Otacon Skinstad is a force sensitive native of Kiffu but raised on Coruscant, currently serving in DJE as a Council Member.


Otacon is native of the planet Kiffu. His parents, both of Jedi descends, established on Coruscant a year after his birth. Otacon has always shown from an early age to be able to move physical objects around him. These force abilities got him noticed by the ILUM Jedi Order, which recruited him as youngling. His happy childhood was rudely interrupted by the Sith occupation of Coruscant.

Otacon Knighthood
During the sith occupation, the Jedi order saved him and other younglings from sith slauthery and managed to get them into escape pods. The Order directed the pods to the nearest Jedi Enclave: Dantooine. His parents were able to escape as well and established permanently on Kiffu. After a long period of training, Otacon became a Jedi Knight in Dantooine Jedi Enclave. He was mentored by Jedi Master and Diplomat Artiste Pointe. Like his master before him, he chose the Consular Path and spent half of his years of service travelling in the Outer Rim Sector, promoting new alliances with republican worlds. As a member of the 2nd Generation of DJE, Otacon had the privilege to serve under Jedi Masters and Founding Fathers Don Gaton, Caronte Blanco, Blade Kamala and Ravenclaw Karu.

At some point, DJE started a contested campaign of recruitment. A few individuals well known for their past as darksiders, were given the chance to join the Enclave and begin the Jedi Training. No votation or discussion precedeed the event. Otacon didn't take that unilateral decision well. He decided to leave the Jedi Enclave and fully immerse in Diplomacy. His journey led him to Naboo. After having spent a few years in the Capital as Diplomat for the local government, he was appointed Governor of Theed by Queen Adala, the actual regnant of the planet at that time.

War against the Disciples of RagnosEdit

Queen Adala and her Governor, together with allied Jedi Orders, such as DJE, fought a long war against Disciples of Ragnos. This organization was a Sith order which was terrifying the citizens of Naboo after Theed's Royalty denied to join them in exchange of "protection" and military support. Otacon together with the Senator Moyet Kirkorian of Naboo was involved in first line to promote diplomacy among the New Republic planets, the objective was to establish a strong alliance and put an end to the sith threat. He was invited on Kamino by the Prime Minister himself, in order to supervise and participate in the training of a clone army, commissioned by the Republic to fight the sith armada.

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Mission on KaminoEdit

Kamino has always been an indipendent planet but like Naboo, was in DOR's crosshair. The sith pushed kaminoans to provide them well trained soldiers and equipment for their cause. A refusal to do so, would have resulted in horrible consequences for their people. However, Kamino strongly decided to refuse such alliance and joined the Republic, instead. At this stage, Kaminoans promptly started the creation of a clone army upon republic's request. As a Jedi, Otacon was charged by the Galactic Senate to supervise the training of the clone army. He introduced new combat methodologies, which revealed very effective against darksiders. He leaded the clone army together with the most experienced Jedi Masters of the Republic. The war ended with the victory of the Republic and the disbanding of DOR.

Death of AdalaEdit

During the war, Queen Adala has been suffering from a form of fever which was not recognized as dangerous at first but that killed her in her sleep months later. The apparent reasons why Queen Adala decided to ignore medical aid was due to her will to show herself as a strong reignant in front of their citizens, during such conflict. Adala was recovered in Dantooine Medical Center for checks regarding her condition, unfortunately there was nothing that the Healers could do, she was given few weeks of life.

Queen Adala was brought to Theed to live her last days, her final wish was to be around her people.

The tragic announcement shocked the Capital. After her death, a new election took place. The population elected the former senator Moyet Kirkorian, as new reignant of Naboo. However, this election was contested by self-proclaimed Queen Rasza of Lake Country. Rasza was a former legit senator of Naboo, she was later discovered to be a Disciples of Ragnos' Infiltrate and Supporter. Rasza was banished from Theed and later established her own reign in an isolated region of the planet, surrounded by a lake.

In this contest, Otacon decided to resign because of the competition among the two Queens. He declared: "Naboo has always been a peaceful planet and its sovereigns elected democratically. Claiming sovereignty without popular consent is not the democratic way. I have given all efforts to diplomacy and fight against the Disciples of Ragnos occupation and together with the Royal House of Theed, we succeeded. Unfortunately, I now realize there is too much hatred among the two Houses of Naboo and no side is willing to stop this contest. I feel I have no place in this and I shall depart for good. I wish to thank all the Naboo people who believed in me, I am proud to have been part of this liberation process, I will continue to fight for freedom and democracy, wherever I'll go. I feel my place is now elsewhere. "

Otacon left his position as Governor of Theed, to return to his homeworld of Coruscant in order to take a period of reflection.

A new beginning...Edit

On Coruscant, Otacon rejoined his old brothers of ILUM Jedi Order, Master Sensory, Panelope and Sirio. Here, Otacon found a renewed inspiration for the Jedi Lifestyle and started to frequent the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. During his stay, the city was bombed by the New Confederacy, Otacon was found by a Jedi Knight in the underground ruins; he was seriously injured and had to undergo a surgery operation. Most of his body have been rebuilt using cybernetics and an exoskeleton was applied to his spine, improving (enhancing) his strength and speed despite the lost of his anatomic parts. Otacon seems to have improved a lot his condition and most cybernetics have been replaced with new biological tissues.

Return to DantooineEdit

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An other occupation of Coruscant, followed the bombing attack. The ILUM Jedi Order disbanded and its few members left the planet. Otacon returned to Dantooine and rejoined the DJE ranks as Jedi Knight.

Not so long after his return, Otacon began the training of his first padawan, Jarael Kimono. Jarael overcame her final trials brilliantly and was granted the rank of Jedi Knight by the Council.

A ceremony followed the event and Otacon was granted the rank of Jedi Master by DJE Council. He later switched to the Guardian Path and specialized in the Jar'Kai combat style, using dual lightsabers instead of one. He is now committed in reforming the Jedi Enclave Academy as Lightsaber Instructor and Admission Team member.

Otacon is currently a Council member of Dantooine Jedi Enclave (DJE).