon in exchange for an outpost, a space station, jurisdiction on the planet, and future benefits as the Commonwealth's presence grew. Conflict began to increase with the Galactic Dominion as Fox focused his attention on the protection of Bakura.

Numerous skirmishes occurred on Bakura as well as Kathalon with forces of the Galactic Dominion when the Monarchy of Bakura called for a meeting with the high ranking officers of the Grand Army in an attempt to convince the Grand Army to stay out of the war. The Grand Army refused to walk away from war, as the Grand Army was attacked with for no reason multiple times, which greatly displeased the Monarchy whom did not want to plunge Bakura in to war. Brigadier General Downz made the suggestion that the Grand Army relocate to their Kathalon and Thython outposts and officially leave Bakura, while still committed to the protection of Bakura and its Monarchy. The decision was agreed upon by all parties, and the Grand Army immediately shipped off world to their outposts for the duration of the war.


The Kathalon outpost orginaly was intended to be a secret training facility for a 501st project, but quickly found itself holding most of the Grand Army's forces. The outpost grew from a tiny walled camp to a larger base to accommodate more Clone forces and equipment. Fox set up patrols in the forest near the Kathalon base as well as patrols through the Commonwealth's settlement and quickly the dangers of Kathalon were found.

Small skirmishes occurred with Galactic Dominion forces on the planet, but hostilities quickly ceased. The Galactic Dominion offered to peace to the Grand Army, by way of Fox, but the offer was forgotten in the work Fox was doing to manage the Grand Army.

Fox Bralor Keto on Kathalon.

News came to Fox that hurt every Clone that heard it, the Grand Army academy on Bakura had been attacked and taken over by a group of Mandalorians who served the Mandalore Niv. The Grand Army landed forces in the city of Salis D'aar quickly and prepared for an assault, not willing to take chances with the Mandalorians. The Mandalorians requested a member of the Grand Army come in to discuss the terms of returning the base to the Grand Army.

In their time away from Bakura, the Bakuran Monarchy had acquired the academy and allowed the Bakuran Mining Company to operate out of it for the duration of the Grand Army's leave. A group of Mandalorians saw this as unacceptable, and had taken it upon their selves to act without orders even from their Mandalore to attack the facility to hand back to the Grand Army. The galaxy had been under the impression, due to incorrect wording by the galactic media, that the Grand Army had been forced off the planet by the Monarchy, which caused great dislike of the Bakuran Royal Family.

Lieutenant Colonel Otty stepped forward to negotiate with the Mandalorians on their terms for the release of their base, and Fox agreed to stay back and keep people from entering the academy. With a brother in the base, and one so important to him, Fox refused to allow anybody past him, even going as far as to threaten to shoot the Tetan Empress, Xera Keto, as she tried to enter the academy to calm the situation. The Mandalorians demanded the rights to train Clones in exchange for handing the base back to the Grand Army.

Lieutenant Colonel Otty exited the building and relayed the information to the Grand Army as more people gathered in the streets to see the situation. Mandalore Niv had arrived as well, and talked to the media, praising the group of Mandalorians for doing what was right, which was met with resistance by the crowd. The Monarchy of Bakura had already fled by this point, and Fox grew tired of the bickering between Coalition forces and took a stand to assert his point.

He stated the facts, that the Grand Army left willingly to prevent assaults on Bakura, that the Mandalorains did not talk with the Grand Army prior about attacking Bakura, and to insult the Coalition as a whole for fighting each other for no real reason, then departed to Kathalon without further words.

The night after Fox had arrived back on Kathalon he was visited by Empress Xera Keto who had actually come to ask Fox for his guidance and advice. Fox agreed to help as best he could and spent time talking with her over the next few months discussing history, governments, ideals, and various aspects that Fox had felt were important in leadership. During this time Fox had taken the former Bakuran Princess in as an assistant on the Kathalon base, whom set to work quickly in management of the base.

In the days after the incident on Bakura, Fox and Otty found their selves attempting to hold the Coalition together, but found their efforts were unsuccessful when the Tetan Empire withdrew. It was decided that the Grand Army would also withdraw, as they valued an alliance with the Tetan Empire over the Mandalorians, which concluded the Grand Army's war against the Galactic Dominion.

