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P-2613 Also called by the name: "Law", is a Sergeant Major in the 501st legion of the Grand Army of The Republic.

"My name is Law, and I am the law"

— P2613 to a prisoner on the PGA cellblock


Law, is currently stationed in Bakura. And is occasionally caught patrolling Imperial city. Law is currently the XO of the 501st, under his CO and friend Lieutenant Gab.

and a member of PGAF AIR- Advanced Infiltration Recon


Law is armed with a DC-15s, and a single DC-17 side arm. And is sometimes caught using: Sprig MB-2 A1, SPRIG E-62

To help distinguish himself from his other brothers, his name "Law" is painted on the left side of his helmet.

Law has several sets of helmets, one that is heavily battle damaged and another with 30 kill marks painted on the side instead of his name.

Noteable Battles

Ambush on Dxun

Confrontation with Riley West (A 1v1 Battle against Riley West)

Defense of Imperial City (The defending of imperial city when the [[Revenant Armad |Revenant]] attacked)

The capture of Meralin Sabra

Raid of Bakura (The Dlots attack on Bakura, that was quickly crushed by the 501st and the combined efforts of other platoons)

Battle of the Lekku (Revenant Vs Imperials and the GAR 501st.)


Master Mass Questi

Lieutenant- Gab

ARC Captain- Dino

ARC Trooper- Bow

Sergeant Crosshair

Master Kekken

Commander- Fonz

Commander- K

Shock Trooper- Demonic

Shock Trooper- Fawnz

Captain- Church

Shock Trooper- Thunder

Staff Sergeant- Hail

ARC Trooper- Dil

ARC Trooper - Abrams


Law, standing with ARC dil, Law using his battle damaged helmet and MB-2 RIfle

Law was given his nickname when he lead the 501st's Security/Police squad called Theta.

The 501st was recently changed to planetary strike force instead of Security/Police, P-2613 decided to keep his nickname so he could remember the glory he once held leading a security force.

Law also lead the 501st Elites for a short while till it was disbanded.


Law is the clone character played by Conor Bradley

OOC Friend: Brok Kondor