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Oryt Achi, also known as Jorsar (meaning to bear). Born a triplet with sisters Demar'agol and Ceryc, to parents Ge'carta Tracyn Votino Aichi and Vulkan Beviin.


Oryt was a strange child at first however he being raised in the Kata Mandalorian clan by his mother and adopted father Hort (hort aichi) who Oryt did not know what not his real father. Oryt began to become a well trained young mandalorian from the start. by five Oryt had his first set of mandalorian armor colored green and red which was made by his mother and father. and received his first blaster from his grandmother and alor Cayce Urriah his first slug thrower came from his uncle Cuyan.

Oryt's first confirmed kill .png

At 6 years old Oryt was sent to roam the galaxy with his father Hort be trained as a full mandalorian. For 7 years Oryt lived on the Run with his father training in real life situations and battles until at the age of 13 when he lefts his fathers side to try and make his own life in the galaxy.

Oryt Ended up on the back water planet of Tatooine where he met up with his mother and force sensitive Twin Sister Dema. Once on tatooine Oryt began working as a pod racer machanic for the toydarian junk dealer Kodo and within weeks caught the eye of the ever watchful hutts. After being offered a small job to make a pocket full of credits Oryt began to work for grancha Desilijic Dasmijn the Hutt and the leader of the Desilijic Hutt Syndicate. working small jobs for the Hutt Oryt began to work his way into the Hutts favor until one day after hearing the Hutts where looking for quality smuggler and bounty hunters Oryt went before the hutt and asked if the hutts would fund him some credits to build a quality ship and he would smuggle for them. making a contract with the Desilijic Hutts oryt secured enough credits to begin working on a HLAF Heavy Attack Fighter 500 that he found form the hutts close friend a Junk Dealer toydarian Named Gratto. shortly after securing the ship oryt went and saw his old employer Kodo the Toydarian looking for the parts he would need to restore and modify his ship.

After many months of work Oryt had finally finished his ship and had forged a new set of Mandalorian armor.

It did not take long before the Hutts put Oryt to work paying off his debt to the Hutts smuggling and carrying out random bounties and other tasks.

Oryt and the Kiffar ability

Growing up with force sensitive people in his family Oryt always felt as though he was left out even hated by his family because he did not possess the Kiffar gift. What the family did not know was that Oryt was indeed Force Sensitive however he was trained by his father Hort to hide his abilities believing his people would hate him for it. At a Young Age Oryt began to hate his sister dema for taking all the attention away from him and always blaming him for the families Issues. After Oryt was sent away for 7 years to train with his father Oryt felt that he would finally be able to escape what he called the Kiffar curse only to find that his father was more concerned with his daughters more then he was with Oryt. Fueling his rage Oryt developed the belief that the force was nothing more " than foolish people believing in foolish fairy tales" and that Force users where selfish People who cared nothing about anything or anyone in the galaxy except for themselves. Oryt did not believe in the force and refused to listen to or support his families claims of force abilities. This issue between Oryt and his family is what led to Oryt's battles with his own family resulting in the loss of an Arm and an eye and what led to Oryt's secret/ Private war on all force Users. at the age of 14 behind his families back Oryt began taking bounty Contracts for the Hutts and other Powerful organizations however Oryt had a very strong motive behind the contracts he picked up...he would only Hunt Force Users. In this secret Life Oryt used the name Jorsar never revealing his real name to those who he hunted for.

The Hunter Jorsar

Becoming a Hunter of Force Users at an Young Age Oryt Known as Jorsar to those he killed and those he hunted for was very brutal and un-merciful to all those he Hunted and eventually killed. Believing it was his duty to Rid the galaxy of these " dishonorable foolish creatures" as Jorsar liked to call them, he took it upon himself to seek out all force users both Old and Young.

Jorsar's first confirmed Kill of a force users took place on Tatooine one night.

Following a target that Jorsar had accepted a bounty For by the name " Darth Pyer" Jorsar took the opportunity and attacked him in the middle of the streets. After a long bloody battle in which Jorsar sustained injuries to his left leg and ribs Jorsar gained the Upper hand on his prey by using a stun grenade he had picked up from a toydarian dealer on Mos Espa. Jorsar shot the man down in the sandy streets of Mos Espa and then cut of his head as evidence to those who placed the bounty on the mans head.