After the Grand Army's withdraw from the Coalition, Fox received information that the Galactic Dominion wanted to seek a peace with the Grand Army, and after a few meetings with their leadership Fox arranged for Commander Bandit to talk with them and assess if a peace could be found. After further negotiations, Commander Bandit decided to formally accept the peace offer from the Galactic Dominion after finding out about their intend to change to the Galactic Alliance and lower the amount of Sith forces within their organization.

Fox and Empress Xera Keto decided to pursue a more secret and personal relationship as Fox's work within the Grand Army shifted to helping with internal disputes over the new alliance with the Galactic Dominion, during this time their relationship deepened which helped Fox through the difficult times he was having within the Grand Army.

Most of the leadership in the Grand Army had not been keeping in contact due to other work they had, which left Fox in the difficult position of attempting to run the Grand Army only at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and unwilling to overstep his boundaries. Brigadier General Downz finally made a reappearance just as Fox decided he was going on leave to get away from the high stress work he had been forced in to.

Fox returned to the Grand Army after a month of leave to find that the Brigadier General Downz had reclaimed the Grand Army's Bakura academy and that the alliance with the Galactic Dominion, now the Galactic Alliance, had been dissolved by Brigadier General Downz at the request of the Clone Council who did not agree with an alliance they had not been made aware of. Knowing Brigadier General Downz view of the Galactic Alliance as being a Sith organization, Fox protested the action greatly and repeatedly, feeling that Brigadier General Downz had not stated the true facts about the Galactic Alliance to the Council because he had refused to see them for what they were now.

After some time Brigadier General Downz shifted his opinion of them and decided to not declare them an enemy of the Grand Army, but also not an ally. Satisfied with the attempt to view them differently, Fox stopped his protests and resumed his work of trying to maintain the Udesla Company of the Grand Army.


A short time after Fox resumed his regular duties, reports came in that the Princess of Roon was wanted by the Galactic Alliance. Brigadier General Downz formed a strike force with the intent of hunting her down and sent his force to Roon to capture the Princess. Upon arriving on Roon, the Grand Army occupied the palace and began hunting for the Princess, but she was nowhere to be found. Realizing that the palace was home to many Sith artifacts, Lieutenant Colonel Otty and Fox both agreed that they should all proceed carefully and warned Clones of traps and voices they might hear.

Brigadier General Downz, Lieutenant Colonel Otty, Captain Firehawk, and Fox all met at the top room of the palace where they had located Sith holocrons, due to their mental conditioning they were capable of withstanding the voices that began driving Clones insane, but only for a time. Fox started hearing blaster fire, with no Clones reporting contacts, and Clones yelling over their comms at nobody, Fox then issued the order to withdraw from the palace understanding that the lower ranking Clones were starting to go insane.

The Brigadier Gneral started to zone out as Fox also ordered somebody to take one of the Sith holocrons as they retreated. Fox decided to stay with the Brigadier General to try and get him to return to reality when he started getting contact reports that the Princess and other Sith were spotted near the palace, preparing to engage Clones. After the General had finally come back to reality Fox yelled at him to get out of the palace as he struggled through the halls to make sure all Clones had escaped, feeling himself succumbing to the voices inside the palace.

He found one of his Clones, Sargent Storm, wondering through the palace halls with no helmet on and his blaster out, mumbling stuff and shooting at nothing. Another Clone was attempting to convince him to leave the palace with him when Fox ordered the Clone to knock the Sargent out and drag him out. Realizing he needed to get out soon and may be needed outside to help Clones with the Princess, Fox jumped off a balcony and used his jetpack to glide to a near by river bed and reestablish communication with his men.

Soon the knocked out Sargent Storm, Brigadier General Downz, and the Clone carrying Sargent Storm, joined Fox in the riverbed as the Princess stood over them on higher ground and told them they were to leave or she'd start killing Clones. An LAAT landed near them as the Brigadier General began arguing with the Princess. Fox, knowing better than to try the patience of a Sith, threw the two other Clones on to the gunship and dragged the Brigadier General on board as well as he followed and ordered the pilot to take off.


On the trip back to Bakura from Roon, Fox played the mission over in his head again and was greatly disturbed that even though there was a Brigadier General on the mission, he was the one who still had to make the orders, and that the Brigadier General's mission was a total failure that could have cost the lives of many Clones. He pushed these thoughts aside as he focused on more pressing matters.

After arriving on Bakura, Fox met with the freelance Bounty Hunter they had taken with them and had taken the holocron for them, she handed it over to Fox whom decided to head back to Kathalon with it, fearing it may drive more Clones insane again or that the recently reawaken Sargent Storm may attack him for it. After docking with the Kathalon station Fox quickly realized that he needed to unlock the holocron soon or else it would drive him mad. His strong mental training from his time as a Commando and from being a high ranking Grand Army officer was all that kept the holocron from driving him mad as it continued to talk to him.

Empress Xera Keto commed Fox and found out about his condition and quickly came to help him. Having a crystal that kept her protected from Sith artifacts she decided to fly Fox's ship, the Condor Dragon, to a Jedi Order she thought could help. They arrived on Haruun Kal to seek out a member of the Order of the Calling whom Xera trusted to help Fox. Unable to find the Jedi, Xera and Fox settled in to rest at the home of the commander of the defense force.

In the morning Xera took Fox to Yavin IV to meet her Jedi friend who talked with Fox about Sith artifacts and how to deal with them. After a long conversation, it was decided that Fox would hand the holocron over to the High Commander of the Tetan Empire who would study it then dispose of it as he had a crystal similar to Xera's that safe guarded him from it.

A week after dealing with the holocron issue Xera met with Fox on his ship to tell him that she was pregnant. Fox being the only man she had been with in a long time made it obvious who the father was, and prior to this Fox had been considering the idea of retiring from the Grand Army from the continuing flaws he was finding and the feeling that all of his work wasn't actually helping.

Fox knew this day would eventually come, then Xera told him that she was pregnant. The two had decided to wait two months for Fox to retire from the Grand Army properly and do all that he can to help ensure it would have a good future in the galaxy, then the two would go public about the pregnancy and their relationship, as well as get married.

Over the course of the two months Fox kept the information secret from all but a few Clones as he set about finding a replacement and informing the Council of whom he wanted to replace him. At the end of the two months, Fox left as he said he would and left his recommendation for a replacement, Captain Abrams of the 21st Marine Platoon. He also left his black Kama with Captain Abrams and a replica of his bandanna.

A month after leaving the Grand Army, Fox and Xera gathered close friends in the forest of Kathalon near the now abandoned Grand Army outpost for their wedding. The wedding wasn't large, and included many political leaders allied to the Tetan Empire. The wedding went smoothly except for a single Mandalorian who choose to disrupt it to propose to a woman he cared for.

Fox and Xera's wedding on Kathalon.

After the wedding, Fox took on the role of military leader of the Tetan Empire, as well as the title of Emperor and his new wife's last name, Keto. He began the slow process of learning political dealings in preparation for taking full command over the Tetan Empire when Xera would have to step down for a while during the final months of her pregnancy.

Fox was met with various amounts of discrimination after taking his throne in the Tetan Empire, people who weren't happy with a Clone being in command. These issues were quickly sorted out by Xera, and the bulk of the Empire accepted their new Emperor with little issue.


As Emperor for the Tetan Empire, Fox has gotten himself involved more in politics than he ever has been, as well as trying to be the Emperor he feels the Tetan Empire needs. Working with people such as Dorian Starstrider, Tiffany Vandergraff, and a growing list of other higher ranking military and political officers, Fox has worked towards doing what he can to at least maintain stability within the Tetan Empire, as well as settling affairs with other governments such as the Galactic Senate of the New Republic.

Fox at times causes more problems than fixes within the Tetan Empire, still adjusting to a life style where his whereabouts and safety are a concern. Having spent most of his life as a front line infantrymen and commando, the transition to a lesser combat based lifestyle has been difficult for him, often times leading to him doing what he feels is necessary to ensure work is done right without informing anybody of where he's going or how long he will be out. One such instance lead to former Viceroy Dorian Starstrider openly demanding Fox step down from his throne on grounds of taking personal trips without informing anybody, causing Xera to step in and punish Dorian severely for his insubordination by releaving him of his Viceroy status.

Emperor Fox Bralor Keto in the Throne Room of the Palace on Kathalon.