The Family Crisis, the lost Arm and the shredded eye

At a Young Age Oryt found out about his Twin Sisters ability to Use the force. Something about this drove Oryt mad and he began to despise her for this ability. After being sent away to train with his father for 7 years Oryt developed the belief that the force was simply just a bunch of foolish people believing in foolish things. Oryt believed his sister was a crazy witch and one day at the age of 13 when she was playing a trick on their grandfather Oryt took the Needle she was going to inject her grandfather with and stabbed her with it Trying to kill her thinking she was trying to kill their grandfather. The attempt however was unsuccessful and once their Grandfather found out what Oryt did he found the boy and beat him until he was almost dead. Hanging on by a thread of life Oryts grandfather took it one step further and stomped Oryts arm until it was nothing more then destroyed tendons. what was left of his Arm was removed. When Oryt woke up days later he found himself almost unable to move from the extreme pain and that is when he also discovered his arm was no longer there. Seeing his sister in the room with him Oryt became fearful that she was there to finish the job and kill him so while she was with a customer in there families hotel he drug himself out of bed and fought through the intense pain to make his escape from her and the family. believing he was no longer safe Oryt made his way to the palace of Belutric the Hutt and collapsed on main chamber floor in front of the hutt mutter "Help... she... is trying... to kill... m... me" before he passed out. On orders from the Hutt Grand Council Leader Grancha the Hutt the Hutts sent Oryt Off world to a secret Location where Oryt was Given a cybernetic replacement for his Arm.

Later during a fight Oryt had with his sister in the families Hotel Dema Oryt's sister used two Hidden thumb Knives to stab out Oryt's Right Eye while Oryt was chocking her with his newly attached Robotic Arm. During the Fight Oryt's Grandfather shot him with a stun blaster round which gave his sister the upper hand in the fight. Eventually both Oryt and his sister ended up in the medical center where Oryt Almost Died. It Was this fight that backed up Oryt's belief that His sister was the child that the family loved and he was the child that the family did not care about. Even Though Oryt Never really showed it afterwards he resented his Sister Dema calling her " the families perfect little force baby".

Oryt's Armor

Oryt was known for wearing a very specific Armor set of Red to honor his father and Gray Mourning the loss of a loved one however this was not always the Armor Style he wore. In his early Teens Oryt wore Green Armor to represent his devotion to the Duty of a Mandalorian.

at the age of 13 Oryt Went to his Mother requesting she Help him get a hold of a rare mandalorian metal called beskar in particular Oryt said "I want top-grade beskar - full density, two percent ciridium, no fancy lamination or carbon-alloy."

after speaking with his mother she gave him a chip containing contacts that she had made throughout her life of people who could supply this particular beskar.

shortly after getting the information Oryt contacted the right people and received the beskar he needed to forge his new set of armor.

It was this beskar Oryt molded into his well known Look of Red and Gray. Oryt was so fond of his Father Hort that he made the over all color of the Armor Red to show the honor he felt in being his fathers son however the Armor was also covered in a deep Gray symbolizing the loss of a loved one. this was confusing to some seeing as It was not fully known since Oryt Himself was not the kind of man to speak about his life or feelings who the Gray armor was worn for but some speculate that shug was mourning the loss of a young lady he had met while training with his father but it was never proven that he had love interest and if anyone ever really knew the truth it never left their lips.

Brother Oryt

Monk 001.png

In His Teen years Oryt found himself in the middle of a major family conflict. finding himself always on the losing end and at odds with his family especially his sister dema even to the extreme of battle. Making a difficult decision Oryt packed his belongings and left his home to go in search of a better life.

while on a smuggling run gone bad Oryt found himself on the back world planet Revyia, it was on this planet where Oryt came in contact with a group of force users he had never heard of before.

the Tyia or Thuwisten as they are called easily found Oryt since Oryt had always been force Sensitive however Oryt had hidden this fact from his family his entire life in fear.

After spending some time with the Tyia Oryt found himself happier than he had ever been and was finally able to accept the force side of himself. This was the life Oryt had been seeking for so long.

The Tyia was a faith, a philosophy, and a way of knowing the Force. It taught of holding a high regard for peace and life. and Oryt began to find a peaceful side of himself he never knew had before.

Tyia practitioners were known as Thuwisten, taking their name from the Tyia's prime tenet that one should seek "personal harmony with one's own Tyia so that other Tyia forces may join to form a bond-circle, a joining of spirits called 'Thuwisten', complete in their utter harmony." Indeed, Thuwisten believed that individual introspection was key to knowing the ways of the universe.

Tyia-practicing Force users were taught to control their personal Force through ceremony and meditation. Their focus on their inner Force resulted in Thuwisten having a heightened awareness of the skill the Jedi knew as "Control"

Returning home Oryt was instructed by his mentors that he must abolish all negativity with his past. Oryt contacted his sister to tell her goodbye however before leaving he gave his blaster to his sister as a gesture of peace and deep within himself it was also a gesture of rebirth into his new life, leaving behind the old Oryt.

Not giving any explanation to anyone as to where he was going Oryt simply left saying " I must go and start my new life there are many people waiting for me"

after leaving Oryt's sister Dema as well as other members of the family where confused not knowing what Oryt ment when he said " I will always be a mandalorian but I do not need to hold a blaster anymore"

Returning to Revyia Oryt resumed his training with the Tyia letting his old self die and embracing his new life as a Thuwisten Monk.