Six months after marrying Xera and taking his throne in t he Tetan Empire, Xera gave birth to Fox's two first children, a son by the name of Talyn Keto, and a daughter by the name of Kira Keto. With the threat of a possible war with the Sith Empire looming over Kathalon, and the sudden breakout of "The Plague" on Kathalon as well Fox has taken the children to the Empress Teta system to find somewhere safe for the children to live while they grow up and spend some time with his children while doing what he can to help the Empress Teta system recover from its scars inflicted by the Revnant Armada.

Personality and Traits

Fox is a brave and nearly fearless man, having spent most of his life in war and conflict he's seen the closest things to hell in the galaxy that he hopes nobody else should ever face. He has served time as a POW only twice in his career while serving in his younger years, both times managing to escape his captors for one reason or other. His many years of watching his brothers die and sending brothers to die has caused him to have a negative disposition of war.

After leaving the Grand Army for the first time, he became fully aware of the difference between peace and war. While he is not afraid to step up and fight when he sees proper reason to he always strives to avoid war and conflict as much as possible. With his age, Fox feels he's grown wiser and as such feels less comfortable next to newer generations of Clones. Due to this he's shifted from a warrior mentality to a tactician one, opting for planting strategies to win wars rather than picking up a rifle and doing it himself.

Fox is incredibly intolerant of Mandalorians, generalizing them as wannabe warmonger's rather than actual warriors, he views the concept of Clones being Mandalorians to be an insult. The true irony to Fox's view of Mandalorians is that he himself is technically one due to his previous affiliation in Clan Bralor. He's grown to accept not all Mandalorians are the same, and as such has high respect for ones who follow the ways of true Mandalorians, however this respect is hard to earn from him.

Due to his years spent as an officer and leader he has learned how to create a false view of himself, often times portraying himself as an invincible warrior capable of no wrong doing and no regrets, but to a very select few he shows his true nature as a gentle and kind hearted man and a worn out soldier who'd rather stay away from conflict.

Due to his personal choice to shift more towards strategic development rather than getting involved in the fight himself, Fox has learned the value of knowledge, and its rule in the battlefield. As such he's taken on a great interest in learning military history, and after his marriage to Xera he's expanded his interest as he's learned his seat as a ruler may require it.

Gear and Equipment

Over time, Fox has acquired a large number of gear, munitions, and various other objects that hold importance to him to some degree. Fox has grown to be an avid collector of Clone technology, going out of his way to get replica's of old Clone War tech for personal collections of his. During his orginal service to the Grand Army, Fox typically carried a DC-15S Rifle as per standard issue along with his standard armor. In later years after the Grand Army began producing DC-15A Rifle's Fox shifted to using them, taking a preference to the feel of a longer rifle than a shorter due to his high interest in being a marksmen.

Over time Fox has collected various blasters that have come and gone, either stolen, confiscated, or destroyed in use, Fox's common view of equipment is it exists to serve. His private armory even exists to some day be used and possibly destroyed.

Due to this mentality Fox has worked hard on becoming a mechanic, understanding the value in repairing gear in the field or even just repairing it on your own. He's come to also understand how mechanical skills can also improve equipment further.

After Fox returned to the Grand Army a second time he took advantage of the more relaxed regulations regarding gear and equipment to continue using personalized add-on's to his armor. Many Clones viewed armor additions to be for cosmetic reasons, but Fox always added gear he felt had a use. He attached a visor to his helmet to help keep him focused, removing his prorafrial vision forced him to scan the battlefield more often and helped build a better situational awareness, he attached two lights to the sides of his helmet for use in low lighting, his helmet had an external antenna which acted as both a reserve and for his personal programs to ensure his private comms were as secure as he could manage, his left arm had a wrist mounted datapad which was loaded with a varity of security decryption programs, star charts, and various other information as required for his work, it was later replaced with a modified datapad system that also featured a grapple hook system, he also had a bandoleer across his chest that came from his shoulder pauldron to his belt, at times he would wear a bulkier shoulder piece on his right shoulder from the Phase II Katarn armor with a mounted DC-17M sniper clip attached, his left thigh often had either a pistol or two extra explosive pouches, and his right lower leg occasionally had two extra sniper rifle ammo cases.

Often times Fox carried a lightsaber clipped to his belt that he's only used twice, many people have disapproved of the concept of a Clone Trooper using a Jedi weapon, but it is one of two objects he owns that he has a personal attachment to. The Lightsaber is from a Jedi Knight Fox found on Yavin IV who was killed by Grand Army Clones during Order Sixty Six (Note: This "Order 66" is not the same as "The Great Purge" from the closing days of the Clone Wars. This was a skermish between GAR and NOJ forces.) in which Fox found a dead Jedi and first developed the concept that war had a heavy cost, and too many people resorted to it too easily. He keeps it with him as a reminder of the cost of poor decision making.

During his second time in the Grand Army, Fox used an unidentified DC-15 rifle that he's called the DC-15 Compact, or DC-15C. Its a shortened version of the DC-15A with components moved around as well as a bayonet on the end of it. For a sidearm he usually carried an unidentified blaster which he received from the Supreme Chancallor of the People's Galactic Alliance during his short time working with them.

Fox Bralor in his BDU's at the Grand Army Kathalon outpost during its construction with his DC-15C.

During his service Fox would fly Grand Army standard issue aircraft to get around the Galaxy, near the end of his service he opted out for the use of a freighter he bought on Tattooine that was a replica of a Dynamic-Class Freighter. He used this ship more often when he started his relationship with Xera as it offered room for more than one person, as well as somewhere to sleep or rest as the two often visited other planets together. After a while, Fox decided to name the ship the Emerald Condor Dragon, or Condor Dragon as he often refers to it.

Fox typically kept an astromech droid at his side when he wasn't on duty during his Grand Army days, a T3 model droid to be exact. He located the droid during his first break from the Grand Army and gutted the chassis entirely. He liked the design over the more widely used R2 units in the galaxy, and spent his free time when available fixing the droid up. The Droid identified itself as T3-M2 when he activated it, and has been its name since. The droid is the only thing knowledgeable in Fox's hidden armory where he stashes some of his rarer fiends, including fighters, weaponry, and armor.

Like most Mandalorians, Fox does have in his possession a full suit of Bezkar armor, however he only has one suit and it is 200 years old. He acquired the suit from an ancient Clone from the Galactic Civil War after meeting its spirit in its old abandoned house. The suit is kept in storage and only worn for ceremonial occasions as Fox understands the value in a rare and powerful armor. He's spent time studying the armor and attempting to replicate the design with more common metals to create a usable suit with the same strength, though to this day he's yet to find a proper alloy to come close.

As it stands, the single most valuable thing Fox owns, that he places high personal value in, is his wedding ring, as to him it symbolizes many important things to him as well as binds him to the most important person to himself.

Behind the scenes

Fox Bralor Keto is played by SniperFox Mills whom started Second Life on July 1st 2007. Due to being moved around in RL, he didn't actually play Second Life for a few months, having been forced to use Dial-Up internet it created many problems.

Coming to Second Life from Star Wars Galaxies, Star Wars Roleplay appealed greatly to SniperFox Mills whom accidentally applied to join the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) early on while attempting to buy a Clone Trooper avatar. Eventually this lead to the creation of the character that would eventually evolve in to Fox Bralor Keto. SniperFox Mills has shifted between SWRP and various other things in SL for entertainment reasons, things such as formerly World War 2 VICE Combat, and recently in to SL Aviation. He also assists Sazuka Yatsenko with management of the Kuat sim which houses Kathalon, and continually works towards improving Roleplay conditions for visitors of the sim, trying to provide the RP experience he used to enjoy once upon a time in SWRP.

On August 14th, 2011 SniperFox Mills offically moved away from Roleplaying Fox Bralor Keto due to various reasons and on to Roleplaying Mikar Bralor in an attempt to help create a better image of Mandalorians to the entire community.

Living a highly stressful life while attempting to find a job often times leaves him in an unplesent mood, which should not be taken personally should you be on the wrong end of it, he usually tries hard to help others any way he can without handing people a free ticket.

Due to his RL, and time spent trying to maintain his relationship with his girlfriend, it may be hard to contact him for anything on SL, so understand that responses on occasion may be greatly delayed.

Noted by some for the quote "Honor kills the honorable.". Feel free to say hi when ever. Just please don't only say "hi" when doing so...